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Buying an Old-fashioned Dust Mop

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I know the Swiffer has taken over the market, but I need to know where to purchase the "old fashioned dust mops"? None of the stores I checked carry them any more.

Please advise.

Thank you.

By Rosalie from San Diego, CA


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By Sally [16]11/21/2009

(submitted via email)

Thank you to all the readers who responded to my request for purchasing a dust mop. Will check out most of them next week.

Thanks again. Rosalie - San Diego

By charlotte [2]11/20/2009

O Cedar has a microfiber 'Performer' dust mop set-Ck O cedar on the webb-
I bought a mophead and 3 refills at Target
I use them to dry dust and another to wet mop my ceramic tile floors and then throw it into the washer
I bought 3 because I was afraid they would stop making them

By Amy11/20/2009

If you have an ACE hardware near you & haven't, try them. I've had some success in finding the oddball, not in high demand things there.

By Malinda [3]11/18/2009

Find out if you have a Stanley or Fuller Brush dealer in your neighborhood. Also, go on line for these companies. I was a Stanley dealer and my dust mop is 30yrs. old and still going. Hope this helps.

By jean leiner [14]11/18/2009

If you have Dollar Tree Stores near you, look there. Dust mops are available in the one in my area.

By Lisa [2]11/17/2009

Have you checked a Home Depot/Lowe's type store? I was in Home Depot a few months ago, and came across what seemed like a large assortment of brooms/brushes/mops/dusters.

And Target has a nice selection, too. I feel like I've seen one recently where you remove the dust cover and toss it in the washer (don't remember if it was cotton or microfiber). Don't look by the floor cleaning and other solutions (that's where you'll find the Swiffer disposable things), but instead kind of where they have laundry baskets. Somewhere near there they have sponges, cleaning cloths, and nearby should be mops and dusters.

Best of luck! Hope you get a good one that lasts a long time!


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By Joan [13]05/03/2012

I think I have seen them on vermontcountry

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