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Cleaning Laminate Floors

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What's the best way to clean heavy duty laminated dark cherry flooring? I want to give it a shine with no dullness afterward? Thank you.

By Trudy


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By lkrice8310/19/2013

After having Shaw Laminate flooring installed throughout our home and seeing what different "cleaning experts" said how to clean to my floors, I contacted Shaw by email and asked them what to use and how to do the cleaning. The customer service Tech was very nice and said that they suggested...a Shaw product. I explained that I am very chemically sensitive so I can't handle a smell in the cleaner. She was kind enough to ship a small sample bottle along with a cleaning and care sheet which is what she said I should have been given by the Shaw retailer that sold and installed the product.

She also gave me the directions on what to use if I could not use their cleaning product. These are a summary of those directions:

Never use microfiber like Swiffer, always use 100% cotton
mop heads or cotton cloths. Vacuum without the beater bar, sweep or dust mop with a cotton mop head to get all the dust and dirt up. Then use Bona for laminate floors to clean areas that are dirty. Spray the Bona lightly, then let it sit a couple of seconds, then wipe with the cotton mop or cotton cloth. Polish with the cotton cloths to buff and bring your shine back. Never mop with water and/or any soap product. Do not use vinegar either.

Check with the manufacturer of your floor product as to how they want you to clean your floor. This is vital if you ever need to use the warranty that came with your laminate flooring product. Trust me they DO check on how the floor was cared for and cleaned when you file a claim against your warranty. It's there to protect your investment. It's worth your time to call or email your laminate flooring manufacturer.


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Archive: Cleaning Laminate Floors

How do you clean laminate flooring? There is wax/oil on parts of the flooring, because my boyfriend in the past made the mistake of putting wax on the flooring?


Archive: Cleaning Laminate Floors

How do I get rid of the film that's on my laminate floors? I'm so sorry we put this down. I would rather have carpet any day. Don't tell me to spray vinegar and water on it and then get down on my knees to dry it!

Polly from Klamath Falls, OR

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

I have a steam mop and hardwood floors, so have to dry my floors also. Don't get down on your hands and knees to do this. I put on two thick pairs of socks and shuffle around the floor. Works great. You can get into the corners really well, and it's easier than sliding a towel around under your feet. So, however you choose to clean your laminate flooring, this is a good, easy way to dry it. (03/01/2009)

By catastrofy

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

I've had laminate flooring for 6 yrs. Best discovery was purchase of Shark steam vac! It's a breeze to clean this floor now and I have over 700 sq.ft of it, so believe me, I know. That vac is worth it's weight in gold. (03/01/2009)

By jpear

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

I tried what one of the readers suggested. I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased Awesome. I just sprayed it on and used one of those flat mops (with a washable terry cloth fitting) rectangle shaped, wiped it on and so far no streaking. And a nice little shine. My floors aren't the shiny kind anyhow. Wish I had gotten ones with a shine though. If this works I will keep Awesome in business! (03/25/2009)

By Jacki2b

Archive: Cleaning Laminate Floors

I am looking for a wood floor (laminate) cleaner.

By dlovse from Weeki Wachee, FL

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

There are lots of different laminate floor cleaners available, just Google "laminate floor cleaners", but some cleaners work great for some people and the same cleaner has ruined other people's floor. There have been many discussions and tips here at ThriftyFun about cleaning laminate floors. You can use the search engine, type "laminate" and read through the past posts. That should help you decide how to clean your floors. (05/08/2009)

By Amuck

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

Using white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and an old bath towel seems to work well for my laminate floor. After spraying an area, put the towel on the sprayed/wet area, step on the towel, and "skate" it dry. Window cleaner that is vinegar and water works well. Do not use the product that contains ammonia on your laminate. I also have one of those H2o Steam Cleaners. It works well, but the floor doesn't dry quickly. So often I end up "skating" with an old bath towel to dry the floor. Lowe's has a great laminate floor cleaner. It costs more than plain water and vinegar, but I try to keep it on hand "just in case". Hope this helps you. (05/16/2009)

By Barb in TN

Archive: Cleaning Laminate Floors

Just installed new dark oak coloured laminate flooring. Unfortunately it shows up every mark, footprints, paw marks, water stains, etc. It is driving me daft already. I wish I hadn't gotten this colour.

It looks great when cleaned initially, with water and vinegar only. The stains show up almost immediately when walked on when it dries. Can anyone give me any suggestions?

By tartan lass from Sudbury, ON

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

Vinegar and water is it. I'm so glad I found this website, because I thought I was never going to get my laminate floor looking good. The Bona spray recommended by my installer left an awful, dull film that streaked and showed every footprint. No store-bought product I tried worked.

After reading up here, I simply wiped with a moist vinegar water rag and towel dried, it took up all the awful old film easily and left the floor as beautiful as the first day it was installed. Not a single streak, and easy and fast to do. Thank you folks, so much. (05/20/2009)

By Sandcrab23

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

All I use is the vinegar and water as recommended by the manufacturer. I then stand on a big old clean towel and go around the floor and dry it. It dries beautifully without any streaks or film, will also keep any little insects away. I have tried some of the floor cleaning products, but none work as well as the vinegar and water. (05/20/2009)

By donna52479

RE: Kentucky-Lass

I found that using Peppermint Oil in the mixture of vinegar and water will give the house a great smell. This will also repel mice from entering your home. You can buy it at any natural food stores. I was using a Swiffer Wet Mop, but it always left streaks all over my floors. I read too, that others would use a towel to dry the floor afterward; however, the floors would not stay wet long enough for me to do that. Needless to say I ditched the Swiffer. (05/26/2009)

By Tara-NY

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

Vinegar and water works great on tile floor too. As for the Swiffer Wet mop, I understand there are toxic chemicals used to clean your floor. I have heard of several cases where pets have died when the owner used these mops over time. Cat are always washing their paws, so what you use on your floor ends up in their bodies. Vinegar is really a great cleaner, safe, cheap, and it also disinfects. (05/27/2009)

By Amandablue

Archive: Cleaning Laminate Floors

I just had a new laminate floor installed and I love it. So far (because it's new and hasn't had time to get really dirty) I've just damp mopped it.


Archive: Cleaning Laminate Floors

How to remove skidmarks from laminate floor?

By Lorhank from Holiday, FL

RE: Cleaning Laminate Floors

Make a paste of baking soda and water and gently scrub with a plastic scrubber sponge. And an easy and gentle recipe to clean in general to keep it looking shiny and new is to use a cup of baking soda mixed with a gallon of water. If you want a disinfectant just add a little bit of white vinegar. (07/24/2009)

By Deeli

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