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Home Remedy for Diabetic Foot Pain

My husband's feet are getting painful, swollen, and numb due to his diabetes. Even if he gets medicine for diabetes this pain never stops. Please tell me if someone knows of or has experience with some home remedies for this pain and numbness. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.


By butterfly20

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August 22, 20090 found this helpful

http://www.goog  foot&aqi=g10

http://www.thri  6453034.tip.html

If elevation and ice treatment is desired, the best I've ever used (for my knee) is the Breg Polar Care 500. Keeps it cold for a minimum of 8 HOURS! You can get two Ankle devices with a 'Y-adapter' for the machine to chill both feet simultaneously. http://www.dme-  -care-polarcare/ (I used mine for post knee surgery, wonderful!

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April 15, 20170 found this helpful

I live in a state where marijuana is legal. I dont smoke it but use the cannibas infused lotion on my feet and it works wonders on calming the nerves and reducing foot pain. I can go four to five hours after each application with very little pain. It has enabled me to get back on my feet and walk around.

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August 22, 20090 found this helpful

Your husband most likely has neurepothy ie nerve pain but consult his doctor to make certain. Soaking the feet in a catnip foot bath can be very helpful for this as catnip is good for nerve pain. Make sure that soaking in a warm foot bath is ok with his doctor first. Also taking catnip internally can help. With his doctors ok bring 1gallon of distilled water to boil add 1 cup of dried catnip cover and steep 10 minutes, than uncover and cool to just above lukewarm soak feet for at least half an hour. Do this several times a day, also take a several capsules of dried catnip. He should also be drinking plenty of water and try to exercise which is hard with painful feet but do try, also consider consulting a naturopath or herbalist. Hope this helps.

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August 22, 20092 found this helpful

No please, stop! Do not use ice on diabetic numb or swollen feet! If his blood sugars are uncontrolled and running too high, that in itself can cause severe neurological pain & numbness in the extremities! There's no home remedy for that EXCEPT tight blood sugar control!

1) Get him to the doc! Have his Ha1C checked! Have swelling & pain & numbness thoroughly evaluated! Don't treat this lightly, this could be life threatening! Does he have hardening of the arteries? CHF? Any other heart conditions? Kidney disease? Has he had his brachial BP checked in his ankles lately? There could be many reasons for the swollen feet too! Edema can be due to many causes.

I have been Type 1 diabetic for 30 years, and used to get neuropathy pains in both feet and legs, hands & arms too. I was put on prescription Neurontin (generic version tho, Gabapentin) for about 10 years & increased up to 300mg twice a day. That worked great, but since I have cut out all white carbs, eat lots of fatfree salads, fresh veggies & fruits (at least 5 servings a day), lean meats--follow the American Heart Association diet basically - extra light olive oil, all antioxidant & anti-inflammatory foods, no junk foods, no fast foods, no sat fats or trans fats, no processed foods, no nitrates.

For over 2 years now, I have stopped the Neurontin altogether within the past year, and lowered my HA1C to 7, but being on an insulin pump, I want to get it lower, 6.5%. I feel the best now than I have in 30 yrs! The neuropathy pains are gone. My eyes are stable, my blood sugars are better and better, and I quit smoking too, after 35 years! Diabetics who smoke have a 30% more chance of amputation of feet/legs also!

Also, my Dad was Type 1 for 39 years, 2 shots a day, but he had congestive heart failure, terrible neuropathy in his legs (numb from knees down, purple dry skin, horrible broken blood vessels), hardening of the arteries & a stent, didn't take care of his body NOR his blood sugars ever, he always ran 200's-300's or higher, he didn't follow the ADA or AHA diet, and he had more medical problems & pills too. He was only 69 when he passed away!

So please do NOT take the swollen feet and pains lightly please! Swollen feet can be edema from various causes, it needs to be diagnosed, forget the home remedies, this could be serious & life threatening! It could require a diuretic prescription, easy "fix" but needs further testing. Please get checked by a good endocrinologist ASAP! I'm only saying this because I hope it's not caused by uncontrolled blood sugars, nor any untreated infections, CHF, or other serious conditions! He only has 1 life, he is the one who controls his diabetes but only if he listens to a competent endo & takes responsibility before severe damage is done. Even then, as in my case & others, some complications CAN be reversed if you're willing to take the bull by the horns and tackle this disease for a better quality of life! I wish my Dad had done so!

Also, do not use Epsom salts ever, diabetics should never soak with that! Do not use heating pads, and do not walk in bare feet. Check his feet every day for unhealed "anything"! Watch any cuts, scrapes, sores diligently (anywhere on the body!), and if not well healed in about 2 weeks, get treated ASAP! MY Dad almost lost his big toe, from a small bruised sore that went to blood poisoning, and was severely infected to the bone.

I'm only relating these stories because I care about all diabetics and I hate to hear of anyone suffering. And if anything I can pass on, knowledge from my experiences or my Dad's, who I took care of for over a year at the end, to try & help someone "cut things off at the pass", then I try. God bless you both, and I pray he gets treatment he needs ASAP!

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October 20, 20150 found this helpful

Awe how sweet I can tell you really care I will try your way my feet hurt on the bottom and one of my legs . Thank you for the help .

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August 23, 20090 found this helpful

Is your husband wearing large enough, soft enough, yet supporting, shoes? I would suggest that a diabetic should always check with a dr. About any and all changes in the feet. I have relatives with diabetes, and i know that the feet, and eyes are always their main concern. Please don't let things get so bad that they can not be improved. If you do not get answers that satisfy from one dr., You know there are usually others that you can be referred to. Hope he gets some relief soon.

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August 23, 20090 found this helpful

Please discuss this with the doc who treats your husband. It sounds like diabetic neuropathy and is a serious complication of diabetes that can lead to amputation if untreated.

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August 23, 20090 found this helpful

My husband suffered this as a side effect of chemo. The doctor gave him medicine for it, but I can't remember what it was called. If you get no luck with your doctor, call or contact an oncologist as I understand this is common for people undergoing chemo.

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August 24, 20090 found this helpful

If the pain is due to diabetic neuropathy, the only thing that will make it better is going to be medications, such as Neurontin or something similar. He needs to see his doctor soon as you can.

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August 28, 20090 found this helpful

I have a whole different approach: Everything possible organic. No air fresheners, no fragrance in soaps, no non-organc food - or- drink. Celery contains Nucleic acid, good for healing the nerves, but much nerve damage is caused from pesticides and chemicals somewhere.

If you are lots of RX's I'd suspect their base may be "corn by-products", an offender because peaches and corn have more pesticides than all foods, I understand.

That's not all...the FDA. has been allowing mercury in everything containing high fructose corn sweetener, from drinks(even "no sugar added" concentrated juices on ingredient lists. Now govt. is not requiring

all ingredients to be put on lists!) to cookies, ice creams, and candy, the obvious things, but even in some medicines so double check every single item you ingest, the best you can, and try to eat fresh, simply, and drink mostly filtered water from Whole Foods, if possible. It will save a ton of med. bills, ton of pain, if that is what helps.

Often times there are unavoidable side effects from RX's so after you eliminate all you can, here is a partial list of things you should be able to survive on: Nuts, raisins, Oat Nut Bread, Sesame Wasa crackers, teas, coffees, fresh fruits/veggies(all organic, remember, and wash all with mile soapy water), kiwi, avocados, tuna, canned chicken, organic rice, organic potato chips lt. salt, dark chocolate, home squeezed juices, organic fruit only preserves, homemade mayo, roasted tomatoes(canned), and whatever your diet allows IF it doesn't compete with this list.

I'm not medically trained, only had to watch lots of things in order to help my family/friends/self survive. Good luck/ God bless. : )

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August 31, 20090 found this helpful

Please, have your husband see a specialist, a Podiatrist. He should be receiving regular foot care and treatment. Diabetic neuroapathy (nerve damage) is very serious and can be irreversible if not treated promptly and properly. My husband lost his leg this past May due to this. What started off as a small callus became an agonizing painful ordeal that lasted for nearly 2 years. He first lost his toe last year.

We tried everything under the sun but once the infection took hold and spread into his bones, his leg needed to be amputated. He is still recovering and is trying to get use to his prosthesis. Don't let your husband fall under this same horrible fate that affects so many diabetics. Educate yourselves about the many different aspects of diabetes and neuroapathy. There's tons of information via the internet and the more you know the better off you will be.

Good Luck!

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February 7, 20110 found this helpful

I've had horrible Neuro-pain in feet & legs, Please don't use Heat or Ice, Go see your Dr. There are medication that can help. I take Cymbalta and pain meds , it doesn't take all the pain away and controlling your Diabetes is #1. I still have trouble with my diabetes and about to start a Diabetes pumps and I have several Diabetes related problems. Heart Disease, I have 3 stents, Degenerative disc, Spinal Stenosis & Thyroid (gout), Kidney & Liver problems and so much more and take a pharmacy of pills and I hate it but truly keeping me alive. Please Go to the Dr. and also maybe a help group too. Just anything even a book. Diabetes is a terrible Disease.

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January 31, 20160 found this helpful

Strict diet, nothing packaged, jar or canned, these contain presevatives that are killing us. No spicies, dairy products or oils. Fresh chicken and fresh fish plus vegatables and wáter you can add lime or lemon. Try! your health will improve.

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May 24, 2015

My grandpa has had diabetes since 1976. He got operated on his right foot and his finger was cut off. Then after some years he suffered from a wound on his right leg. We consulted a doctor, who gave him medicine, but that didn't cure it. Now what do we do?

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May 27, 20150 found this helpful

Sounds like you need a different doctor.

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February 13, 20120 found this helpful

Does anyone have a home remedy for diabetic foot pain?

By Jan

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February 13, 20120 found this helpful

A friend of mine had this problem. Her husband massaged her feet every night and the pain went away.

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February 13, 20120 found this helpful

If it has officially been diagnosed as diabetic neuopothy, you doctor should have some suggestions.

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February 14, 20120 found this helpful

Well, what I can suggest is to stay away from salty foods and foods that irritate the nervous system. That can cause inflammation and irritation to that area.

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January 18, 20130 found this helpful

My old dad suffered badly with neuropathic pain caused by his diabetes. He stopped walking as the burning became so bad and he had some side effects form the meds he was prescribed by his doctor for it. My physio recommended some negative ion diabetes socks and they did stop his burning and tingling so he could start to walk around more and he found they helped his sleep better at night as the pain didn't keep waking him. We got them from here http://www.ther  abeticSocks.html if it helps you at all. I think that they also helped him exercise more that improved his foot pain that him feel much better.

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July 18, 20130 found this helpful

My mom is suffering with kidney problems (25%damage) and diabetes. She is also suffering with feet swelling and high blood pressure. We already consulted with a specialist, but the swelling is not cured.

By N.Singh

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July 20, 20130 found this helpful

Your Mother needs to go back to her doctor. These are serious health conditions and cannot be answered on line. Talk to her doctor and be sure to follow his advice regarding medication and diet. Let us know how she is doing.

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July 21, 20130 found this helpful

A good doctor, he or her, will know what to do. But, I can tell you that I too suffer from it and this has helped me.

I often sit in front of the computer too long so my rule is now that I set a timer and at 90 minutes, I go lay down for 30.

I either lay flat and put my feet up, or I sit and lay my feet flat. I sometimes just rest but more often I am reading or crocheting.

There is another thing she can do and that is to reduce the salt intake by at least 80%. I make a 'pepper and salt' shaker that is 75% pepper and 20% salt and 5% garlic powder. Then, when I begin shaking it, I see the pepper and stop sooner, thus reducing the intake of salt.

If you begin reading the food labels it's ludicrous how much they put in things...not to mention the sugars! So, those are just two things I have done to help me. Just 8 months ago I weighed 198 lbs and now I weigh 165 lbs. Just the salt alone made a huge difference so I hope this helps her.


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