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Will Fleas Harm a Newborn Baby?


Will fleas harm my newborn baby?

By Kita


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By Sherry Nelson 3 17 10/15/2009 Flag

Yes. Other than biting the baby, they could crawl in it's mouth or ears or nose. I know that dogs and cats get heartworms when they ingest a flea. Not saying humans do. I don't know. I just don't think it is a good situation for the baby. Go to a vet. Ask for Frontline. Fleas are dead on the pet in 24 hours. Cost $15. Bomb your house if you need to with the spray bombs for fleas. Vaccuum everyday. Help to make the eggs in carpet hatch faster. Clean your vaccuum bag every day. Hope this helps.

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By Paula Jo C. 24 259 10/15/2009 Flag

Yes! How I agree with Sherry's post to you. Go to an area vet, explain your situation to them & purchase some Frontline hopefully are a reduced rate/cost. This is something that you will have to repeat monthly too. The cat will rest better and I know you & your baby will too! Congradulations on your new baby!

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10/15/2009 Flag

Please call your pediatrician for an answer to this question! And please talk to him/her about using flea bombs in your home when you have an infant if you think you might need to bomb! And I'll almost guarantee that it depends on if you're talking about a couple of fleas or a huge flea infestation where they are everywhere whether or not it's something to worry about for your baby!

And I am not at all trying to be mean towards the previous posters here at all but I feel I need to set the record straight so you don't panic: Fleas do not cause heartworm in dogs and cats, mosquitoes do, and fleas do not crawl! Fleas can only jump about ten inches so I doubt very much your infant is at risk of anything horrible happening!

Please don't panic and call your pediatrician! Fleas are a pain to get rid of but I am sure your baby will not be harmed!

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