Removing Urine Stains and Smell From a Tile Floor

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Removing urine stains and odors from flooring can be a challenge. This guide is about removing urine stains and smell from a tile floor.



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Question: Removing Urine Stains on Tile Floor

I would like to know how to remove pet urine stains and smells on tile floors without taking up the old floors and having them redone.

By Lanissa from Gulfport, MS


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By jean leiner [15]02/07/2012

Try soaking a rag in white vinegar, and putting it on the stains to soak for several hours or overnight, rewetting the rag if needed. Then wipe clean. This has worked for me. Apparently acetic acid is stronger than uric acid. Kaboom bathroom cleaner( the one that turns from blue to white when the surface is clean) also seems to work well on cereamic tile around the toilet.

Question: Removing Pet Urine Stains and Odor

I have ceramic tile in my kitchen and dark carpet in other parts of my home. I can't see the where the pets pee on the carpet unless I see them. What can I use to clean tile and remove stains and clean the carpet to get rid of the odor?

    By claudia hickey [1]


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    By cj wagz [1]09/22/2015


    Use an ENZYME based pet odor and stain remover. I've used a few brands, they all have worked. Find it on Amazon or your local stores...any store that sells cleaning product should carry it.

    Also, you can use a blacklight to find stains on your dark carpet. The urine will fluoresce.

    Good luck!

    RE: Removing Pet Urine Stains and Odor

    Question: Removing Urine Stains on a Tile Floor

    How can I remove urine stains from a tile floor?

    By Doreen from A. from Santa Ana, CA

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    By IQD2 [3]02/08/2012

    Denture Tablet with hot water, let it sit for a while or overnight. Then wipe clean.

    Question: Urine Odor on a Tile Floor

    How do I get the smell of animal urine off tile flooring?

    By Kayr

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    By metroplex [82]06/07/2010

    I don't know about cat urine, but someone on this site recommended Suave Juicy Green Apple shampoo to get human urine smells off and out of ceramic tile around a commode.

    I don't have ceramic tile, but bought it anyway in case we get them someday.

    I don't know where you live but here are the details for Suave:

    distributed by Unilever
    Chicago, Illinois 60601, USA

    Lots of luck!

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