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Burn Hole on Microfiber Couch


Someone burned a hole in my microfiber couch. Can it be repaired?

By Cheryl from Richmond, VA


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Archive: Burn Hole on Microfiber Couch

Should I be worried about a small burn in Microfiber couch? I have a very small burn in my microfiber couch. I don't want the hole to get larger but don't want to ruin it by trying to fix it if I don't need to. I am assuming since this is a burn that it sealed the fibers and that the hole will probably not get larger. Am I correct in assuming this?



RE: Burn Hole on Microfiber Couch

I tend to agree with you. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber which means the fibers will actually melt & seal the edges, unlike if it were a woven cotton, rayon, silk or wool. But if the hole does get any larger, you can take a tiny scrap of a fabric that's about the same color as your couch & with a tiny dab of glue (I recommend "Fabri-Tac") you can slip this tiny piece of fabric inside then behind the burn with a pair of tweezers. Of you could just use a permanent market of the color as the furniture & color the area to hide the burn a bit.

What I'd recommend is an even better option that you can use with any type of fiber: Just dab a small amount of clear nail polish on to the burn & carefully brush this around the edges. This will strengthen the area & help make sure the hole won't get any larger. (11/18/2008)

By Cyinda

Archive: Burn Hole on Microfiber Couch

I have a small burn hole on a microfiber sofa. Any ideas on how to repair it would help very much!

George from Lakewood, CO


RE: Burn Hole on Microfiber Couch

Another thing to try is searching a fabric store for similar fabric, take a bit and do tiny slice and dice to particle size pieces. Also cut up into tiny pieces is "Stitch Witchery", it comes on the bolt or small spool like tape.

You might do good using manicure scissors for doing the tiny cutting or a razor pen/knife (X-acto). Sprinkle into the hole both mediums together (mixed) and hold a steam iron above this on "steam", DO NOT touch any surface with the iron.

The steam will seal the fabric fibers in the glue of the stitch witchery and "glue" it. This is meant for fabrics of all kinds. If you need to reinforce with the iron touching, turn the iron temp "down" and use parchment paper (the baking kind) over the top. This will help shield the fabric.

I have repaired many "whoops" things this way, car seats, clothing, furniture, etc. You can commercially buy kits like this, but hey, a dollar spent will get you your fix.

Grandma J. (01/15/2009)

By TandT Grandma

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