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Tennessee Christmas Charities


Can someone tell me where I can find help with kids for Christmas?

By Christy from Memphis, TN


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By Joan [13] 12/07/2010

I think you might have missed the deadlines. Call the Salvation Army, however in my area they have had a 20% increase in calls for help, and are $300,000 behind in donations. You can also call 211, they are a national organization called HELPLINE. They keep a registry of most of the charities in a given area. Most of the charities also have income guidelines. Just because you feel hard up doesn't mean you qualify. Low income people have to start their shopping earlier in the year instead of waiting until the last minute. I start no later than February and have been done for at least two months. Also kids only need one or two gifts per child and they don't have to be expensive or what the kids necessarily want or what other kids have. You get what you can afford. Also use your phone book to look for charities.

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