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Keeping Razors Sharp


After showering, soak head of your razor in some baby oil to keep the blade rust free.

Source: All You magazine

By Granny2889 from near Charlotte, NC



By Nica 19 86 02/26/2011

Weirdly, my late husband showed me a trick that allows me to use the same disposable razor for years on end now. After shaving (I use soap to lubricate), just hold the razor's blade very close to the faucet/shower head for about 15 seconds. That's it. Keeps it clean & it continues to be sharp.

NB: Being female, I don't shave my face, just my legs & underarms, so I can't speak for men's experiences.

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Archive: Keeping Razors Sharp

By Linda

Someone wrote a tip about putting razor blades in alcohol to keep them sharp. I thought, what a good idea, so decided I would try it on my razor.

My razor is a Venus. I just took the head off an put it back in the tray it came in, poured the alcohol over the razor head. When i got it out the next time to use it, the alcohol had dried up and there was a gummy film in the bottom where the comfort strips had melted. Gross. So don't do it on razors with comfort strips. Bad news. It was a new blade and I had to throw it out. So beware, girls!

Linda from PA


RE: Keeping Razors Sharp

No, alcohol does not do the job as well as what I have been doing for over 20 years. I use the single razor older type as well as Silk Effects. Take a little plastic cup like you get free in a motel and take off the outer plastic, place the flimsy cup in something like styrofoam or a cup that will not easily break or slide. Place you razor with blade in the plastic cup. Cover with baby oil. After shaving rinse the razor in hot water, tap off extra water, dip and store in baby oil. This gives you 3 times the shaves with one razor. Once each year throw out the little cup and baby oil, start fresh. Oh, what a savings this is and the razor stays sharp. (10/22/2004)

By Sandy McQuinn

RE: Keeping Razors Sharp

Hi! I'd be leary of soaking razor blades for very long,as you don't want to shave with a rusty blade! :) (10/23/2004)

By aeromama

RE: Keeping Razors Sharp

About a hundred years ago an elderly man told me that "back in the day" they used to take the razor blades and put them in a jar with a little oil {he never said what kind} and roll the jar around for a while and it would sharpen the blades!

I have never done this but it sounds thrifty to me lol. (10/04/2009)

By wolfbytez