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Helping a Skunk Caught in Yoplait Container

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Skunks sometimes get their heads caught in Yoplait containers and will die if someone does not go to their aid. I take a shoebox and cut into one of the short ends, about one inch down, one inch across and one inch back to the edge. This forms an opening for the skunk's head to stick out when I sneak up and put the shoebox over its body. It then cannot spray me. I step on the box to hold the skunk still and pull the container off the skunk, and then I run away as fast as I can. The skunk walks out from under the shoebox and is saved from the predicament it was in.

By Lucille



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By Anonymous1509/12/2014

To disbelievers this works exactly as Lucille recommended. Yesterday I was faced with this exact heart-wrenching situation. I caution that the hole be small though. Even when I failed at first with the box hole size, my heart soared with hope when I had the box over the skunk and the cup with his/her head inside came through the hole perfectly. I grabbed the cup and pulled but s/he was small enough and pushed through the hole. I adjusted the hole size and with the aid of a neighbor pulling the cup we freed the skunk. It did spray but not full power and it was contained to the box.

By doubtful (Guest Post)08/13/2008

Seems like made up stories to me. I've dealt with plenty of skunks and they're the scrappiest survivors ever, and not really attracted to yogurt, yet some of these posters talk as if they run into skunks stuck in yogurt containers on a regular basis. I don't buy it.

By Marilyn Knapp Litt (Guest Post)07/04/2008

Yoplait's redesign has done nothing to fix this problem. Skunks are not able to use the lip to remove the cup -- maybe they can't read the press release . .

A friend threw a small blanket over the rear of the skunk. It sprayed of course, but not all over me. I had to pull very hard, much harder than I thought would be necessary.

Afterward I got right out of there while the skunk was still disoriented. Skunks can be rabies carriers so you do not want to mess around and get bitten.

Typically you will find the skunk going in circles until it falls into something, as this one did, or drops from exhaustion and lack of water.

Anyway I rescued a skunk today by removing a cup that was very firmly on its head. See the picture:

RE: Helping a Skunk Caught in Yoplait Container

By Santa Barbara Wildlife Care (Guest Post)05/15/2008

It would be much simpler for all concerned to skip the box, and just gently grasp the skunk by the tail with one hand and the yogurt container with the other, pull to separate and stand perfectly still. The skunk already can't see you as you approach, is already preoccupied from the ordeal and is not as worried about you as it is about getting free. Sudden motions like running away are more likely to get you sprayed than remaining calm and still. 100% success rate.

By bob (Guest Post)04/09/2008

That poor skunk. It sure is good you rescued it. I had a friend who had a skunk as a pet. It had it's stinky sprayers removed of course.

By Bobo Skadeetindatin (Guest Post)07/02/2007

Apparently, Yoplait has added a lip along the outside of the bottom of the container to allow the skunk something to grip with it's feet, so it can pull the container off itself. If you recycled your container instead of throwing it on the side of the road, the skunks wouldn't get at it in the first place.

By Baboonhead (Guest Post)06/11/2005

Gee Lucille, how often do you come across skunks with yoplait containers on their heads? I guess you just happen to have a shoebox & scissors readily available! Unless of course this happens often and inside your home!! Lucille once B.B. King's guitar, now Patron Saint of skunks & possums!

By Pat H. (Guest Post)12/19/2004

I just wanted to say I think Lucille is a heroic figure; anyone willing to take the chance of being sprayed by a skunk in order to help them no matter what is a real animal lover and a credit to her race b)

By (Guest Post)12/17/2004

great idea! also gave me the chuckle i needed today, sounds like something i would do.

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