Removing Musty Odor from a Photo Album


Does anyone have any idea how I can remove the musty, moldy smell from my parents' wedding album that was stored in the basement? My niece wants to use some of these old photos at her wedding. Thanks!

By soccermom918 from Cumberland, RI


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By Carolyn Camp 06/02/2009

I have had good luck removing musty odors from old books by using deoderizing cat litter. It is made from wood shavings that have a pleasant smell. I cover the books and seal in a plastic container or plastic bag. Let sit for several weeks.

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By Amanda 2 2 06/02/2009

I heard a dryer sheet works the same. Never tried it, but read it at work

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By Jenny 2 27 06/02/2009

You could scan the pictures and print on nice new photo paper.

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By lesley 2 159 06/05/2009

Liberaly sprinkle baby powder between each page. Place a dryer sheet in a brown paper bag
Place the album/book inside the bag, close the bag and tape it shut. And store for 1 week in a dry place like on top
of the fridge.

After a week, remove the album, using a hairdryer, on cool setting, "dust" off the baby powder. This should remove the musty odor, if the odor is extremely strong, you may need to repeat the procedure. Good Luck.

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By Lynelle 06/05/2009

You may have better luck by trying the first idea with baking soda instead of baby powder or a combination of the two. Baking soda is used to remove odors in carpet, refrigerators, and clothes.

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