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Removing Sharpie from a Couch


My daughter used a Sharpie marker on my couch. Any ideas on how to remove this?

By Jaime from Plain City, OH


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By MummyLeigh 5 11/12/2009 Flag

I would put hairspray on the mark then put salt on it then rub it in circular motions.

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By Tamara Jestice 3 20 11/12/2009 Flag

Try nail polish remover.

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By Susan Gaskell 2 9 11/18/2009 Flag

Try a product called "Simple Green". I believe you find it in the automotive section of Walmart, Sam's Club, etc. I knows it's removed Sharpie marker from hard surfaces for me, just don't know about material. You might look on the back of the label for uses or call the manufacturer. Good luck! Susan

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By Jodi 15 11/18/2009 Flag

I have used lighter fluid to remove magic marker when my kids were little. Just make sure you do a color fastness test on the back where nobody will see it.

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By Jane Mae 5 11/18/2009 Flag

I have used WD40. Make sure you test a spot to make sure it won't affect your couch color.

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By Cynthia 1 01/01/2010 Flag

I just successfully removed deep blue Sharpie marker from our brand new couch fabric by pouring rubbing alcohol on Bounty paper towels & blotting (not rubbing) the stain. I also used a little aerosol hairspray directly on the stain. Unbelievable results - so thankful to this site for the ideas!

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By mrslanier2006 1 01/04/2014 Flag

I just have to say thank you to all that posted on this thread. My kids took a sharpie to my suede/microfiber couch today, while I was putting away Christmas decorations. The rubbing alcohol worked wonders, and I tried rubbing salt along with it, and it came right out and saved my new couch. Thanks again! Missa

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By Paulett H. 1 09/07/2015 Flag

How do I get red sharpie out of microfiber upholstery?

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Removing Sharpie From Couch

My son got permanent, sharpie marker on my friend's couch. It is a light green cloth material. We put hairspray on it and it seemed to dull it but did not take it away.

Archive: Removing Sharpie from a Couch

Over the past couple of months, I've been working with my brother and sister-in-law to design their home and it has been so fun. It's really coming together. Only a few accent pieces to go. The major items we added were a new sofa and area rug.

Last Tuesday, about a week after the sofa was delivered, I got a call from Erin and her voice was shaking. Apparently, her darling 2 year old (really, he's darling) had just written all over the couch with Sharpies. (Why were there Sharpies hanging around, you ask? Erin, like all mothers, is diligent about hiding the Sharpies. This was a total freak accident and not even worth explaining.)

I immediately called everyone I knew with microsuede furniture and had them call Erin with cleaning instructions and the instructions were universal: just scrub it. Just scrub and scrub and scrub and it will come out.

Amazingly, it worked. There is no sign of the Sharpie. I was there and participated in the scrubbing and am a witness that micro suede is the ultimate "family" fabric. I am way impressed.

On a related note: I know it all worked out, but I'm still wondering, what kind of world is this, when a new couch can't remain Sharpie-less for even a whole week?

By John from Pittsburgh


RE: Removing Sharpie from a Couch

Hide all the Sharpies. Only give her erasable markers. PS. The Magic Eraser also works on fabric. (05/12/2009)

By kimmcg

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