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Milk Jug Lights

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Line of lighted jugs outside.


  • C-9 transparent indoor/outdoor lights- the lights with the big bulbs
  • 10-25 one gallon milk/water jugs


Rinse out your jugs and let dry. If it is windy in your area, you may want to put sand or rocks in the bottom of the jugs to keep them in place. Place one light into the mouth of each jug.

By Stella


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By Lynn [2]06/16/2008

would not these look great with a stenciled picture of the ocassion like tree for christmas (or santa and his reindeer flying) how about hearts for Valatines day, bells for a night time wedding, baby rattles or buggies for a baby shower given at night? So many possiblities.

By badwater [242]12/15/2007

I've seen these before, but never knew how to do them. Looked great!!

By Joan Greer11/27/2007


By LEONA LABINE [40]11/26/2007

I did this up my driveway and it looks really nice.
I made mine a little different. I cut the top off of the milk jug and used the square bottom. I got 2-8foot 2x4's and stapled the lights to it. Then I cut slits on the milk jugs and stapled them over each light. When the holidays are over I store them in the rafters of my garage for next year.

By Laura (Guest Post)11/26/2007

When I use these as my decorations, I fill the bottles partially with water. In my area, the water freezes and creates a weight in the bottles. You just loosely hang the lights in the top of the bottle. This is good decoration when they are to be seen from a distance.

By suzanne [240]11/22/2007

vicky.. you can use different colored bulbs in each one

By Ann (Guest Post)11/22/2007

Go out on a recycle pick up day and collect your milk jugs there. I got a LOT when I needed them for another project. People drink lots of milk out there!

By Julie [49]11/22/2007

you say "place one light into the mouth of the jug" do you put the lids on to by having the hole for the light drilled threw the lid? How long (hours) have you kept yours lit to know if they do not get to hot for the plastic? I'm assuming you let the light bulb hang down inside sort of mid air so its not touching? Painting a picture on the outside would look pretty I bet. Can't wait to try this.Need to buy lots of milk now. I wonder if any places give you there empty jugs to save time on collecting them yourself so you can get them put up sooner?

By vicky (Guest Post)11/22/2007

How do you get the different colors?

By audrie12 [6]11/22/2007

very pretty, alot of people line them up along their walks or driveways.

By Julie [49]11/21/2007

that is so pretty and such a unique way of lighting. i will be giving this a try. thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! :)

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