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Do Green Peppers Grow Back On the Same Tree?

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My husband has gotten to be quite the gardener. We have been growing our first batch of green peppers this year. We didn't even know they grew on a tree till now. Anyway, we were wondering if we should pull out the tree once all the peppers have grown for the season or should we keep the tree planted for next year's arrivals of green peppers? Do they sprout on the sam tree yearly? Or do you have to replant seeds yearly? I feel kind of ignorant with this question, but we just don't know. Help! Thanks!




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By Melissa M. [25]07/08/2009

No, they are dead once all the peppers have grown and been picked, however you can plant the seeds from the pepper and get new plants.

By Marni [1]10/07/2004

Thank you so much for your response. I think we will try to save them for next year. We live in a rather comfortable climate. We live in the Los Angeles area of California, so the coldest it may get is 30 degrees (possibly, on a winter morning), but that is rare. Usually the coldest is in the 40s here. Oh, to answer your question - the trees are only 1-2 feet tall (now, that is). Any other pointers? Thanks again! Really appreciate it!

By Beth (Guest Post)10/07/2004

Marni, how big is the tree? I've not see pepper plants (Capsicum) taller than 4 feet. But the plants are actually heat-loving perennials, along with eggplants and tomatoes, and if they can be protected from freezing temps in winter, they should produce the following season, perhaps a third. (I've managed a couple of times to bring tomatoes through for a second crop.) You didn't mention where you live, but if your winters are mild and humidity levels fairly high, try bringing through the winter by wrapping it in the coldest weather. It should produce again, but save some mature seeds (from a red-ripe fruit) just for insurance. Beth

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