Christmas Charities for Children

Christmas Charities for Children

In most communities there are organizations that can help you give your kids what they need for the holidays. This guide is about Christmas charities for children.



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Question: Christmas Charities

I need help with Christmas. I have 3 kids and no job and no money. Can anyone please tell me where I can find help? God bless you.

By Keisha from Rome


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Your local Catholic Family Services! If you mean Rome, Italy check out this link for referrals for help: http://www.catholiccharitiescamden. ... ontent&view=article&catid=98:service-a-advocacy-latest-news&id=415:catholic-relief-services-offers-assistance-to-italys-earthquake-victims-donations-collected-on-behalf-of-caritas-italiana

I became disabled the April before last and called them to see if there were any volunteers in my area to help me clean my apartment. Not only have I a wonderful volunteer that comes and helps me clean since then, but also last Christmas I received a phone call from another volunteer asking what I could use and really wanted for Christmas. I told them a pair of slippers and a new toy for my Rachel kitty. They showed up about three days before Christmas with three boxes of food, the slippers, a winter hat, a fleece throw blanket, a handmade shawl, extra toys and treats and food for Rachel and more! I was weeping like a baby! They are a wonderful organization and the volunteer who helps me clean is now also a friend!

Question: Christmas Charities

I'm out of work. I was let go after 9 years of work. I am looking for help for my kids for Christmas. Any suggestions?

By Crystal

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By Linda from Bloomington, IL [76] 11/15/2011

Call 211, that is a nationwide help number. Whoever answers will get you in the right direction for help.

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Question: Christmas Charities

I am searching for children's X-mas giveaways for a single, pregnant mom with two children. She has extensive medical issues and is not able to work and lives with her mom who lives in Section 8 housing. The household is really struggling, I don't want the children to go without X-mas. The father is incarcerated.

By Diana

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By Vicki [24]11/09/2011

Toys for Tots. Salvation Army. Local churches. Most every town has some sort of Santa - toy giveaway program. Call the local newspaper and ask what it is called and how to contact them.

Question: Finding Christmas Charities for Children

I need help with clothing for my daughter and Christmas. Please I'm a mother that's trying. Where can I look for help?

By Anthony

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By cybergrannie [32]11/26/2014

The responders on Thrifty can only suggest places for you to go and/or people that may guide/help you with temporary assistance. It appears that you do need help in trying to make do with what you have, or receive, as many, many families are doing right now. No one here knows your location or your true situation so all we can do is mention places we know do give assistance to families in need.

I believe the first place anyone in need should start is their own church - and - if you do not attend then maybe now is a good time to start. A good church is not just about religion but should be there for any situation that arises in their family member's lives.

The Salvation Army has a good program but they should also have a list of local organizations that supply help to people/families who need temporary assistance or even long term help in some situations.

My church also has a "Helping Hands" program that distributes food and clothing to local families (not just church members) on a monthly basis. Of course, all of our food and "stuff" is donated by our members so we are very limited as to how much we can help. Maybe there is something like this in your area. Call around and ask.

Most of us are living on a tight budget but there are probably places in your area that offer free lunches, limited staple groceries and some basic clothing if your situation warrants it.

I know there are people who take advantage of "free" help but we should not judge the few and ignore the ones who truly need help.

I can still remember standing in line with my mother and brother (over 2 hours) so that I would have A toy or doll for Christmas. Of course this was in 1940 but still... This program was put on by people just like we have today so I still try to help when I can.

Question: Christmas Clothing Help for Zimbabwe

How can I receive second hand clothes and shoes for all ages? I would like to share with our church members that are less privileged for this Xmas season. I would appreciate it if anyone can help in Zimbabwe.

By Amina from Harare

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You can ask United States churches. There are a lot of christian and baptist churches in TN that would probably love to help. One that comes to mind is "Hope Community Church in Surgoinsville, TN. Good luck and may God Bless you.

Question: Christmas Help for Children

Please, let me know where and who to ask.

By C

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By redhatterb [1]12/21/2013

Most of the charities that do Christmas help have a cut off date for applications of mid-November so that they can do their budgeting. They also have age limits. If you have a social worker with the Department of Social Services talk to that person, they might have some ideas. Also talk to your pastor, and that will have to be done today, as tomorrow is the last Sunday before Christmas. Sometimes they will take up a special, anonymous offering for a needy family in the congregation.

Question: Christmas Help for Children

My house has been robbed and now I have no money for my kids' Christmas. Their father isn't around. Does anyone know who can help me? I don't know how to explain it to my girls on Christmas

By Shawnita from Washington, DC

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By redhatterb [1]12/07/2013

Do you have a court ordered child support order, if so their Dad should be paying regular child support, and if he isn't you could get him in trouble.

Question: Help for Christmas

I am looking for help for my one child. He is five years old this year. I moved up here because my son's great grandma was every sick. She died this September 23rd.

We been jumping house to house since we have been here. I do not have a job. I have been looking but, not having the luck of getting one. My son's birthday was November 22nd, on Thanksgiving, but it was not so giving for him. So he did not get a birthday this year and I am hoping I do not have to tell him Santa is not coming too. I know it going to break his heart to tell him. So I am asking for places where I can get help this year. Thank you.

By sherryann

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By redhatterb [1]12/13/2012

The charities that I am aware of have a cut off date for applications of right around Thanksgiving time. If you go to church speak to your pastor, sometimes they will take up a special anonymous offering for a member of the congregation. Aren't there any grandparents, aunts, and uncles that would be sending gifts? Also you could pick out one or two of his favorite toys and hide them, then after he is in bed, figure out some way to refurbish them.

My elderly aunt was recently telling me about when she was a child, her favorite doll disappeared, nobody in the family could tell her where it was. Her mother had hid it and while my aunt was at school and in bed, my grandma got busy and made a new wardrobe for the doll and also finished a cardboard box to look like a suitcase.

When the family got home from Christmas eve services, the doll was sitting on top of the piano with the suitcase and a little note saying she had just got back from a shopping trip in New York. My aunt is 86 and still remembers that as her most memorable Christmas.

You must have some cash, to be paying for going from house to house, you should be able to squeeze a little out to go to a thrift store and buy some little toy, sometimes a person can get some nearly new things really cheap. Also if you have a pretty towel in good condition make some kind of a stuffed animal out of it. I did that one year when we were really hard up. I took an old extra bed pillow apart to use the stuffing.

Question: Finding Charities That Help for Christmas

I am a disabled single father with a low income of less then $405.00 a month, not leaving me with anything for Christmas for an 8 year old girl. Where can I get some help for Christmas? Thanks.

By Earl F.

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By chey.pettit [1] 12/09/2011

I'm so sorry to hear that! :( Sir I know I may only be 15 I work in a lot of charities, and I know with the economy today its hard to buy a lot of things especially with that income.

Listen my advice for you is, a lot of the people I help out have put a certain budget away for their Christmas shopping, then they go out and find the best sales out there, they keep within whatever their budget is, and their kids are happy. You also got to teach your daughter that its not all about getting gifts. Christmas is about giving, sharing, etc. I hope you do well this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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Question: Christmas Charities

I am a single mother of 2; where do I have to go to get help with Christmas presents for my children?

By Samantha

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By rachelgomez11/17/2013

My name is Rachel. I have a very special little girl name Stephanie. She is in first grade and is 6 years old. I dont get very much money. All I get is going to my rent so that we have a place to live. It's been hard for me prior to this we were homeless. Her father left me for another woman. If it's possible for any one out there to help me out for Christmas, I reqlly would be thankful. Thanks so much.

Question: Christmas Help for Children

My family and I are staying in a hotel. I have 3 kids. I don't get paid too much, not even enough to pay for the hotel weekly. Does anyone now where I csn get help for Chistmas?

By Jenny

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By redhatterb [1]12/22/2014

Most of the charities that do Christmas help have a cut off date of around Thanksgiving for taking applications. They also have a cut off of 12 years for age. IF you don't have enough to pay your weekly rent at the motel, exactly who is paying it? You might be better off in a homeless shelter because people always make sure the kids in those places get something. IF you have a pastor talk to him, he might be able to help a little bit. Although it is too late to take up a special offering in church, like they sometimes do for a needy member of the congregation.

Question: Christmas Help

I have 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys) and I have no job or any help. Where can I get Christmas help for my kids ages 14, 9, 10, 8?

By sj

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By redhatterb [1]12/19/2014

It's a little late to be asking for Christmas help. Most of the charities that do this have a cut off date around Thanksgiving for taking applications. This is so they can do their budgeting. Most of them also have an age limit of 12 years. IF you have a pastor, talk to him, sometimes they will take up a special offering for needy members of the congregation.

Question: Christmas Charities for Children

I just lost my job two weeks before Christmas. I don't know how I'm going to pay my rent. I've been crying. I am so depressed I can't get her my 10 year old nothing. I've prayed to God and this is where he guided me when I asked him for answers.

By Edie jones from chicago Il

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By callahanie12/24/2014

Hello, I'm in the same boat, but my son is 15. I cried all morning, wanted to give up, then I told myself, as I will tell u. We are mothers; our children look up and depend on us. No matter how I feel, I must muster up the courage to move forward. As I go thru my day, still haven't gotten dressed. I'm realizing this will work out. I know that something bigger is going on.

I have thought of church going. Calling places to give your time and help to others, take the focus off us. Visiting the old folks home. Also cooking and crafting with my son. I'm limited, so I must become creative. Gathering pine cones, leaves, and twigs. I have old branches that I will soak in water then make a circle. It's great fun great. They look like Jesus' crown.

I will take these gifts and hand them out to the elderly. As my day unfolds I think this is the best Xmas my child will had /have. As a mother, what better gift could I give him? Hope this helps you. You are not alone.

Question: Christmas Charities

I need help with making a good Christmas for 2 beautiful blue eyed girls:) I'm late for a lot of places that help and I'm praying I can still find someone who can help me get gifts for my amazing family in our time of need. Any suggestions?

By Kristin

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By redhatterb [1]12/15/2014

All families are amazing and a lot of them need help. You should start looking for help a lot earlier. There is usually stories on the news from the different charities that help with things like this, starting probably in October. That being said we all know Christmas comes at the same time every year. There isn't a reason in the world that people can't plan ahead and buy one gift a month. As far as that goes all any kid needs is one gift from their parents. Don't your kids have grandparents, aunts, and uncles that will be giving them gifts? Talk to your pastor, sometimes they will take up a special offering for a needy member of the congregation. But even for that, it is getting a little late. You could give each one of your kids a color book and small box of crayons and they can even be the cheap brands of crayons. Go to a dollar store and get each one of them one item and I bet they will be happy. Walmart has cute little kids t-shirts for about $5.00. Kids don't need designer things or even the expensive toys and electonics.

Question: Organizations The Help with Gifts for Grandchildren

I am a grandparent with very little income. I have 2 grandkids, boys 4 and 7. is there any place that helps grandparents get gifts? It breaks my heart not to be able to get them anything.

By Debi

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By redhatterb [1]12/15/2014

Are you raising these kids or just a grandparent that wants to get them something. I have never heard of organizations that help non-custodial grandparents with gifts for grandkids. I am 74 and on a fixed income, retirement SS, less than $700.0 a month, and I buy gifts for 10 people with a limit of $20.00 each and if I find something that somebody will like that is on sale, it is still counted as a $20.00 item. I start shopping in January and have been done for about six months. There is no reason why people can't start shopping early in the year. You can get some nice stuff in the dollar stores and even in thrift stores. Kids don't need designer things, or the expensive toys and electronics.

Question: Christmas Help for Children

I have three kids. I just moved here from Florida and am staying with my mother. I don't have any income at all. I lost everything in Florida. Christmas is here and my babies don't have anything for Christmas, not even a Christmas dinner. I just want to know if there is any place I can still get help for my kids. My son is 7 and my two daughters are 12 an 16.

By l Williams

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By Shayla Miller 12/11/2014

Hi I want to know if you guys was still doing the Christmas sign up? If so I have a 15 month girl that's in need of clothes, shoes, socks and toys. In clothes she wears 18 month in shoes a 5c

Question: Finding Christmas Help

I am a forty one year old woman with two kids, a boy who is 15 and a daughter who's 9. I am having a very hard time getting them something for Christmas. I try to find work, but no one wants to hire a person with health problems and I have a herniated, slipped disk to the right and a pinched nerve down my right side. All I want is to see my kids smile once for Christmas. I really would like it if I can get any help with them because I have nothing to give them for Christmas. Does anybody know where I can get help?

By Dianne from Chicago, IL

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By MaiyaSF12/27/2013

Hi Dianne. Sorry this is coming to you after Christmas but I thought to respond anyway as maybe you could do this for next year. A few years ago, I found myself in a similar position and had no idea how to provide for Christmas.

A friend told me about Swagbucks, which is an online survey/games/product website. It's free to join and you never have to give up any credit card info or pay anything to use the site. The more surveys/activities/games you complete the more points you get, which you can trade in for gift cards at places like Amazon, Target and Walmart.

I thought it was a scam until I read about it again on the Diaperswappers community boards. A lot of moms do the surveys in their spare time to get gift cards for birthdays and holidays.

I finally joined and have been doing it for several years. My husband and I are now both working but I still do the surveys. This year we had almost $400 in gift cards and we didn't spend any of our own money for Christmas gifts. There are some people who are even in the $1000+ range with gift cards. Check it out, see if it's for you. Maybe if you start now you could have plenty for Christmas next year. Good luck with everything.

Question: Christmas Help for Children

I am a mother of three beautiful, wonderful children two boys ages 14 and 9 and a little girl age 11. Three children which I would do anything for so I'm hoping someone can understand the worry and hurt I'm going through. I lost my job last month over a lie which I'm currently trying to go through appeals process. I thought it would be finished and I would have won the appeal by now, but it hasn't. Leaving me scared and worried, wanting to know what to do. There are only 6 days left until Christmas and my question is how can I get help for Christmas gifts? The oldest boy needs winter clothes and both boys shoes are falling apart. Please I've never been in this position, what should I do? Where can I get help?

By Haley from Kingsland, GA

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By redhatterb [1]12/20/2013

The charities that provide Christmas help have a cut off date of mid-November for taking applications. This is done for budgeting purposes. Most of them also have age cut off limits of 12-13 years, this is because older kids are expected to understand the situation.

As far as clothes/shoes for the kids go, go to your the office of your local Salvation Army(there might not be one right in your town, but in the nearest large town) and ask for a voucher for clothes for the kids, and then take it to their thrift store, and you will get to pick the number of free outfits specified for each kid. But be specific about the number of kids that need clothes.

If you have a social worker through the Department of Social Services Office (food stamps, etc.), that person might know of some help for you.

Also speak to your pastor, sometimes they will take up a special anonymous offering for a needy member of the congregation. Do this right away, because this coming Sunday is the last Sunday before Christmas. Also mention your problems to a really good friend and to your parents and siblings.

Question: Christmas Charities for Children

How can I go about getting help for my friend? She has not been able to buy Christmas for her three children yet. She's 23, has three kids (6, 3, and 1). Her fiancé has lost his job, her kids' father does not help her at all (he's an ex so I know he doesn't). She was working two jobs to provide Christmas for them, but one job let her go and the other job is third shift and she works as much as she can, sleeps about 30 minutes then gets up to get her oldest to school. I just really want to help her. She shouldn't have to struggle on this holiday.

By Lauren E.

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By angelacawein [4]12/14/2013

With Christmas only being 11 days away, not sure if there are any charities that can help. Human services, toys for tots, salvation army are a few places and some local church's. Since she has a school aged child, the school she attends can help sometimes. Then again you usually have to put the childs name on a list a few months ahead of time and it is on a first come, first serve basics. I hope you can find some where to get gifts for her children. Good luck.

Question: In Need of Christmas Help

I am a single mother of three, ages 3 months (girl), 6 years (girl) and a 7 year (boy). I just lost my job and am in need of Christmas help. Does anyone know where I can get help? Thanks in advance.

By Amy

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By redhatterb [1]12/07/2013

Most of the well known charities that are nation wide have cut off dates for applications of mid-November, this is for budgeting purposes. Talk to your social worker, with the Department of Social Services (I am assuming you have one). Also don't your kids have grandparents and aunts and uncles that give them gifts? Speak to you pastor, sometimes they will take up anonymous offerings to help a needy member of the congregation. The baby won't know if she gets anything or not. The other kids are young enough that they will be satisfied with a coloring book and a box of crayons, these can be wrapped separately and make two gifts for each one.

There were times when my girls were little they would get a new dress for the Sunday School program and after they went to bed at night the dress would get wrapped and put under the tree - that was their present.

Question: Christmas Help

I am a 34 year old single mom of 2 daughters ages 11 and 9 and a son that is 3. I am an online student for Medical Assisting and I do not work because I live with and care for my 53 year old disabled mom. My mother lives and pays her rent from her small Social Security check. I am very much struggling to help my kids have a decent Christmas. My mother is terminal and has lymphedema and cellulitus of the legs.

I was wondering if you knew of anyone sponsoring a family for Christmas or where I could get some Christmas help? Anything would be appreciated, thanks and God bless.

By Cindy

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By Myrna [15]12/08/2013

Have you tried The Salvation Army or any of the stores that decorate their displays with Christmas Angels (people's names on an angel hanging from tree)? Any church that has food drives at Christmas time and may be able to pass out a toy to a child. Time to call and contact places to see what can be done before it's too late.

Question: Christmas Charities

I have a 17 year old daughter who was placed in my emergency custody this last July after her father abused her. I moved and relocated and have given her a home and parent (myself), and have found a part time job. But, I have absolutely no money for Christmas this year. Are there any charities that can help me with a gift for her Christmas? Any help I receive will be greatly appreciated.

By Jennifer D.

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By redhatterb [1]12/11/2012

The charities that I know of have a cut off date of just before Thanksgiving, and also a cut off age of 12 years. If you attend a church fairly often, speak to your pastor. A lot of times a pastor will take a special, anonymous offering for a needy member of the congregation. She wouldn't need to have an expensive gift, thrift stores have a good selection of gently used and sometimes new items with the tags still on them, for a reasonable price. WalMart has decent t-shirts and CDs for no more than $10.00. She doesn't need designer items and she doesn't need high end electronics. Also does she have grandparents and aunts and uncles that will be sending her gifts. Another thought is that some dollar stores have a fair selection of make up, body wash and body lotion. You should be able to squeeze a little out of your budget.

Question: Christmas Charities for Children's Gifts

I need help getting my children Christmas presents.

By Misti

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By redhatterb [1]12/05/2012

I have a hunch you are quite late to apply. Most of the charities have a cut off date of around Thanksgiving time. However, no kid needs to get more than one gift. You should be able to find some things at some of the dollar stores. Thrift stores also have lots of gently used items and some of them are even completely new.

Kids also don't need designer labels or electronic things. For small kids you can even get by with a color book and crayons, there again the crayons don't have to be a major brand. At discount stores you can get decent t-shirts for all ages for less than $10.00 each.

Another idea for other years is to start shopping right after Christmas. Set a price limit and don't go over it, if you find an item that will work for a sale price, get it and count it at the price limit. I buy one item a month and have been done with my shopping for at least four months. Everything is wrapped and under the tree, with a couple packages ready to be shipped.

I live off $700 a month retirement social security and spend $40.00 a month on each of my two daughters and $20.00 each on my four grandchildren. Then I also buy for my two sisters, and an elderly aunt and a cousin. If I find a $40.00 item on sale for $30.00 I get it and it is counted at $40.00.

Also don't your kids get gifts from grandparents, aunts and uncles. There must be some relatives that will be sending gifts. Another thought would be to speak with your pastor, if you attend church on a fairly regular basis, sometimes a pastor will take up a special, confidential offering for a needy family in the congregation.

Question: Christmas Charities

I am a single mother of six wonderful children. They are 11, 7, 3, 1, and twins that are 4 months old. I was enrolled in school, but I had to take off because I was put on bed rest for two weeks. Then I went into premature labour two months early so my twins had to stay in the hospital for awhile. Then I just had a full hysterectomy on November due to having cancer.

I don't really have any help with Christmas for my children. I'm literately heart broken I don't know what to do. Please if anyone knows of some help please let me know. Thank you and God bless!

By Jessica C

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By jojo0112/07/2011

I would post this on Reddit. I know the community there is awesome. You may also want to talk to the social worker, school psychologist, or school counselor at your children's school. These people are typically familiar with local community resources that can assist with families in need.

Question: Christmas Charities

This year seems to be my hardest. I have no job and am going to school full time. I live with my 9 month old grandbaby and my 8 year old son. I have no money, every little bit I do get has to go towards keeping house and home. We have what we have. We have love in our hearts because we are family, but help for Christmas would be appreciated. I hope old St. Nick is out with an open ear and heart to want to stop by our house, because God knows we have struggled this year and still managed to make it to this Christmas. Does anyone know where I can get Christmas help?

By M.King

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By Joan B. [2]12/05/2011

I know a lot of single parents that have went to school full time and worked at least part time and some that also worked full time. It's getting a little late to be asking charities for help, they do have deadlines so that they know how to budget for everybody needing help. When you do go to them most of them want an application filled out and they also want to know your gross income.

I assume you get food stamps, so food shouldn't be a problem. Don't worry about if the baby gets anything or not, kids that young don't know if they get anything.

As far as your son goes, you could hide a couple of his favorite toys and refurbish them(with paint or whatever) for Christmas. Shop at a dollar store and buy a coloring book and box of crayons, they can be wrapped as two separate gifts. Call the Salvation Army and see if you can still apply for help.

Also speak to your pastor, sometimes a church will take up a special "love" offering for a needy member of the congregation. There were times over the years that I would have had to seek help for Christmas, if I hadn't planned ahead and started shopping in January. No kid needs more than one gift from their parents. Also doesn't your son have grandparents, aunts, and uncles that send gifts?

Question: Christmas Charities

My name is Sharon and I am contacting you in hopes that you knew of anyone who is looking to adopt a family in need for Christmas this year or if you knew of any organizations that are. I have contacted 211 and they have nothing and 2 of my children are too old to receive gifts from Toys for Tots. I would really like for them to have a nice Christmas, if possible.

I am a single mother of 4 children and I can't afford to do anything for them. I am barely keeping my bills current. It would be a blessing if there was anything you could do to help me. I would be very grateful for any helpful ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read and God Bless you!
Most places have stopped offering to help families already!
By Sharon S

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By Joan B. [2]11/28/2011

A lot of the charities have a cut off age limit of 12 years. Speak to the pastor of your church, sometimes a church will take up a special offering for a needy member of the congregation. You are right about most places having passed the deadline for applications. When you apply, you also have to tell your income. Are you more hard up this year than last year? No kid needs more than one gift each from a parent. I assume their Dad sends gifts, as do grandparents, aunts and uncles.

There have been lots of times in the past that I would have had to ask for help, if I didn't start shopping in January. One gift a month or every two months won't bankrupt a person providing you don't purchase things advertised on TV or with designer labels. My kids have never received anything advertised on TV or with a designer label. Now that I am buying gifts for my adult kids and adult grandkids I follow the same practice. $20.00 each and that is it. If I find a $20.00 item on sale for $10-15.00, it is still counted as a $20.00 item.

My 84 year old aunt was telling me a couple weeks ago that when she was 10 years old her favorite doll got lost, her parents and older sisters didn't know where it was. Then on Christmas morning when she walked into the living room the doll was sitting on top of the piano with a complete new wardrobe, that my aunt's mother sewed during the time my aunt was in school. You could do that with some of the things your kids have, hide one or two of each of their belongings to refurbish it, in whatever way it needs.

Also kids can always use a t-shirt, and the discount store that I use the most, has adult size ones for between $5-10.00 each. Of course, it is getting late to start shopping too. If the kids are quite young, pre-school/primary grades a color book and crayons can be wrapped as two gifts. You can try the Salvation Army, but I don't know what their deadline is. There is also a an organziation called Volunteers of America in some areas, but there again the deadline is past, because they have names with ages of various kids on trees at my WalMart. From what

I understand the Volunteers of America are working with the Department of Social Services to get the information for needy families in the area. You could also talk to your social worker for food stamps or whatever, they might know of some place you could get some help. But the best bet in the future is to plan ahead.

Question: Christmas Charities

I'm a single mother, my unemployment ran out and I can't find a job. I would like to know if there are any charities or organizations that could please help me provide a Christmas for my children, including food and gifts.


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By Joan B. [2]11/19/2011

If you are unemployed you should be on food stamps so you shouldn't have to worry about food. There were times when I was kid that we had meat loaf, baked potatoes, and a veggie for Christmas dinner, because that is what we could afford.

There were times when my kids were small and there was just our family of four that I served a turkey roast because it was more appropriate for the size of our family and cheaper than a full turkey.

Being you are a single mother, you should be receiving child support, and if you have no cash income at all there are more important things you should be worried about other than Christmas. The thing to do when you are low income, is to plan ahead.

I start my shopping in January, for my adult kids and four grandkids that range in age from 15-25. I spend $20.00 on each of them. None of them got any of the expensive toys that are advertised on TV and none of them have ever received anything with a designer name on it.

All any kid needs is one gift each, from their parents. Your kids must have grandparents and aunts and uncles must give them gifts. Also I would assume their Dad gives them gifts. My jerk of an "ex" who is also Mr. Tightwad, gives our adult kids money for their birthdays and Christmas.

As far as jobs go the fast food places are always hiring, all an applicant has to do is be willing to work there. When I was 67 I worked for two years in a fast food place, and I had never done that before in my life. It wasn't easy because of some of my health problems, but I enjoyed meeting different people.

For help there is HELPLINE!, a national clearing house for organizations in different areas that provide different types of help. Also you can call the Salvation Army they are good about helping people.

However, you should also speak to the pastor of your church, sometimes they will take up a special offering for a needy family in their church. Where I live most of the places that provide Christmas help have passed their deadlines for taking applications. They also want to know your gross income. A lot of them also have an age limit of 12 years for gifts.

Question: Christmas Charities

I need help for Christmas. I don't have money for a tree or gifts for my for children.

By Christina

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By Joan B. [2]11/10/2011

First of all you absolutely don't need a tree, or you could do like my late mother did one year, when she saw the idea in a magazine. She took an empty coffee container and painted it white, then she filled it with sand (I imagine dirt would work too).

Then she went out in the yard and looked for a fair sized branch, when she found what she wanted laying on the ground, she spray painted it white and when dry stuck it in the can. She then decorated it with our regular decorations. She received a lot of compliments from various visitors because of her originality. You could make paper chains and cut out paper snow flakes for decorations.

For help with gifts (by now it might be getting too late, to apply for help). Call 211, that is the number for a nationwide organization called HelpLine! They keep a list of different organizations that provide various help for people.

You can also call the Salvation Army, I would recommend speaking to your pastor, sometimes if a pastor knows somebody in the congregation is real hard up, he will call for a special offering to be given to a member that needs help.

If you can't find any help, you should be able to afford to to a thrift store and spend $1.00-$2.00 for a little gift for each kid. Also if you are so hard up you must have a social worker, either from housing assistance or food stamps and they might be able to point you to organizations that can help.

From the day my kids were born to the current day (they are in their 40s) we have never given them more than one gift each. They had two sets of grand parents and a few aunts and uncles that always sent gifts. I'm sure you must have some of these relatives too. People now seem to think kids need tons of gifts in order to be happy.

Now might be a good time to explain what Christmas is. You could do this my baking and frosting a cake and spell out the words "Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus" on it. Tell the kids that is how you are celebrating Christmas this year.

However, we all know Christmas comes every year and could plan ahead. I start shopping in January and have been done for at least a month. I spend $20.00 each on each of my kids and four grandkids that range in age from15-25. If I find a $20.00 item on sale for $10-15.00, it still gets counted as a $20.00 item. All it takes is a little planning. I would never be able to buy gifts for my whole family if I didn't start my shopping in January.

Question: Christmas Charities for Children

I need help for Christmas for my daughter. She is 6 years old and I do not have anything to give her for Christmas. This is the 1st time I have ever asked, but this has been a tough year for Gabie and I. So anything I can get for her would truly be a blessing. Where can I apply?

By Jessica

Question: Christmas Help for Daughter

I have no money for Christmas to get my 15 year old anything. I am disabled on a fixed income. So by end of the month we don't have anything. I am supposed to go into hospital on the 18th for knee replacement. I don't have the 45 dollar copayment to see the doctor that is going to do the surgery at this time.


Question: Christmas Assistance for Children

I was wanting to know how and where to sign up for assistance this year with Christmas for my 3 children? I don't have the funds or income to get them anything.

By Leanne M

Question: Finding Christmas Help for Children

I'm a mother of three. I have two girls and a boy. My boyfriend and I both work, but still can't afford to do anything for Christmas. I'm new to where we live and really would like to find help.

By Mary

Question: Christmas Help in Florida

I'm a single mother who has a 2 1/2 yr. old daughter and I'm pregnant. I live with my mom, my sister and her 3 kids in a 3bd apartment which is not big enough for all of us. My sister and I both need help because we have fallen on hard times. I lost my job in July and have not been able to find one. My sister has also tried finding a job, but it is hard when she has to be on call for her son who has autism. Without help our kids might not have a Christmas. We would really appreciate any help we can find. Where can we get Christmas help for the children?

By Heather

Question: Finding Christmas Help

Where can we find some Christmas help for my granddaughter's 4 year old child?

By Marsha M

Question: Getting Help for Kids at Christmas

I have 7 kids and my question is how can my family and I get help for Christmas? We are a low income family that would love any help we can get.

By Marilyn

Question: Finding Christmas Help for a Low Income Adult

I was wondering if there was any place that would help with Christmas gifts for this woman. She has a very large family, but is always alone on Christmas and other holidays. She receives no presents and has no extra money; she lives on SSI. I would just like to see her smile this Christmas. Can you help with suggestions?

By Cindy N.

Question: Finding Christmas Help

Can someone please help me for Christmas?

By ken-ken

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Archive: Christmas Charities

Does anyone know of any charities that offer help around Christmas time?


RE: Christmas Charities

The Salvation Army or some churches in your area might be able to help you. (10/17/2005)

By guest post

RE: Christmas Charities

Log onto Samaritans Purse, it's one of the charities with Billy Graham as its founder. Its really a wonderful group and they do Christmas shoeboxes! (10/17/2005)

By Linda

RE: Christmas Charities

Here's a link to Samaritans purse; samaritanspurse.uk.com. It's a really great organization. Our family plans to do a shoebox or two this year. (10/17/2005)

By may-fairy

RE: Christmas Charities

Modestneeds.org helps those who are making an effort to help themselves. "A hand up not a hand out" type of charity. (10/18/2005)

By Caima

RE: Christmas Charities

Check with your local VFW post, but you need to call them early to get on the list. They will usually help with food, toys, and clothing. Give them a call. If they don't do that they might be able to tell you who does. (10/19/2005)

By Troy

RE: Christmas Charities

These are some of the places I tell people I work with to look for help in your hometowns. I am a social worker. Here goes: first churches (even if you don't belong to the church many have programs to help), Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, and your local county or state Social Service Office. Also don't be afraid to tell your friends or the grandparents that you need help! We all assume that the people around us can read our minds. They can't. God bless! (11/24/2005)

By JustSusan

RE: Christmas Charities

Try the Lions clubs, Rotary clubs, etc. Just get busy and start calling. The sooner the better! (11/24/2005)

By JustSusan

RE: Christmas Charities

All summer long go to garage sales and start buying affordable items that you can clean up to make look like new and stash them in the closet. Take two dollars a week and go to the dollar store and buy small items for your family and stash them into the "gift" closet. Learn a craft like knitting or crocheting (the library has books or ask around for someone to teach you) and buy yarn on sale and make scarfs for your family. Go to freecycle.org and sign up to get free items for your family, you can even ask for items like a used Christmas tree. Learn to do more with your children at the holidays to make it special; string popcorn (very cheap), rent a library book with holiday songs and learn a few to go out caroling around the neighborhood, buy baking supplies when they are on sale and then bake cookies that your kids can decorate.

In the fall, at the "back to school" sales, buy construction paper then at Christmas make the old-fashioned paper chains to hang around the tree or around doorways, buy some felt (very cheap) and make stockings or ornaments. Use the internet as a tool to search out craft sites for patterns for ornaments and stockings. There are many websites that offer free printables that you can print off that your kids can color, or you could print off favorite recipes on cute cards, put them in a bundle and tie with a pretty ribbon and give those as your gifts to friends.

You have to realize that we are not the first generation that has ever known financial difficulties, your children will not be the only children that haven't had that wonderfully fake "Norman Rockwell" kind of Christmas. You have very little to work with. You have to do the best you can with what you have; and what you have may not be money, but your own creative spirit.

You need to also get on the telephone and start calling around in your own city and look for help from the city offices (Mayor), Lions clubs, Kiwanis associations. Call stores that are collecting for "Toys for Tots" and ask how to sign up. Call local St. Vincent DePaul or Goodwill organizations and ask if they have a donation program for your family or a shopping day that low-income families can go in and "buy" things for a discounted price. Call your local churches, call your local schools, call your local banks; many have "giving tree" or "mitten tree" programs for the less fortunate. We don't have anything, but each other, and I think that is all that matters during the holiday season. (12/02/2006)

By Samantha

Archive: Christmas Charities

I am a single mom with 4 kids and I am in need of some help. Where can I find help? I've emailed churches and police stations and they can't help me. Any suggestions?