Decorating Ideas For An Outdoor June Wedding Reception


My daughter is getting married in June 2005. We are having a simple reception (cake, punch, fruit/veggie trays, finger foods). We will be having the wedding/reception outdoors around noon (the time hasn't been set in stone as of this writing). The wedding will take place in a beautiful field.

My problem is I need suggestions on how to decorate the pavillions where the reception wil be held. I have suggested using tulle and fabric in her wedding colors (yellow/white) to drape the beams, even an ivy/flower combo. She is not very impressed with either idea. She has specific ideas about every aspect of this day except for the pavillion decor (She does, however know that she wants the tables to be dressed in white linen with a yellow/white gingham runner. She will also be setting the tables with simple daisy centerpieces)

I am running out of ideas and time. June will be here before I know it. I am open to and will appreciate any and all suggestions.




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By Julie UK (Guest Post) 01/04/2005

What about cutting daisy shapes (to match the colour scheme) from tissue, laminating them, punching holes in each, and then hanging them individually and in groups on different length strings from the beams? or around the walls? They will move in the breeze and look really effective.

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By Donna (Guest Post) 01/04/2005

If the time ends up later in the day, white christmas lights looks beautiful. Friends of mine had done the pavillions with them along with the ivy/flower combo as well. They had yellow and white roses.

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By teri 1 01/04/2005

I am having an outdoor picnic reception in June as well! We are making our own centerpieces out of wildflowers and using tin pails from the craft store as vases. Larger grocery stores can usually get inexpensive wholesale flowers as long as you give them enough time.

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By kelly (Guest Post) 01/05/2005

Wild flowers in simple canning jars make beautiful decorations and can be hung using strong wire wrapped around the neck of a jar and the looped to make a handle. You can also do the same thing with canning jars and put a little sand a votive candle in. Would fit the feel of the wedding. I LOVE the daisy chain idea!! If you can find a nice enough looking fake daisy chain, you could use that around the pavilion also.

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By Amy 23 01/07/2005

You can use Christmas lights with the tool and even add flowers to it. We did a grape theme with way and it looked great as it grew dark the lights looked great.

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By Katie (Guest Post) 01/13/2005

How about japanese lanterns blowing in the wind, to create a soft romantic light. Simplicity is the greatest key to an unforgettable and classic wedding. The tulle idea is great, you can incorporate it into the backings of the chairs as well. Everything should have a flowing movement. Floating daisies will work as well with floating candles. Just some thoughts...

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By Melissa H (Guest Post) 01/17/2005

You're at an outdoor pavilion, there is no need for anything decorating the pavilion poles because of the beautiful surroundings. The tables are covered with white flowing linen table cloths and the chairs may even be covered with white linen slip covers. The center piece on each table would be a tall slender vase , at least two feet tall, filled with an asortment of white daiseys and greenery. to add a little yellow I have seen some lemons thinly sliced lineing the inside of the vase with whole lemons inside to hold it all together. Of course there is water too . Look into some arangements with whole and sliced fruit with flowers , what a refreshing and summery look.

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By Stephanie (Guest Post) 02/07/2005

I am also have an outdoor reception at a pavilion and my colors are Butter and white. Can you tell me where you found the Gingham table runners? I wanted plaid incorperated into my day b/c we are doing picnic style. Thanks for any help

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By Amy (Guest Post) 02/21/2005

Stephanie, we are making the table runners. I have had no luck finding any so we just did it this way. You can buy the material almost anywhere, and get get 3 out of 2 1/2 yards by cutting the material in length 3x!! (this would be for 6ft tables of course) Good luck!!

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By Misty (Guest Post) 03/07/2005

You could paint terra cotta pots white, or any other color, and tie with a pretty yellow ribbon. Place a styrofoam ball, cut in half with the flat side up, and hot glue into place inside of pot, then place a white candle in a votive cup in the center and surround with moss. Around the entire outside lip of the pot attach faux daisies. This is so pretty and delicate as a centerpiece. Also, with some florists tape, tape a pen from the bottom up. At the top of the pen place a faux daisy then place the pens inside of a glass vase filled with colored sand. Place small notecards with a daisy theme in a basket on each table. Ask your guests to use the daisy pens and notecards to write something to inspire the newlyweds.

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By Ashley 1 2 03/12/2005

Something to think about, and I'm sure it will be very pretty. I am also having an outdoor wedding, but my reception will be held indoors... think of this... It's june... prime season for bugs, and with food out, it's hard to keep everything preseved nice. Also, with the heat (depending on your area) the icing on the cake may have a hard time holding up too. As for the outdoor pavillion, it sounds wonderfully amazing by itself, I would leave the decoration thing alone, plus it will save you money. A nice touch though may be balloons.. yellow ands white, mainly around the poles and near each end of the tables... Bubbles also add a nice touch... think about getting some bubble machines and decorating them in yellow and white and having them blow bubbles all throughout the reception.. happy hunting and good luck!

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By Leona (Guest Post) 03/24/2005

You can save alot of money by buying glass votives or vases fill them 1/4 the way up w/ colored fish tank gravel push in some tea light candle and put a few daisies around the tealight. Buy some miniture hershey candy bars at your local grocer. Make your own personalized wrappers on your computer the best way is using your lable program. Go to your local walmart and buy tulle it is only a dollar a yard.

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By lola (Guest Post) 07/10/2005

My idea is to keep it very simple and natural (nothing fake like fake flowers). Tuille in white on the outside poles of the pavillion, thick anf flowing tied in the center would be nice. I would also keep the centerpiece natural, real flowers.

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By Kristian (Guest Post) 08/02/2005

Where my reception is being held there is a pool, i don't want swimming so i want to put some sort of floating decoration in the pool. PLEASE ANY IDEAS WILL HELP

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By Tova (Guest Post) 08/22/2005

I have a problem i getting married in 8/06 here in oklahoma its very hot out around this time of year..I want a evening wedding but i'm stumped on where to have the wedding and on the decoration i know i want my colors to be burgundy/pink/ivory..and the reception will be held indoors just to preserve the food and save my guest from bugs.. Please send advice

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By Brandi (Guest Post) 04/05/2006

I am getting married in july and we are having an outside reception in my future inlaw's back yard. We are renting tables and a dance floor but i need help with ideas for lighting and inexpensive but beautiful decoration.

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By Courtney (Guest Post) 04/16/2006

We are also having an outdoor wedding with white and pink. I bought some floating candles already in vases pre decorated with white and pink flowers and ribbon at Value City for only $2.99 each. Those will be our center pieces. We bought a white arch at Big Lots for only $6.99 and we will decorate it with tulle and these beautiful strands of pink silky rose petals and irredescent beads that I got at gabriel brothers for $0.80 cents for 6 foot each. We will also use tulle and pink flowers from the dollar store (a bundle of 12 for $1.00) to decorate the chairs in place of chair covers, I found the idea on a website. We are using tulle with christams lights to hung on the cieling inside the tent, it gives a beautiful glow because the entire line of tulle glows. I found some beautiful pink torch candles that retailed for $20 each on clearance at gabriel brothers for $2.00 each, so those will go around our dance floor area outside. These are just some ideas, if you look around at different stores, you will be suprised at what you can find. The cheapest place I have found for tulle is efavormart.com. For the 6"x 300 ft it is only $9.00 each if you buy more than 2, and I have a 5% off code if you use mbp106. Hope these ideas help.

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By Katie 13 58 04/17/2006

I found a lot of nice decorations and things in the Oriental Trading catalog. They have a wedding section. Go to http://www.orientaltrading.com and see if you can find some things.

We are getting married in August and having everything outside, I ordered some things from them.

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By Linda (Guest Post) 04/26/2006

Our theme is Lavender and creme...and suggestions for an outdoor reception in a pavalion? Loved this site.

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By Dana (Guest Post) 01/03/2008

My daughter is having an outdoor wedding and reception at a family farm in June 2008. There are ponds, cabins, and picnic shelter. We will use tents also to add to the picnic shelter (just in case of rain). We are also looking for decorating ideas. Her colors at this point are canary yellow and white. I really like the gingham table runners. The wedding is scheduled for 5:30 in the evening and we are doing the picnic theme. Please-any and all ideas are greatly appreciated.

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By Mandi Smallwood (Guest Post) 07/15/2008

I am planning a May 2009 wedding and it is going to be outside at a Country Club on the golf course. I need help with simple ways to decorate the outside. Our colors and ivory and taupe! Please Help! My email address is joeandmandi1 AT verizon.net so any input would be great!

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By Susan Fulks (Guest Post) 09/03/2008

Does ANYONE have any good ideas in decorating above ground pools and a swing set that can't be moved for an outdoor wedding reception?

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By tonya. (Guest Post) 01/09/2009

Use the fabric to drape not only the post(beams) but also use it to go from the post to the center of the roof and drape in a swag form to meet in middle then use some sort of center piece to hang in center (like flowers on a round foam cover entire ball hang from center with ribbon) use Christmas lights to put in the fabric to set mood. I am having my reception in a barn and this is how I am going to decorate some. hope this helps. you can also use rented trees to set the mood(using lights on them to set the mood) have fun!

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By Elizabeth (Guest Post) 02/19/2009

I am doing a wedding on a golf course, the ninth tee to be exact i need some ideas of how to make this gorgeous can anyone help me if so please contact me at Elizzy_Sis AT yahoo.com or 870-944-0281 I need help please I only have a short amount of time to do this. Any help would be appreciated!

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