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Use A Potato Baking Nail

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Although I have seen "cloth bags" to bake potatoes in the microwave, there is nothing like a real baked potato from either the oven or toaster oven. To speed up the baking and make sure the inside is cooked enough, place a 16 penny nail through the middle of the potato, letting it stick out on the top. This will distribute the heat to the middle of the potato and it will bake much faster! Great for all potatoes, yams, or sweet potatoes!

By Cindy from Spokane, WA

Editor's Note: Thanks for sharing this unique idea. I would recommend you buy food grade stainless steel nails at a kitchen supply store that are made for this purpose. I found some for pretty cheap online. In any case, do not use galvanized nails.



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By Leon A. Frechette05/05/2009

I agree with the editor in regards to using food grade stainless steel nails. The best place to find potato spikes is online at This company is the creator of baking potato nails. If you want the very best cooked potato, then try Spud Spikes potato baking nails!

RE: Use A Potato Baking Nail

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