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Tiny Black Bugs on Kitchen Floor

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What are those very small, 1/16 round, with flat bottom, black and some with spots, bugs I've found on my kitchen floor? Usually in large groups. Most are under the dishwasher.

You really have to watch closely to see them move.

By Tracy from Cleveland, OH

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By Jeanie Eilertsen [4]03/12/2010

You might look at them with a magnifier, and then research carpet beetles. Good Luck!


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Question: Tiny Black Bugs in Kitchen

Tiny black bugs next to a penny for scale.I live in northeast Ohio and for the last couple of days we have had these small black bugs in our kitchen. They are mainly on the floor around the baseboards. There are a lot of them. Anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them?

By Mary H.

Most Recent Answer

By LARRY FLUITT08/06/2011

They are two different types of pantry pests, usually infest old food. Don't forget about old doggie treats. Getting rid of the source and anything they may have infested and thorough cleaning is all that is needed to rid them.

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