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Sneezing Rabbit

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My rabbit has been sneezing for about a week now. I was told to watch it and see if it stops. It has calmed down quite a bit however every so often he sneezes. Any idea on what he might have (I know it can be a cold or allergies)? Also, should I see his vet about it?

Raylene from Toronto, Canada



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By Courtney W (Guest Post)01/12/2009

My 3 year old female rabbit name is candy and she just started sneezing and some discharge came out it was cloudy then about a week after a little lump was at the side of her nose and it grew large in less than a week so I got worried and brought her to the veterinarian they told me that candy had an abscess and it would have become cancerous in a month so they gave me a prescription and she improved amazingly and the lump turned into a blister and popped but the thing I don't understand she is still sneezing.

By Kailey (Guest Post)11/13/2008

Try applying Vaseline to the nose. Do it gently though because rabbits don't always like this. Put it on the nose 4 times daily. Make sure the Vaseline is on all of the crust. Before you know it the crust will go! Avoid bumping your bunny's nose and make sure it has plenty of air!

By nicky (Guest Post)10/19/2008

Just a quick note for the person worried about the cost of going to the vet- look in the yellow pages for your nearest PDSA. They will treat your pet without charging you if you really cant afford it, and if its an emergency they're quite human and will help first and do 'paperwork' after. hth

By alison (Guest Post)10/14/2008

I don't know if you can help. I had my bunny 2 days ago and he's started to sneeze a lot. His noise is wet but not gunky or anything. He also sometimes sounds wheezy. What should I do? Thanks

By harley (Guest Post)09/04/2008

i have 5 baby bunnies, and 1 of them who looks to be one of healthiest of the litter keeps sneezing and it isnt now and again it seems constant, and some times sounds like he/she is choking ?? im really worried about her she is only 5 days old, any advise please ??

By Guest (Guest Post)07/07/2008

Our 8 year old rabbit has been having sneezing fits periodically over the last several weeks. Searching the net for information, I found what appears to be well reasoned and helpful at

By scott (Guest Post)07/03/2008

My rabbit was like that at first but if you just keep an eye on it and it will pass, it has may be got an irritated nose. If it dose not pass go and see your vet. I hope my advice has helped. if you need more advice contact me at Scot-the-dot AT

By ruby (Guest Post)07/03/2008

My rabbit is an albino and it is only just 12 weeks old. over the past 2 days it has been sneezing quite and when you listen to it you can hear almost a sort of wispy breath almost like its really excited but it isn't.

I'm not sure what to do with her as I've never had rabbits before and I don't know whether she needs to go to the vet or whether it will pass within a few days. Also I'm really worried as I heard that albinos can be prone to illness, Can anybody help??

By Christie. (Guest Post)06/24/2008

My rabbit has just recently began to sneeze! he seems to be fine but a few days later, he go a sort of big watering eye and it is sort of swelling up. I am going to the vet today but he may give me some eye drops or something I HOPE SO!

By Dave Roper (Guest Post)06/20/2008

I have had my rabbit for just 2 days, he has been sneezing a bit, with discharge on the first day. He has since had 2 jabs from the vet, and I am getting the third one done tomorrow.

Although the vet said that he is slightly heavier than yesterday, I have not once seen him eat. The other rabbit eats grass and then food in the hutch!

Little bit worried as these are my first rabbits! Any suggestions or advice welcome. dave at leatherhead ckd dot com (all one word)

By sadie (Guest Post)05/01/2008

My rabbit has been sneezing since I got her August 2007, she brings up snot and she just cant stop. I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow, but do you have any advice that might help?

By BUNNYLOVER (Guest Post)04/27/2008

My rabbit, of 1 year, has always had a little bit of a sneezing problem. when I look at her nose lately though, that is a whole nother story. It looks like there is a sort of crust that is building up around the nostrils. Should I take her to a vet today? Her behavior is been pretty good though. She has always been an outside rabbit (in a Hutch) and had food so I don't know. Anybody know what this is? PLEASE RESPOND! Just put RE: CRUSTY BUNNY k>? thx. THE PICTURE IS OF HER. for reference :)


By Ciara (Guest Post)03/30/2008

I have read all of this, it is totally unlike my rabbit. See I am really worried about him. His eyes are really runny, and underneath sometimes gets allot of gunk. His nose is always wet with snot lol, and he is NOT behaving normally. He sits there with his eyes half open, until he hears a big noise. We had him outside in the garage perfectly fine, until one day he got this cold. I have 5 other rabbit and they are all fine.

So I moved my rabbit into my room (away from all the others, just like u said). He has been in here for about 3 days now and is not looking any better. He still eats and drinks fine though, but I am thinking he is eating a little bit less. I have been wiping him eyes and nose when he needs it. He sneezes a lot! Big ones that you can hear, for such a tiny cute bunny. He is a 2 year old dwarf/dutch rabbit.

With his living conditions, we put safe (treated) shavings at the bottom and up top just normal hay. He and all my other rabbits also get regular every 2 days vegetables. (carrots and lettuce, celery, spinach, apples). They are always in good condition. I tried to call a vet today, but they were closed. I don't even know if they offer advice. Do they? Also I don't have any money to go to the vet. (I am only 15) and I think it would cost a lot. I really care about him, but I don't have any money at this point, and if I were to get i,t it would take me a while (like 4 or 5 weeks). My parents, well they think he is fine, when clearly he's not. Also they are not whatsoever rabbit experts. lol so I really need some advice. I have been searching all over the internet, please help.

By Lilly (Guest Post)01/23/2008

Yesterday, I took my rabbit to the vet and he told me that he was fine. Well, when I came back, he began to sneeze (sometimes) but his nose is dry. What should I do? Go to the vet (AGAIN)?

By William Jesse (Guest Post)10/09/2007

My male 9 year old is sneezing a lot right now. The vet initially gave him Baytril for sneezing and runny eye and a possible infection in the ear. That all cleared up and now he is sneezing again. His nose is dry. However he has no other symptoms, eats well, his stools are fine, is alert and plays like always. I spoke to my vet again and she recommended he go back on Baytril.

By JD (Guest Post)08/09/2007

I have a sneezing bunny too - he gets sneezing fits at night. I took him to the vet the other day - colds in bunnies are in fact curable because unlike humans, rabbit "colds" are caused by bacteria, not a virus like in humans. I am giving my bunny antibiotics for 2 weeks. He seems a bit better so far but I still have a while to go. If left untreated it can lead to much more serious problems. My bunny is also eating, drinking, potty-ing, and otherwise behaving normally. I'd rather have him treated than let this progress to something worse.

By Lynda (Guest Post)02/04/2007

I've read that feeding them dried papaya helps with the sneezing. I personally feel that dust from any source causes some of it, any chemical in the air, and black wilt on greens they eat can truly even KILL
them, especially on Cilantro, Parsley, and Lettuces.

Remember to try to buy Organic foods and to wash with Veggie wash, if you can, because the tiniest pesticide can bring on illnesses in a bunny.

If you are using pine shavings inside the cage, stop because it causes liver failure. Make sure it is not in a windy draft of any kind, or is not getting damp then cold from, say, it's water splashing onto it's fur.
Also, keep the litter box really cleaned out, since they are all mostly clean freaks! lol If any family
member has a cold, have them to stay away from the bunny, as if a baby, so as not to spread it to them. They are often used in laboratories to test
for human bacterial/viruses, etc., I hear. Since they
clean their fur so well, and because we are never to bathe them, touching the fur with contaminated hands can pass things on to them as well. Don't let them lick your face, hands or body when you are ill,
either, even if you get meds to make you well, remembering that they don't have the natural immunities a field rabbit develops eventually, because the house bunny is so sheltered, with only human bacteria to build antibodies against.

Also, hand lotions and perfumes/body sprays, can really mess them up. I had one to die with a tiny
gas leak into it's cage, and another one years before that from a few bites of contaminated grass before I made my yard all Organic.

Also, don't feed the bunny a single bit of grease, or cheese, milk product or meat, even if it innocently and naively eats it. It's can die from it because it has no way to digest it. It's strictly vegetarian. : 0

By raylene (Guest Post)02/02/2007

Update: I talked to my vet on the phone he said that there was no needed to worry and that it is only a cold,since there was no discharge which can not be cured (just like when we get one). Also he said that as long as he was eating and drinking and behaving normal (which he was) there was no cause for alarm. My rabbit has since stopped sneezing and is as happy as ever.

~~Glynda thank you for your feed back I already use unscented all natural cleaners.But always good to know that what I am doing is the right thing!

By Glynda L. (Guest Post)02/01/2007

Rabbits are extremely sensitive to smells - I read last year that if you keep them in the house (I don't know whether this is your case or not) that you should only use unscented cleaning products on your floor, and only water if at all necessary. Hope this helps you, G.L.

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