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Making Your Own Brown Sugar

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Tips on making your own brown sugar at home. Post your own techniques here.

Making your own brown sugar is easy and cheaper than buying it at the supermarket; it tastes great on cooked oatmeal in the morning or used in any recipe calling for brown sugar.

To 1 cup granulated sugar, add 2 Tablespoons molasses. Stir together until evenly mixed with a fork. After trying it once, vary it by using 1 Tablespoon molasses, using the dark molasses or the light molasses. We prefer 1 cup sugar to 1 Tablespoon light molasses, but I have made all the other variations. I make a double batch every time.

By Betty

I have made my own brown sugar for years. You use white sugar and add molasses and mix well. I was always running to the store for brown sugar until I discovered this hint. You can make a little or a lot. You can make light or dark depending on the amount of molasses you add.

By Dameemag from Rothbury, Michigan

Make your own light brown sugar at about half the cost per pound of store-bought. Add 2 Tbsp. of dark molasses to 1 cup of white sugar and mix thoroughly. (I use blackstrap molasses, and 1 Tbsp. per cup makes a nice dark brown sugar.)

By Momof1 from Wilkesboro, NC



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By luv2cook (Guest Post)03/06/2008

Betty, I can't thank you enough for this handy tip! I live in Moscow, Russia and brown sugar is so new here, that it's very difficult to find. We usually bring some over with us from our State-side trips, but run out quickly! I am a teacher at an international school here and I love to make the kids cookies. My students thank you!

By Joan [21]11/11/2007

Wish I had made a note of this when I read it a few weeks ago. I discovered I was out of brown sugar right in the middle of baking - of course. I followed the recipe on the jar of molasses which was one cup of sugar to one HALF cup of Molasses - way too much. I now have a batch of very gooey cookies. I will know better next time

By Kelly [20]09/27/2007

I have been making my own "brown sugar" for awhile, with 1 cup sugar to 2 Tbls. molasses. I use an airtight canister to store up to 5 cups at a time. It stores good for me, but where I live is pretty dry, especially in the summer. I go through it fast, so it is much more convenient to just make some up when it gets low!

BTW, for S&A's post: it helps to mix it before hand, because of the consistency, and if water comes into contact, it will "clog" up and make it hard to mix. But it shouldn't hurt to try if it doesn't affect the outcome, like cookies.

By mcw [80]09/12/2007

I've also made my own brown sugar for many years now, and not only brown sugar but you can make your own powdered sugar by adding 2 cups of granulated sugar and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in a blender. Blend on high speed for about 2 minutes and there you have powdered sugar.

Marge from NY

By bill (Guest Post)03/20/2006

I took one cup of regular sugar and two cups of Splenda, then blended it with 2 tbs of black strap molasses. It came out great and should be a lot lower in calories. Next time I will go down to 1 of molasses as I think it still will work.

By Carrie [2]10/18/2005

Those snazzy glass jars that nuts come in at Christmas time with the airtight glass tops are perfect for storing sugar, flour, etc. If they're from the same brand (or nut catalogue), they have the same matching pattern.

That's what I store brown sugar in--never the box. When someone wants to know what I want as a gift, thats what I tell them--X brand nuts. It only took one year to get enough jars.

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By Lilac [20]08/02/2014

It isn't cheaper. Molasses is not cheap.

By joanna04/04/2010

Can you substitute maple syrup for molasses? Great tip, by the way.

By Michael03/28/2009

Rothbury, Michigan! Oh my gosh. Rothbury Tavern. I grew up in the Metropolis of New Era, Mi, just up US-31. I turned 18 and moved. I still get shivers when I think of living i Michigan.

By thanksgiving 2008 (Guest Post)11/27/2008

Thank you this is great won't need to buy boxed product now that I know this.

By ac (Guest Post)11/15/2008

I made it and it was good.

By Razzie (Guest Post)08/15/2008

Fabulous tip! You just saved my banana nut muffins. Thanks a bunch.

By sandy (Guest Post)12/06/2007

Thanks much all of you! I am in Switzerland where there is no brown sugar, just some strange kind i have not used, just heard it was pretty is there molasses- I think so! Now, how about how to make oat bran cereal for the same muffins that need brown sugar?! I am on my last legs with the brown sugar and oat bran (and three more months across the Pond), so any advice -thanks! Just found this site (searching for the bs) and like it much too!

By elizabeth (Guest Post)09/27/2007

I live in chile south america and have never seen molasses here but like the idea of making my own is there a substitute for molasses that I can use.

By lori macDonald [23]09/17/2007

How do you get it to dry and use for future use?? This sounds great if I can make it to use for later.

By Bron [1]09/12/2007

I like to make my own dark brown sugar (I prefer dark to light as dark brown sugar gives a deeper, richer flavor) with that good ol' Southern staple/treat--sorghum! dee-licious. :-)
gigglemagoo in Augusta, GA

By kris (Guest Post)03/11/2007

I am living all the way in Turkey, from America, and am so excited to finally make some brown sugar so I can make some good chocolate chip cookies!

By Patty [7]01/30/2007

The store brand brown sugar is almost always granulated sugar mixed with molasses. . So, in short, you can use your home made variety of sugar successfully in pretty much any recipe that calls for brown sugar. For all practical purposes, it is the same thing. Go to for interesting information on how brown sugar is made.

By Lucy (Guest Post)01/30/2007

Can you make this with Karo syrup instead of molasses? Really need to know, thank you!!

By mommy of 4 babies (Guest Post)09/17/2006

wow you guys are way cool. I am all the way in Cairo, Egypt... (I am from America here studing) but I cannot ever find brown sugar and I need it for those homemade cookies that I miss from Home and so on. So when I saw this I was so happy. My kids will be so thankful. Thanks for all your help.

Ummi of 4 (Ummi means Mom in Arabic )take care

By Donna Wood06/07/2006

I've been doing this for 15 years but have never had the guts to try fudge using this method. Has anyone tried it & does it work.

By riva2model64 (Guest Post)03/25/2006

hmm, not bad

i accidentally added too much dark molasses, but it ok
mixing the solution was a struggle, so i added water
and continued mix with fork

By Susanna (Guest Post)03/16/2006

It's AMAZING with chocolate chip cookies! Once, I was out of brown sugar, and I just used this in place -- ever since, I've left the brown sugar out of the recipe entirely! THANK YOU!

By Laura (Guest Post)02/02/2006

Stretching a budget with a large family is always a challenge. Your information on making your own brown sugar was a help to me. Thank you.

By s&a (Guest Post)12/24/2005

Just wondering--If the recipe calls for one cup of brown sugar, can't we just add 1 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon molasses and not bother mixing them up first? It seems easier.

S & A

By Elizabeth (Guest Post)10/18/2005

Can you use blackstrap molasses? I think it might be too strong, but I am out of brown sugar and also had some blackstrap molasses in the pantry.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]10/18/2005

Just thought I'd share this tip, it's saved me more than once.

1 cup white sugar
1-2 Tbsp. molasses*

Just mix, it's a simple as that.

I tried using the food processer, and the mixer, and found my fingers work the best. Just mix with your fingers and the sugar just fluffs right up. I don't buy brown sugar anymore

* Use 1 Tbsp. for light brown sugar and 2 Tbsp. for dark


By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/02/2005

Make your own brown sugar. Use one or two cups of white sugar and 1 tablespoon of molasses.

Put sugar in a cup and add molasses according to how brown you want your sugar.

By Florence Chaney

By Judi Shank12/22/2004

Thanks! I am always either blessed with more than I can store conveniently, or totally out when I need it desperately. This will make life a bit easier.

By Bob Goforth (Guest Post)12/22/2004

Thank you Betty for your recipe. I am out of brown sugar and cant get to the store and I must have a ham glaze.


By Kim Crain (Guest Post)10/05/2004

Can you store this? Do you just keep it in an airtight container?

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