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How many times can I refreeze meat after cooking?

By Judy from Rapid City


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By Susan 63 03/15/2011

I would say only once, after that the taste will suffer greatly.

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Archive: Refreezing Cooked Meat

I recently purchased a smoked Boston butt right off the grill. I froze it. We thawed it and heated it for company, but had a large amount left. Can I refreeze this to use in baked beans or is this safe?

By Sissy from AL

RE: Refreezing Cooked Meat

The only thing that sometimes suffers when refreezing things is the quality or possibly taste of the item. There are no safety issues with refreezing. And I usually find that the quality and taste issue is so slight it is not even detectable. So go ahead and refreeze. (06/28/2010)

By Margo

RE: Refreezing Cooked Meat

Oh, one other thing I should mention. Ham will only freeze for about 1 or 2 months before it's quality deteriorates. Because it is smoked it will develop an off flavor if frozen too long. Same is true with other smoked meats. (06/28/2010)

By Margo

RE: Refreezing Cooked Meat

You can refreeze cooked meat once. (06/30/2010)

By Lilac

RE: Refreezing Cooked Meat

Safety is the issue. Considering you thawed it once, it gave it time to gather bacteria. Your state has an extension site which has issues like this, the butcher at the store can give advice and most will tell you throw it. There is danger in the reheat and reuse. Refreezing does bring safety issues as the quality each time you freeze it is challenged and worst of all compromised.

I do large quantity of cooking at church, etc. and the rules of safety are posted on the walls. This is from the department of health regulations. I know my mom would argue on these points, she saying, "Well, we have done this for years". But these days of 'always having a touch of stomach flu' and not obeying the 5 day rule (what you don't eat in the 5 days, is no longer a welcome leftover).

Also, deli cut meat has the same 5 day rule. Prepackaged meat with the dates on it are for expiration before it is opened. After it is opened, it has the 5 day rule as well. (06/30/2010)

By T&T Grandma

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