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Freezing Apples for Smoothies

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There are a great deal on apples right now at the grocery store. I like to put apples in my smoothies. What is the best way to freeze applies to be used in smoothies?



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By Debbie (Guest Post)05/10/2005

Lemon juice has ascorbic acid and is recommended everywhere for keeping apples from turning brown. But it will add a lemony flavor!

By Grammy24 (Guest Post)05/09/2005

I freeze apples for pies and other desserts, but I put them in salted water for a short time, drain and then freeze in plastic bags. This keeps them from turning brown. You can buy axcorbic acid to prevent them from browning too. Use according to directions.

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By Pam [20]05/08/2005

Last Thanksgiving I made an apple pie and had way too many apples. So I put them in a freezer bag and tossed em in the freezer. I added nothing. They turned a lil brown but nothing to be concerned about. Then in January I used them to make a pie. I didn't know what to do cause they were frozen. So I nuked them just a lil to help them come apart added my spices, butter, a lil flour and put them in my pie shell. It turned out really good. yum yum. I think next time I freeze some apples I'll go ahead and add the spices, when I freeze them.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]05/08/2005

This time of year when apples are plentiful and in season, buy a box. Then cut them up and mix with your favorite apple pie recipe. Put all together in ZipLock bag and freeze. When you want a pie just dump the bag into a pie shell and bake!

- Michelle

By Melissa (Guest Post)12/06/2004

Do you not need to add anything to keep the apples from browning?

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