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Craft: Turn Wool Sweaters Into Pants

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Wool Sweater Pants

Turn your old wool sweater into a pair of pants for your baby! Wash the sweater with hot water and dry with high heat to shrink it. Cut off the sleeves, and sew them together to make a pair of "legs". Finish the waist with a draw-string (an old shoe-string works great) or elastic. You can even use the collar or bottom of the sweater to make it look more professional around the waist. And, wool makes a great diaper cover, too!

By Jackie from Burlington, KY


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By StellaBell [146]03/10/2014

These are really cute!

By Denise04/09/2009

How in the world did you think of this!? I think you have been blessed with that special type of intellegence involving spacial relations! NO kidding! I could not even imagine this - thank you for sharing!

By jmhenkel04/05/2009

What a great way to recycle on old sweater. Thanks for sharing

By christine [1]04/04/2009

Please be careful when using drawstings in childrens clothing. They can get caught in things.

By PENNY K [15]03/31/2009

Isn't that a great idea?

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