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Does anyone know of a way to make homemade sealer? I bought my can of sealer for a preschool craft, covering a jar with pastel tissue paper for a Mother's Day gift. I found that the nozzle had broken off and there was no sealant. Can I make a thin coat with diluted glue and water? Thank you.

By Em from Chicago, IL


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By christi 93 320 05/13/2010

Yes you can make yourself some sealer with glue and water, I have done it. But your best bet is Mod Podge and it's not expensive at all.

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By Kay 22 53 05/13/2010

This is from TipNut.com:
Homemade Decoupage Paste: Recipe

3 parts white household glue (like Elmer's or All-PurposeWhite)
1 part warm water
Jar with lid


* Mix glue and water in the jar.
* When using the decoupage, brush a thin layer of the glue on the front and back of the pictures.
* For the final top coat, layer 3 to 4 coats of paste. Make sure to dry thoroughly between each application.
* For glossier finishes, use more coats of paste.

There will be a white film when paste is wet, but will show clear once it's dried.

This might be what you are looking for.

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