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Large Ziploc Bags to Brine Turkey


Can you use a XXL size Ziploc bag to brine a medium size turkey in? I can't seem to find a large 5 gal. pot that will cover my turkey. I have also found some brining bags on Martha Stewart's website for $4 each. Have anyone tried those?



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By Dannie (Guest Post) 11/06/2008 Flag

I'm not sure about the Ziplock brand (the XXL ones I have only say "not recommended for microwave use"). You may want to contact Ziplock about it.But the Hefty Jumbo (2.5 gallon) are for food storage also. I don't know if they make a larger size.

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By Amy Singh 3 118 11/06/2008 Flag

I've done this! You'll want to double bag xxl freezer bags or oven bags and set them in a large bowl in the fridge.

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By (Guest Post) 11/06/2008 Flag

I don't have room in my fridge to brine a turkey, so I use a cooler. I put lots of ice chunks in and around the turkey and it stays nicely all night until ready to grill or bake. I make ice chunks in 3 pound tubs that I get margarine in. Or cottage cheese containers work also.

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By Heather Kinsler 45 11/06/2008 Flag

I've used the large ziploc. The only issue is that it will want to roll out of the fridge. Otherwise, worked great!

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By Shirley Darby 7 47 11/06/2008 Flag

The Ziploc bags are all made of the same material, so the XXL one should work fine for the turkey. Set it on a rimmed cookie sheet just in case of a puncture, and to prevent the rolling mentioned by an earlier poster!

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By Timmie 5 85 11/06/2008 Flag

Emeril uses a black trash bag and puts it in a cooler. I've never tried it, but it sounded good.

TC in MO

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By Judy (Guest Post) 11/07/2008 Flag

The turkey sized oven cooking bags will work well if you tie them tightly at the top.


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 463 2,121 11/07/2008 Flag

I just used a bucket that pickles came out of. Just about any 5 gallon would hold a medium turkey.
Check google for many different recipes!!

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