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Homemade Makeup Setting Spray

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I'm wondering if anyone has a good homemade recipe for makeup setting spray? Something like the "Model in a Bottle" brand. Thanks!

Dawn from Johnstown, PA


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By Tricia F.01/29/2014

2/3 Distilled water, 1/3 aloe Vera juice. Clean bottle with a fine mist. Wash well if reusing. Slaying bacteria on your face well diminish the process.

By Michawn [16]01/27/2009

How about Evian or Aquafina water mist in a can? I've seen the Evian at Longs and Aquafina at WalMart, it's a "hydrating" face spray, basically water in a fine mist on the skin. Also I would try YouTube and type in what you are looking for, there are several makeup people out there EnKoreMakeup, Meepocow (she just did a video on the waters). I used to use the Evian for when I did mineral makeup, worked good.

By Anne (Guest Post)01/27/2009

I light misting of flitered or spring water serves to "set" your makeup. I wouldn't put any of the artificial stuff on your face. Just hold a spray bottle (set on fine mist) arms length away and lightly sprtiz your face.

By Dawn Rager [2]01/27/2009

Yikes! The only two "natural" things I know in that list are the water and aloe vera! Hmm.... Maybe I won't' be able to come up with something after all.

By k w (Guest Post)01/27/2009

This is what's in the "Makeup setting spray"It's online,good luck.

SD Alcohol 40B, Purified Water, Isopentildyal, Acrylates / Octocrylamide, Copolymer, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Biosaccharide Gum, Propylaparden, Methylaparaben, Diazoilinyl, and light Fragrance.

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