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Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas


My daughter is ten in 3 weeks, what to do?

By Isabelle from Seattle, WA


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By Diane 6 40 04/22/2011

How about a Tie-Dyed party? I'll give you links to show you how to do shirts...make magnets, tie-dye cake, psychedelic ice cream.
Invites: "Here's a party you'll be "DYE-ING" to go to!"..(then give details...make the invite a shirt that they open for the info.

Shirts (craft stores sell them for $2 each) to do it and supplies:
This link from Familyfun.go (Disney) has all the info for the above-mentioned projects here>>

Have balloons and streamers to match your dye-color theme. Fun games can be: M&M Hunt game (a treasure hunt where baggies of M&M's are hidden and each color has a point value, but girls don't know until the end when they're all counted!)>>

Relay Race with Balloons: pairs of girls put a balloon between their backs and have to rush going sideways to the "finish line" and dump the balloon into a basket...if it drops, they start over. Have 2 teams.

Remember to provide large baggies for girls to carry home their shirts (will need to dry for 24 hrs)...instructions should be on the familyfun.go site for how to do them.

Party store also sells tie-dye plates, etc...or can use Peace sign.
Take lots of pics...and girls can use their new "Magnets" to hold up a pic of them from the party on their fridge when they get home!

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By Lilac 20 1,333 04/22/2011

Why don't you ask your daughter what she wants?

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By Compltlyme 5 12 04/22/2011

IF and that is a big IF this year in Seattle, the weather is nice, why not do a picnic at the Seattle Center by the fountain. Dress them up, put on Tiaras and let them just run around outside. Maybe some organized games. OR if it is in your budget, take them to the Queen Mary Tea Room. Every time I go there I see the dressed up young girls having parties. And the desserts are amazing!

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By Sanchi 1 04/24/2013

Why not do a movie themed party? I recommend the movie Minor Details if your daughter is up for a mystery. There is a lot of fun you can have at this party.

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By samso1980 1 07/31/2013

You should take her/him to powerplay.

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By black12 1 1 08/25/2013

Go with a sleepover and get them to paint nails, do their hair, and dressup. You won't go wrong with that.

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By poppyward12 2 09/27/2014

You could do a birthday party at home with a sleepover and a pizza or swimming for 2.20 for a child at a time of 1 hour or £112 dor a party hour.

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Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

What can I do for my kid's birthday?

By Thee

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Question: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

Her birthday is in two weeks and we don't know where to have her birthday party. We can't have it at our house. Any suggestions?


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By Veronica 10 114 07/25/2012

I love Kansas Cindy's ideas! Also, check out the local playground. If you have some money to spend on this, maybe the bowling alley, especially since a lot of these have kids' specials in the summer and you can get a really good deal. The town pool might be a good idea - a lot of them are free for residents, and many of them have picnic tables. If you live in an area that has a lake or a beach, that might be fun. Really, any pretty picnic area would work. Happy 10th birthday! :)

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Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

What do I do for my ten year olds birthday party? I can't think of anything do. If you know what I can do, I will need good things and twenty things, ASAP. Thanks.

By Netia

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By Grandma J 54 1,041 10/26/2012

Go bowling!

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Archive: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

I need ideas for my 10 year old daughter's birthday.

Tracy from Hillsboro, OR

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

Why not have a girly party with them having their nails done, 1st get them to soak their hands in warm water after drying their hands apply hand cream, then file the nails before either applying a clear nail polish or jazz them up with coloured polish and nail stickers. Then relax by sitting to watch a DVD/video of their choice withe popcorn and other munchies. I'm sure it would go down well. (01/15/2008)

By Gillie

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

If you have a Claire's outlet store near you it's a treasure trove for little-girl favors. They have clearance bins in the back that you can get 10 items for $5. The outlet stores are famous for having nearly 20 bins out back with everything you can think of in it (I've gotten lamps, night lights, magnets, etc.). You can even get "prank" items, or jewelry (such as necklaces with the letter of the little girls' first names). (01/16/2008)

By Kelly

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

I am taking my 10 year old and 4 friends to Build a Bear. They each get to pick out a bear and an outfit. After that I am taking them to get their nails painted and then to our house for a sleepover with pizza, dipin dots, cake, and games. (02/19/2008)

By Kenny

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter is not a girly girl. She doesn't like getting her nails painted and all that. On her party, we had ice cream and pizza, we watched a movie and played games. Rock on! (01/23/2009)

By Jenna

Archive: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

What do I do for a birthday party? I have no idea what to do for a 10 year old girl's birthday party.

By Inka from Tecumseh, MI

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

What about a slumber party? Rent a couple movies, have nail polish and other make-up on hand. You could buy small scrapbooks and let the girls take pics of them doing each others nails, etc. Get the photos developed by morning and the girls can scrapbook before going home. You can buy a box of donuts and some hot cocoa for breakfast. (03/02/2010)

By Coll3

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

I threw my daughter a birthday party that was a hit. It was called the backwards birthday party. The invitations were written mirror image so that the guest had to hold it up to a mirror to read. Then the guests were required to wear their clothes backwards or inside out to the party. Every thing at the party was done out of order. First we had cake and ice cream, then opened gifts. Last of all, we played games like cotton ball relay, only walking backwards.

Another party I threw was in a color theme. Same idea as above where everyone had to wear that particular color, which for our party was pink. Then all the food was pink. You can go with any theme you want. Think of your 10 year old's favorite pastime or hobby. Then turn that into a party, like horseback riding, arts and crafts, ice skating, swimming. You get the idea. Hope this helps (03/02/2010)

By shirleyamh

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

If you want a memorable one, find a local feeding hungry children set up and take the kids there to work a couple hours, then to McD's or some place for lunch. The meals you are making will go to Haiti and now with Chile in devastation, there as well.

Been there, done that. This has been suggested many times over the last months to do with your children/birthday parties. Meaningful, sharing and giving, not greedy. A life lesson. (03/02/2010)

By TandT Grandma

Archive: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm having my daughter's 10th luau birthday party. I was looking for some games to play outside, some water games. There will be boys and girls, ages 7 to 12. Any tips?

By Alicia from SlideLL, LA

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

Unless girls are wearing dresses, a cooperative game we play might be fun. A big coffee can is passed around the group with only feet. It is usually hilarious! You can use the same coffee can and as it is passed around, each person can do their own movement that has to be copied. (This can also be done with a beanbag or other object.) I hope you have fun! (04/21/2010)

By VTMama

Archive: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

I don't know what games or themes to plan for my daughter's 10th birthday. Any ideas?

By Kim from Yonkers, NY

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

Have it in a pool. Give out treat bags. Have water balloon tosses and 3 legged races. End late so you can put fireworks into the schedule. (06/16/2010)

By crazygirl58962

Archive: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm am having a party for my 9 year old daughter who will be turning 10 in 3 weeks. She keeps thinking of what to do because she wants it to be the best party ever. She was thinking of the movie theater or games, wiener roast, fire works, and presents. Any ideas?

By Joyce from Seattle, WA

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

Try a sleepover a day before and all the girls decide a theme and it should work. (08/18/2010)

By asialee

RE: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

Your daughter seems to be full of ideas. I would just let her do all the planning, and you just carry out the ideas and so on. Let her have whatever she likes, as long as it is reasonable and not beyond your budget.

You could have her pick a theme to decorate with. I don't know what girls are into these days. Or just do streamers and balloons. I used to use wedding decorations (bells and doves) that I got at yard sales.

With boys, in the summer, I would suggest water pistols and water balloons, but maybe the gals want something more ladylike.

I don't think you can go wrong with a movie if there is one they are anxious to see. (08/20/2010)

By louel53

Archive: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

How can I celebrate my daughter's 10th birthday party?


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