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Cleaning and Polishing Leather with Banana Peels


Stop buying leather/shoe polish. To clean, buff or moisturize leather/pleather/vinyl or any shiny outerwear use a banana peel. Simply rub the inside of a banana peel over the item to be cleaned and buff with a soft cloth.

I have done this to my husband's motorcycle gear and it takes off dust, dead bugs, and buffs out small scuffs and scratches. I have also used it on kids shoes, purses, suitcases etc. It does work and no messy polish it deal with. I have heard that it works with potato peels too but have not tried that yet.

By Princesshammerhead from Saskatchewan, Canada



By ace 1 07/19/2008

Is it very effective?
How to use banana feel as shoe shine?
pls. help me.tnx.this is my yahoo

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By Laura Lynn Jump 11 9 02/11/2010

I have a leather couch and love seat I am going to try this on. I will let you know how it comes out.

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By jeanne 5 16 06/02/2010

Does it leave a smell or a greasy feel?

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Tip: Banana Peels for Cleaning Shoes

My oldest son being flat footed and my middle son being a toe walker, their shoes get more scuffed than a normal very active boy. They also attend a private Christian school where there is a uniform policy. With mornings being extremely crazy anyway, I certainly do not have time to buff or polish shoes. This is particularly true, especially since we spend a big part of each morning looking for them, saving time is a must!

I had tried many different things, but I always was running late, with a job looking halfway finished for each boys shoes. My mom had told me a suggestion a long time ago which I thought was nuts. One morning being extremely rushed, all I had time to fix for breakfast along with making two lunches was cereal with banana. I remembered my mom's idea. I grabbed the banana peel and got to work, rubbing the inside of the peel on the outside of each pair of shoes. I grabbed a dishcloth and buffed it off. Amazingly the scuffs, dirt, and questionable marks were gone.

Now I had to admit to my mom she was once again right! Laughing she said, her grandmother had told her this when I started walking. She went on to say, that while her grandmother was at the salon getting her hair set, she had read it in a magazine. Bananas are not only a fast meal, they can also clean your shoes in a second. Try it, your mother may have known this also.

By Mistie from Baton Rouge, LA

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