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Can Older Dogs Get Parvo?


Is there an age limit for when a dog can get parvo?

By Sandy H. from Bay Point, CA


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By Renee Schuhmacher 4 10/18/2009

Once a dog is approximately one year old or a little older they won't get parvo. It is a virus that only unvaccinated puppies get. It can live in the soil and on toys, dishes, etc... for an undetermined amounted of time however. Bleach is a good idea for dishes and pet carriers if you still have puppies around or will have in the future.

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By Cathy 1 35 10/18/2009

I have to disagree with renee5774 because older dogs can get parvo. My Lab/Husky mix came down with parvo when she was 6 years old. We had just moved to TN from MN when she came down with it. The vet in TN told me that parvo was common in TN because it doesn't get cold enough to freeze it out in the winter. So my dog spent 6 days in intensive care on IV fluids but she did make it threw it alive. The one and only year that she did not have her shot and this happened. So my suggestion is to vaccinate your dog at all ages!

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