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Homemade Christmas Decorations

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Santa gourds.

Making your own Christmas decorations is fun. Not only will you start a family tradition, but you can also create many unique decorations. No matter what your crafting skills level or medium of choice there are numerous ideas available for decorations. This is a guide about homemade Christmas decorations.


Solutions: Homemade Christmas Decorations

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Tip: Holiday Ice Candle

This candle is easy to make and makes a very attractive centerpiece. It looks like a candle inside of chunks of snow.


  • cardboard milk carton, half-gallon size

  • 8 or 10 cakes of Gulf wax from the grocery store

  • a thin white candle tall enough to go from bottom of milk carton to top of new candle, or candle wick

  • enough ice cubes, broken in half, to more than fill the milk carton*
*The open work of the candle depends on the size of the broken ice used to make it. If the chunks of ice are too small, the candle will not have a lacy snowy appearance.


    Cut the top off the milk carton, wash thoroughly, let dry.

  1. Melt the wax. I melt mine in an old 2 quart measuring cup set in a pan of boiling water. The measuring cup makes the wax easier to pour.
  2. Holding the thin candle or wick in the center, fill the milk carton with the broken ice cubes, and immediately pour the hot wax into the ice-filled container. As soon as it has cooled, pour the water off and remove the carton.
  3. Place the candle on a saucer and decorate by putting a wide ribbon and bow around the bottom of the candle. Flowers may be put around the base, if desired.

This is a particularly nice candle for Christmas because the clear/white wax looks like snow and you can place short pieces of pine branches around the base immediately below the ribbon.

Source: I don't remember where the idea came from as I have been making these candles since I was a kid, and I am now retired.

By Clynn from Inglis, FL

Medicine Bottle Carolers

Three medicine bottle carolers.Recycled medicine bottles for carolers. I took 3 medicine bottles and turned them upside down. I painted the wooden balls a flesh color, let dry then painted faces with black paint.


Christmas Chandelier

Decorated chandelier.

I spiced up my dining room light by adding a homemade wreath to the bottom of it. It was simple and cheap and I think it looks nice and homey!

Simply cut a ring (I traced around a saucer and dinner dish) out of cardboard. I took a 15 foot fake evergreen garland (you could use real, but mine will be up for over a month so I went with artificial) that I bought at the Dollar Store and wrapped it as shown on the cardboard picture. Then I just tied 3 long evenly spaced ribbons around the wreath and held them all together at the top. I tied them together so they hung evenly and laced them through my light chains. I added little bows to the individual lights as an afterthought.
I think it's festive over a table! What do you think?

    Drawing for wrapping wreath.

    By Donna [280]

    Door Bells

    Fabric doorbells sewn from scraps of Christmas material. Fabric door bells.

    Approximate Time: One hour


    • scraps of Christmas fabric
    • rick rack braid
    • 1/2 inch pompoms
    • ribbon for bow
    • sewing machine


    1. For each bell, with cloth folded right sides together, cut two of pattern A. from contrasting colors, and cut one of pattern B.

    2. Pattern for bells.
    3. Place B right side up on one A piece, aligning bottoms. Machine baste in place.

    4. Using matching thread, sew rick rack braid over top basting line. Sew a second piece of rick rack along bottom basting line.

    5. Place second A piece on top of first A piece, right sides together and stitch around outside of bell, leaving open between arrows on one side. Trim seam at curves. Turn right side out through opening and press.

    6. Slip stitch opening shut. Sew or glue half inch pompoms in place.

    7. Arrange bells as shown and tack together by hand on the back.

    8. Make a thread loop on the back for hanging and sew a ribbon bow to the front.

    By preserver from Manitoba

    Craft Project: Recycled Mini Christmas Lamps

    How to make an inexpensive holiday themed mini lamp.

    Approximate Time: 1 hour


    • holiday wrapping paper
    • wine glass
    • battery operated tea light
    • scissors
    • stylist
    • white glue
    • heavy duty thread
    • needle
    • ruler


    1. It is best to use a heavier, better quality holiday wrapping paper. I used about 25 inches in length and 3 1/2 inches in height for my paper size. The height will depend on the glass you will be using, you want it to look like a lamp shade when done.
    2. Strip of Christmas wrapping paper.

    3. Cut out your paper and using a stylist or a blunt object, mark off 1/2 inch lines going vertically all the way across. Now fold the paper into an accordion fold. Glue the short ends together and let dry.
    4. Take a needle and make a hole in each fold about 1/4 inch from the top edge. If you have a pattern that needs to go one way make sure the needle holes are at the top.
    5. Double thread your needle and knot the end. Starting from the inside of the shade sew through each hole, tie the ends together and knot. Test fit before you knot to see that it will hang the way you want on the glass.
    6. Glass with lamp shade in place, shade prominent.

    7. Wine or stemmed glasses can be purchased at most thrift stores very inexpensively. Set a battery operated tea light inside, pop the shade on and you have a charming mini lamp.
    8. Glass with tea light inside and shade next to in on table.

    9. You can change the shades for other holidays or make one for everyday use. Also, wallpaper or scrapbook paper could be used for the shade.
    Full length view of the finished light.

    By NoRulesArt from sunny FL

    Tip: Metallic Garland Beads As Candy Canes

    I was out and about, and I saw this beautiful Christmas tree. It had sections of metallic bead garland which had been cut into 8 inch or so pieces and hung on the tree. The way they hung them, the top was draped over to form the crook of a candy cane. They were all over the tree. It was so pretty,

    I wanted to share this, I didn't have my camera with me. The garlands I am talking about are the ones that look like shiny small Mardi Gras beads for the Christmas tree.

    By Robyn from Tri-Cities, TN

    Tip: Craft: Foil Candy Canes

    We needed something to do today (and I needed to divert my little girl's attention to something else lol) so I came up with a quick easy fun craft. Take a sheet of aluminum foil, however big you want it, roll it up into a "stick", then you can roll it even more between your hands to make it tighter. Give the stick a twist all the way up and shape into a candy cane. Make tons and hang them on your tree. My little girl had a blast! (And she forgot what she was upset about, haha.)

    By Stacey from Orem, UT

    Rolling up starting on a long side. Stick of rolled foil. Finished foil cane.

    Tip: Use Window Clings For "Painted" Jars

    Most likely there are others that can't paint to save their souls, like me! I found an easy solution a while back.

    I wanted to paint on jars and fill with Christmas lights but knew I wouldn't be happy with my "art", so I used the acrylic window clings. Just moisten the cling, put it on the inside of your clean jar where you want your "art" to be. Use it as your guide and paint over it on the outside. Paint however much you want.

    Remove the cling and, presto, you have your masterpiece! I filled my jar with lights, cut a hole in the lid for the light cord to come out. I made a corsage looking arrangement and glued it on to cover the hole, but not so the lights couldn't be changed if they burned out, or if the person that I was giving the jar to wanted to use it for candy or something else. I used a regular pint mouthed jar so she would be able to replace the lid.

    After I "painted" my masterpiece. I lightly flocked the jar with white paint on a toothbrush. This hid some of my imperfections, then gave the whole thing a coat of sealer. Very pretty if I do say so myself. Sorry I don't have a picture.

    Source: From a magazine years ago.

    By latrtatr from Loup City

    Tip: Christmas Table Decoration

    Christmas table decoration made with pineapple

    We constantly have pineapples in our home, but during Christmas nothing escapes my decorating! I thought this was a cute little decoration for the table or possibly the table of an elderly or single person. Decorative and practical.


    • any little decorations your have around the house
    • balls, bells, candy canes, even marbles!
    • pinecones added a nice touch I thought~
    • scrap of material to make a scarf...
    • even fruit would be good and edible!


  1. Just place assorted items among the pineapples leaves for a festive look.
  2. By Donna [280]

    Craft Project: Snow Scene Decoration

    Side view of completed project.I saw a snow scene decoration similar to this in one of my December magazines and decided to replicate it since I already had most of the items on hand. Most of the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store, so it is economical to make. This would also make a nice gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list!

    Approximate Time: about 30 minutes


    • glass globe
    • glass taper holder
    • artificial snow
    • artificial pine branch
    • 2 small artificial birds
    • small bird nest
    • a few red berries
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • E6000, Loctite or clear Gorilla Glue


    1. Use some glue made for glass, such as E6000, Loctite, or clear Gorilla Glue to adhere the glass globe to the taper holder and set aside to dry.
    2. Next pour about 1/2 cup of artificial snow into the bottom of the bowl.
    3. Artificial snow in globe.

    4. Add a small artificial pine branch.
    5. Adding artificial greenery.

    6. I could not find a bird nest small enough for my needs, so I created one by shaping and molding some dried weeds I found outdoors. I put some hot glue on it to help hold it together.
    7. Bird on homemade nest.

    8. Glue a bird to the edge of the nest and glue some berries inside the nest, to represent bird eggs.
    9. First bird added.

    10. Place the nest on top of the pine branch inside the bowl and glue a bird on one of the branches next to the nest (as shown in the photo).
    11. Looking down into the bowl at the finished scene.

    Use as a winter decoration or give as a gift. Completed scene in glass stemmed globe.

    By Rachel's Mom from Wilkesboro, NC

    Tip: Christmas Arrangement Using Old Decorations

    You can make a Christmas decoration without spending a single cent. Using old Christmas balls, silk poinsettias, vases, and other ornaments you can make very unique Christmas decorations.

    It's up to you how you put it together. If you don't have a vase, you can use an old milk jug or bottle to serve as the vase. With this, you save your money, you help the environment, and this decoration will add to the beauty of your home. White vase with arrangement made up of silk poinsettas; silk vines; blue, gold, and silver christmas balls on sticks; and silver leaf decoration.

    By MaryJane from Lachine, QC

    Felt and Beads Decoration

    Would you like to inject a fresh feel to your holiday decorations? If so, try making something with an Oriental flavour for the festive season. Simply by threading lots of felt squares onto a length of yarn, along with some beads, you can quickly create a unique hanging decoration to display in your home. Get the kids involved too, and make lots more decorations to give away as gifts to family and friends. full length photo of finished decoration

    Approximate Time: 30 minutes


    • Scraps of thick felt to add further interest to the surface of plain felt stitch fancy yarns and scraps of fabric to it.
    • a large-eyed sewing needle
    • yarn
    • a pair of scissors
    • a ruler
    • beads
    • bottle tops or mini bells


    1. Cut felt into squares in a range of different sizes for example; 5 x 5 cm (2x2 inches), 2 x 2cm (3/4x3/4 inches), 1.5 x 1.5cm (1/2x1/2 inches).

    2. Cut a length of yarn double the measurement of your intended hanging. Example: for a hanging with a finished length of 28 cm (11 inches), your yarn should measure 56 cm (22 inches) long.

    3. Fold your length of yarn in half and thread through a needle. Use your needle to push the yarn through the centre of a felt square. Continue threading on felt squares and beads at intervals until you are happy with the end result.

    4. Knot the yarn at the base of the hanging to secure the felt and beads. Similarly tie a knot at the top of the hanging; making sure a short loop is left for display purposes.

    5. For a further idea, thread on some mini-bells or bottle tops and display your decoration in a sheltered outdoor setting such as a porch. The gentle breeze will make your Oriental hanging 'jingle, jangle' during the holidays.

        full length photo of finished decoration

        By Anne from United Kingdom

    Christmas Slantas

    Wooden Santas.Cut wood at an angle. Paint with red acrylic paint, leaving the face part natural. Use fabric glue for the beard, red felt nose, and google eyes.

    By Isobel from Scotland

    Tip: Natural Homemade Christmas Decorations

    These are just some ideas for some natural homemade Christmas decorations.

    • My family gathers a bunch of pine cones, which we paint and glitter up. We take some fishing string and tie them up on our Christmas tree, outdoor trees and bushes.

    • We also make our own homemade Christmas wreaths by taking vines from the woods and winding it around, until it takes on that wreath like shape. We later hot glue on some leaves, pine cones, acorns, and evergreen pieces.

    • The vines also make a nice natural looking garland when you glue evergreen pieces, pine cones, and leaves on it.

    • You can make Christmas swags by taking two branches from your Christmas tree (fake or real) and laying them on top of each other. Tie a piece of ribbon on the top to hold them together and hot glue pine cones on it.

    Tip: Holiday Basket Light

    Red and white Christmas basket.This basket light is very easy to make. Buy a basket, small electric candle, an ornament of your choice and some greenery at your local craft store. Glue your candle into the basket and the remaining items. Makes a great Christmas gift.

    By Connie from Windsor, PA

    Tip: Table Candles or Place Settings

    cored apple with candle and candy canes surrounded by pine conesJust a cute little decoration for your holiday home or table or to place around the house for a party!


    Candy Cane Tree

    tree with candy canes in ribbon slotsThis is very easy and should take an hour or less to make.


    Mini Denim Stockings

    Small Christmas stockings made of denim and embellished for small gifts or candy. Two completed stockings, one with lace and one with bandana fabric.

    Approximate Time: 25 min.


    • paper for template
    • denim scraps
    • scissors
    • pins
    • sewing machine and thread
    • steam iron
    • lace
    • ribbon
    • fabric scraps


    1. Construct a pattern in the desired size and shape of your Christmas stocking. These are a little over 6" high.
    2. Cut 2 stockings from denim for each mini stocking.
    3. Template on one piece of denim. One cut section laying to the left.

    4. Cut lace or fabric to the desired length.
    5. Closeup of the cut length of lace.

    6. Turn down the top hem on both halves and stitch across.
    7. Two halves of a stocking. One has lace applied. The other shows how the top hem is turned down before sewing the two parts together.

    8. Pin lace to stocking half at top. I also sewed a piece across the instep area.
    9. Half of stocking with lace at top and across the instep.

    10. Stitch.
    11. Closeup of sewing lace at the machine.

    12. Pin stocking with right sides together and sew.
    13. Two sides of stocking pinned with right sides together.

    14. Turn and press.
    15. Hand stitch or glue a ribbon on for hanging. My ribbon was approximately 5-6 inches long.
    16. By Monica from Cortez, CO

    Baby Trees

    These baby trees are adorable and made to fit anywhere, no matter how much space you have. It's a very easy project, all materials are pre-made. I was able to pick up all of my materials very cheaply at yard sales. You can use your creativity to create theme trees for yourself, to sell at a craft fair, or to give as gifts. Have fun! Small decorated Christmas trees.

    Approximate Time 20 - 30 minutes or less


    • small evergreen trees - the samples are 8 inches tall
    • tiny holiday decor, such as bows, balls, bells, snowflakes, gift boxes, Santa hats, candy canes, etc.
    • thick craft glue
    • toothpicks
    • quilt batting or scraps of printed fabric
    • scissors


    1. Choose the items you wish to put on your tree. Beginning at the top of the tree, add your items one at a time. Use a toothpick to place a dab of glue on each item, then press the item onto a tree branch. Continue in the same manner to decorate the entire tree.
    2. Cut a 3 - 4 inch circle from quilt batting or other fabric for a tree skirt. From the edge of the circle, make one cut into the circle, stopping at the center. This will enable you to fit the skirt around the trunk of the tree. Fit the skirt to the tree and glue the ends of the skirt together.
    3. Glue some tiny gift boxes or other small items to the tree skirt.

    By Marie from West Dundee, IL

    Gingerbread Man Wreath

    Wreath with gingerbread man in the center.

    Materials Needed:

    • Styrofoam wreath
    • green shiny wired ribbon
    • stuffed gingerbread man
    • peppermint candies
    • hot glue and gun
    • ribbon for hanger


    1. Wrap green satin ribbon around wreath and glue to secure.
    2. Glue gingerbread man to wreath.
    3. Glue on candies you can leave paper on, but it looks better without.
    4. Glue on ribbon to hang up.

    By Sandy from Bluff City, TN

    Roll-Up Candy Canes

    Roll-Up Candy CanesCrafting Time: about 10 minutes or less per candy cane

    What You Need:

    • white copy paper (printer paper)
    • markers or crayons
    • pencil
    • cellophane tape
    • ribbon


      Copy paper measures 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Lay the paper on a tabletop so the long sides go up and down. Color stripes from top to bottom across the entire page. All candy canes are not red and white, so be creative in your color choices.

    1. Now, turn the paper over so the white side is up. The next part may require some adult assistance. Starting in one corner of the paper, roll the paper over a pencil and move toward the opposite corner. You will be moving diagonally across the page.
    2. When you get to the opposite corner, allow the paper roll to loosen just a little to allow the pencil to slide out easily. Now use a small piece of tape to secure the end of the paper to the roll.
    3. Use two fingers to flatten one end, about one third up the roll.
    4. Roll the flattened end around your pencil to curl. Remove the pencil and shape the curled flattened end to make a candy cane.
    5. Tie a ribbon bow around your candy cane. Note: Copy paper can also be cut into smaller rectangles, 4 x 8-1/2 for a small candy cane or 6 x 8-1/2 for a medium sized candy cane.

    By Marie from West Dundee, IL

    Metallic Leaves

    Metallic paint adds glitz to pressed leaves that can be hung in a window or off an evergreen bough for the holidays. Leaves hanging from evergreen garland.

    Materials and Equipment:

    • a large plastic bag or several sheets of newspaper
    • pressed leaves (the ones in the photo are oak)
    • metallic thread in gold, silver, or copper tone
    • decorative metallic paint in gold, silver, or copper tone
    • a paint brush or sponge
    • a lid from a used container (such as yogurt)


    1. Before starting, clear the table and cover it with newspaper or a large garbage bag to avoid getting paint on the table.
    2. Spread out your leaves on the table before you. Pour a small puddle of paint on the plastic container lid.
    3. Paint one side of each of the leaves with the metallic paint. Allow to dry completely.
    4. Many types of paint work for this project. I have found that acrylic and oil-based stencil paint work the best. You may have to rub the stencil paint on with a sponge or paper towel, but it still works. If you have some left over from another project, this is a good use for it.
    5. Paint the reverse side of each leaf. Allow to dry completely.
    6. Cut off a long piece of metallic thread. Tie each end to a leaf so that two leaves are now joined by one thread.
    7. Drape the leaves over an evergreen bough or a curtain rod and enjoy the show as they dance in the slightest breeze. Be sure to keep them away from an open flame.
    Closeup of individual painted leaf.

    By Christine Weber

    Tip: Making Ornaments and Napkin Holders

    My mother and I made our own holiday ornaments for the Christmas tree. We bought clear tree ornaments and different colors of craft paint. We put 1-3 colors in the bottom then twisted and twirled the bulbs so the paint covered the inside. Then when we were done we turned them upside down in a paper cup so the excess paint could drain out.

    Another gift tip is making napkin holders from felt and craft paint (to draw on the felt) or placemats made from felt. I made these one year for my family and wrote their names on them so they would know where to sit each year for family gatherings and dinners. These are inexpensive and it lets your family know that it came from the heart knowing that they are hand made. Hope you enjoy and have fun making these great gifts!

    By Heather from Holden, MO

    Tip: Christmas Stars, Frames, Wreaths, and More

    Christmas Stars

    I have made these in all sizes from tiny to 12 inch size.

    Gather small twigs from your yard (leave in a natural state, ones with lichen are especially attractive). Arrange these in a 5 or 6 pointed star. Hot glue where twigs join and attach a twine or string loop as a holder.

    For embellishment - if desired, not necessary: Wrap with strips of mylar balloon or the inside of foil chip bag. Glaze with embossing wax. Paint with or without glitter. Glue on small pine cones or pine sprigs. Glue on Xmas picks from craft store.

    NOTE: Hot glue does not hold up well to the elements. If you plan to hang any of these outside, use hot glue and tacky glue when affixing elements together. The hot glue will provide instant hold while the tacky glue will provide durable hold.


    Use long cinnamon sticks or twigs to create small frames, hot glue at corners and attach a loop of twine as a hanger. Glue an attractive Xmas card or magazine cut out to cardboard. Then glue the cardboard to the back of the frame; embellish frame as desired.


    Collect pine cones, pin oak balls, and pine sprigs from outside. Cut a wreath shape from heavy cardboard, hot glue the naturals and decorate with raffia bows or any Christmas bows or picks. If you make a large wreath, you can even hot glue small stuffed animals to it. Hot glue a twine loop to the back for a hanger

    Christmas Bush Sparklers

    Cut off the tops and bottoms of all the cans you use. Wash and dry. Pierce a hole near one edge. Use fishing line or some other durable material to form a hanger loop. Hang on a bare winter bush. They sparkle a lot when the wind moves them around

    NOTE: Hot glue does not hold up well to the elements. If you plan to hang any of these outside, use hot glue and tacky glue when affixing elements together. The hot glue will provide instant hold while the tacky glue will provide durable hold.

    By Jdani

    Tip: Gourd Snowman Head

    A snowman gourd ornament.1 clean round gourd, glue, cotton balls or cotton fiber fill of any color, 1 large Christmas bell, acrylic paint, acrylic sealer, spray at least 2 times for good coverage.


    Tip: Decorative Christmas Craft

    We made these at a Christmas party last month and they went over so well. Any age child (or adult) can make these. You need a square of fabric 18 x 18 inches for each item. You need one roll of toilet paper per item. You need something for the top of each. I bought those Christmas picks that look like holly and packages, etc.

    Place the fabric square on the table, print side down. Set the toilet paper in the center and start folding the fabric to the middle and tucking it into the hole. When done, hot glue to topper with the stem into the hole and it is done.

    Would be a good project for kindergarten through high school and even nice for a senior citizen project and the possibilities are only limited by your choice of fabric. These can be made to match bathrooms, bedrooms, or whatever.

    Everyone who was at the party made them, even the guys, lol.

    By Chris M from Oshkosh

    Holiday Decorative Basket

    Painted basket.Here is a basket I painted for a Christmas display.

    Approximate Time 30 minutes each


    • basket
    • gold spray paint
    • acrylic paint
    • sealer
    • pine cones or fruit
    • ribbon (optional)
    • Stencils (optional)


    1. Spray paint the basket, let dry (you can use any color paint or any design, you could paint on snowmen and fill with snow related items and give as a gift).
    2. Paint on your design, let dry. Seal, let dry.
    3. Then you can add a ribbon if you like.
    4. Fill with pine cones and use as decoration or fill with fruit and give as gift.

    By Sandy from Bluff City, TN

    Tip: Easy Lighted Christmas Baskets

    Pine cone filled basket.This is a quick and easy gift that packs a big punch. This will light up anyone's Christmas and is a great gift because holiday decorations are always appreciated. Get the kids together and gather your own pinecones it will make for a great outing.


    30 minutes or so


    • 1 loose weave basket
      I got mine at Walmart.
    • 1 Walmart bag of pinecones
    • 2 sprays of silk holly and berries
    • 1 set of 20 lights the kind that plug in (not battery operated)


    1. First take the lights and push the plug from the inside of the basket to the outside.
    2. Now fill your basket with pinecones. You will find that you can interlock the pinecones so they stay in the basket.
    3. Now weave in your set of Christmas lights.
    4. Take the sprays of holly and berries and cut apart and arrange in the basket. You don't want a fire hazard so keep the silk holly away from the lights if possible.
    5. Add a big bow to the basket and you are done.

    By Debra from Colorado Springs, CO

    By Debra Frick

    Tip: Snowflake Guy

    Styrofoam and yarn decoration.

    My version of snow since we don't get it where I live. He is made from scrap yarn, foam, hot glue, a Styro foam ball, wiggle eyes, and some snowflake doiley things.

    By Julie from Colbert, GA

    Woodland Log

    Decorated log.This is a lovely gem of a project that looks wonderful in a snowy window. Small birds, mushrooms, and other woodland creatures sit amongst dried moss on a small log to bring the forest into your home on a winter's eve! One of my favorites.

    Materials and Equipment:

    • a large plastic bag or several sheets of newspaper
    • one small cylindrical log, a foot-long section cut off the base of a Christmas tree or a thick tree branch works well
    • several handfuls of sphagnum moss (available at any garden center)
    • small foam woodland figurines such as birds or mushrooms, dyed in natural colors (available at most craft centers)
    • dried rosehips or other dried berries/seedpods
    • one cinnamon stick
    • one or more small pinecones
    • craft glue


    1. Clean and dry the log before starting. Clear the table and cover it with newspaper or a large garbage bag to avoid getting glue on the table.
    2. Begin by creating a practice log before applying any glue. Drape moss across the top of the log. Next, arrange figurines, pinecones, and dried berries/seedpods on top of the moss. There are lots of possible arrangements, although I found the cinnamon stick made a good log for the birds to sit on.
    3. When you are satisfied with your arrangement, remove all the items from the log. Apply craft glue to the log in the places where you want to apply the moss. Place the moss on top of the log and allow it to dry for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step.
    4. When the glued moss is dry, glue the figurines, rosehips, pinecones, and cinnamon stick (whatever you are using) to the log or the moss, recreating the "practice log" you designed earlier. Press objects against the log or moss and hold them there until they are glued fast and can stand upright on their own.
    5. Store in a dark box for the rest of the year to preserve the colors for next season.

    By Christine Weber

    Tip: Still Have Whole Pumpkins? Make a Snowman!

    Take 3 pumpkins - small, medium and large. Paint them with white poster paint. Hot glue them together like a snowman. Makes a cute decoration for porch or anywhere you wish. Paint facial features on the top pumpkin. Glue some buttons, made from styrofoam meat trays, down the front. Take a can, paint it black. Glue a paper plate painted black on bottom of the can for a top hat. Glue it to top pumpkin. After Christmas, if the pumpkins are still good, you could even peel off the outer layer, cook them and eat them.

    By Gladys

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    By Doris


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    Use Christmas Fleece For Holiday Decorations

    I found this beautiful fleece early in the season and used it to make a tree skirt and covers for tables. Then I made a blanket for the couch and a couple of pillows. I have gotten a lot of compliments on how pretty it looks. I used a white trim on the skirt and some of the table covers. I will be looking at the clearance fleece after Christmas, to use this idea for gifts for next year!

    By Robbie

    Fleece pillow, table cover, etc.


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    Archive: Homemade Christmas Decorations

    1 cup applesauce

    1 cup cinnamon

    Mix thoroughly until it takes a doughy texture. Shape into ornament and allow to air dry. Now paint or decorate as your imagination leads you. Looks beautiful on the tree and smells fantastic.

    By Suzanne S.