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Scuff Marks on Shoes

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What is the best way to clean black scuff marks off red shoes? Shoe polish isn't working.

Ellen from Tucson, AZ


Recent Answers

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By val girl09/27/2011

Removing the scuffs depends on what the shoes are made from! I was always getting black scuffs on my white nursing shoes and the only thing that worked was scrubbing with a soft scrub product. A few weeks ago I was searching the Web for ways to prevent scuffs and I found a product called SKUFF. I ordered the gloss finish and it was easy to apply to my shoes after cleaning with the enclosed towelettes. It's been two weeks now and the couple of tiny scuffs that showed on the shoes were easy to just wipe off with a wet rag. The shoes are still a beautiful white!


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Question: Removing Scuff Marks on Shoes

How do you remove scuff marks on orange shoes and yellow high heels?

By Lillian

Most Recent Answer

By Betty [104]08/29/2011

Try Dawn dish detergent. It got off ink marks on my leather purse.


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Archive: Scuff Marks on Shoes

What is the best way to clean black scuff marks off red shoes? Shoe polish isn't working.

Ellen from Tucson, AZ

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

Remove scuff marks from back of heels with hair spray; wipe with soft rag while still damp/wet.

Rosalyn (07/13/2004)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

You can erase black scuff marks off linoleum by rubbing the spot with the heel of the same shoe, so maybe it will work on your red shoe also! (01/06/2006)

By suzi_homemaker01

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

Mr. Clean erasers available at Target and Dollar store for a lot less$. (01/09/2006)

By cookwie

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

Acetone (a large component in most nail polish removers) is pretty much a household miracle solvent, and among many other uses, works great on scuff marks on shoes. (05/02/2006)

By Angela

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

After trying everything I could think of, I went on line to see if possibly someone could help. At first I tried the "hairspray", but it did not work for me. Then I tried the "nail polish remover", it worked like a charm!! In five seconds all scuff marks were off of the aqua shoes and they looked like new. Thanks. (06/27/2006)

By Geneva

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

I tried the nail polish on some lime green man made leather boots. You have to use it lightly and it works like a charm. Be blessed! (01/05/2007)

By Albsmilin

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

Scuff marks on red patent leather shoes: use good old Australian eucalyptus oil and rub gently. It can take a while, however it works for me :) (04/19/2007)

By maybe i can help

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

Solution for a scuff mark on a red shoe = simple pencil eraser. Trust me it works. It was my friend's shoe and I was desperate. Just 5 min of deep erasing. (01/05/2008)

By Nicole

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

Don't use nail polish remover on serious scuffs! The continuous rubbing will rub off the shine and leave a huge dull spot. I ruined some very pricey shoes this way. Also most shoe repair shops can get the scuffs off for about $5 and your shoes stay shiny! (05/28/2008)

By Jennifer

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

Nail polish remover works perfectly. But be sure to use a small amount in a circular motion with a Q-tip. If the area becomes dull, retouch that area with a very small amount of WD-40. Works like magic! (07/11/2008)

By Chica1979

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

So I tried the eraser thing and it worked! YAY! (12/03/2008)

By Angie

RE: Clean Scuff Marks on Shoes

I bought an adorable pair of any black and white pumps and before I even got a chance to wear them out I got an ugly black scuff mark on the white part. I didn't have any nail polish remover, but I tried a Mr. Clean magic eraser and it got it out. You have to scrub for about five minutes and clean it off with a little water and dry it afterwards, but it got the scuff right out. Thanks for the tip! (12/07/2008)

By M. Michelle

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