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Removing Buckles from Carpet Runner

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I have a long runner that runs the length of my kitchen. It has recently started to buckle in a few places. What can I do to flatten it down?

I have tried soaking the area with both water and vinegar and laid a board on it for 2 days. But the buckle came back. Any other suggestions?

By PICO from St Paul, AB


Recent Answers

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By Marna Goodyear [5]11/18/2009

I think I would try a steam iron. Lay a towel over the area, give it a good steam and let dry.

By Linda [10]11/17/2009

You might try using carpet tape. You can buy it at lowes or home depot. It's a double-sided masking tape. I've had good luck with it myself.

By kathleen williams [76]11/16/2009

From what I find online; it needs stretching, so if you can take it out side, wet it,h ang it on a clothes line or something so it can stretch. Hope this helps, good luck.

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