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Using Bleach To Remove Stubborn Cat Pee Smell from Carpet

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How to remove that cat pee smell from carpet

I've now tried almost everything and have found one thing that works.

1. Rip the carpet and pad back.

2. Pour straight bleach on the floor.

3. Put a very small amount of dish detergent on a scrub brush and brush the bleached floor.

4. Let sit for about 5 minutes.

5. Clean excess bleach mixture off floor with old towels.

6. Use a bleach, water, and Dawn mixture and scrub the bottom and top of the carpet and let dry.

7. Flip carpet and padding back into it's original spot.

If it starts to smell again, cut the padding out where it's stained and repeat the bleaching steps above.

And if it still starts to smell again, cut the carpet out and replace with new carpet.

By kittyvision from Greenville, SC



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By sally (Guest Post)12/21/2008

Please can you tell me where I would buy this from?

By Laura (Guest Post)05/11/2008

Please do not ever use bleach near your carpet. I am a certified carpet technician who worked for a carpet supply company for six years there is a very simple solution to rid your carpet of urine smell. It is a chemical called a QUAT it comes under many brands and is used in hospitals and food manufacturing plants. This is highly concentrated and will last for quite some time, also completely safe for carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces. Also can be used to remove mildew and mold in water restoration applications.

By falldowngobump [1]05/08/2008

I think I'd be very afraid to mix bleach and dawn together, It seems to me I read that the combination can produce toxic fumes. I would use a liquid washing machine detergent in it's place, it's made to mix with bleaches--no toxic fumes.

By (Guest Post)05/07/2008

If you value your carpet, do not use bleach on the top or bottom of it as it will discolor. Try vinegar instead. That usually takes "bad" smells out.

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