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Killing Mange Mites with Bleach


Does bleach kill mange mites? I have a small pool for my kids (15ftx2ft) and my 2 black Labs have mange that I am treating. Being Labs, they keep getting in the pool. I need to know if it's okay for my girls to still swim in it since I keep liquid bleach and Algae Guard in it?

I'm not trying to be lazy. It's just that it's hard to clean out and uses a lot of water and it would have to be done daily.

By Fucryinoutloud


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By Candy Killion 10 408 08/14/2009 Flag

I'd drain the pool and forget about it until the dogs are cleared up. Dependent upon which type of mange it is--your kids can get it, too.

Also, the algae/bleach combo isn't good for the kids, either.

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By Linda L. 83 322 08/15/2009 Flag

I wouldn't risk the kids health. Drain and clean the pool thoroughly. If you refill for the kids to use put it where the dogs can't get in, or keep it covered when not in use.

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By Angela 5 04/10/2010 Flag

I am a veterinarian. You do not need to drain your pool. I am assuming your dogs have sarcoptes (scabies) and not demodex. (Demodex does not affect people while sarcopted does.) See for accurate info in treating the environment. Good luck!

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