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Getting Rid Of Milkweed


I need to get rid of Milkweed. I tried to cut it down but it grew back. As you see, I even tried to break it.

ohdawn from Richmond, VA



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By Ruth (Guest Post) 07/21/2008

There are legitimate reasons to eradicate the milkweed. But perhaps other readers ought to know that milkweed is the only source of food for the Monarch butterfly, which is rapidly diminishing. Think of the plant not only as a weed but as part of the food chain.

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By Sally 2 07/22/2008

Here in central Montana, milkweed is becoming a real bane in our fields. Our neighbor has had good success in cutting the top off the plant and spraying with Roundup.

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 07/23/2008

I really like milkweed. I decided to declare it a plant a while back, not a weed. I am doing my backyard in natural meadow with paths through it, with unmown drought-tough grasses.

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By Beth 5 131 07/23/2008

I've had luck pulling it up. You have to be consistent, because of you leave a bit of the root, it will re-sprout. Just keep pulling the shoots (they'll come back smaller and smaller each time) until it's gone. It might take a few months, but it'll be gone for good. Keep an eye out for seedings, because they're much easier to eradicate than the older plants. Oh, and be careful, some people are allergic to the milky sap (it can give you a rash). Good luck!

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By Neil McMillan 1 13 07/24/2008

I've encouraged its growth and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE the scent of the flowers! I do pull SOME in places I REALLY DON'T WANT IT!

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By Melissa M. 26 107 12/20/2008

Can someone send me some Milkweed seeds, I get Monarchs flying through but they don't stop because there's no milkweed, i would love to grow some. I keep Dill growing for the Black Swallowtails.

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How do I get rid of milkweed?

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By Melissa M. 26 107 02/16/2013

Milkweed is the only plant that Monarch Caterpillars feed on. Getting rid of it is getting rid of Monarch Butterflies.

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