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Unique Ways to Give Money as a Gift to a Teenage Boy

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I am looking for unique ways to give money to a teen boy.

By Betty


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By cdoss [10]04/18/2011

I like putting $1 and $5 bills in balloons. They always look at me funny when I'm at the store asking them to put the money in before filling them with air but they guys seem to have fun bursting the balloons to get their money out!

By Heather04/18/2011

Origami is a great idea. My boys got a sailboat & a crane one year & loved it, though they were alot younger lol! My family loves to do gag gifts. A great one is to get a real girly gift bag and place a "money sandwich" inside it. You just use 2 slices of bread and place the $ between them. Place in a ziploc and cover in tissue paper! Or if you have some old jewelry boxes lying around you can place the cash in there. Another idea is to buy him a study manual of some sort (we used an SAT study manual for our then 17 year old niece) and have the money hidden between the pages!
Have fun!

By Mike04/15/2011

Gift cards are always cool. They even make gift cards that look exactly like credit cards. Here's a link to Master Card

By Jill [4]04/14/2011

Get a couple of rolls of crepe paper (in his favorite team's colors), along with any loose, wrapped candies, trinkets, etc. you would like to use. Fold or roll the money into a tight little package, then start to roll it in the crepe paper like you are wrapping a ball of yarn. Every now and then, tuck a piece of candy or a trinket underneath the paper as you wrap. Change colors now and then, taping the new piece to the old. Eventually you end up with a big, round ball that it takes a long time to unwrap! You can work in dozens of candies and small items.

By Mary [71]04/14/2011

Hi Betty, I know how you feel! My oldest grandson turned 14 and it's a challenge coming up with gift ideas for teen boys. This year for his birthday, we decided to give him money so he could buy something for himself but we didn't want to just stick cash in a card or give him a gift certificate. I came up with this idea. I found a site for Origami and used a $5.00 bill to make a shirt. Then I took a $20.00 and folded a heart. I made a card and on the front I attached the shirt.(Use a small piece of double backed tape to hold it on) and wrote,"We were going to buy you clothes but we didn't know what style you'd like..." Then on the inside I attached the heart and wrote, "So we decided to give you our heart instead!".
This was a BIG hit with him. Not only was he pleased in receiving $ but he thought the folded cash was so cool and went around showing everyone. Both are real easy to make and you can find instructions for both on the internet. Good Luck!

By Pamela [3]04/14/2011

You can go to places like or maybe and buy these slides to put the money in. It's a puzzle and the boy has to figure the puzzle out to get his money. I thought that was great.

By Suntydt [75]04/13/2011

Your could get Him a piggy bank and fill it with quarters or with change of variety equal to the amount of maney you want to give him.

You could buy Him a new wallet and put the amount of cash into it that you would like to give him OR you can put a gift card in it for the amount desired.

If you want the money to be an "investment" (if you think that is something he would like) get him a savings bond. Present it to him in a nice envelope.

By Mary04/13/2011

We did our nephew with a money tree, you get a branch of a small tree and then put it in a pot and then you can tape money too it. It was a great ideal especially for a boy, sorta outdoors affect too it as well.

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