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Craft Ideas Using Wooden Spoons

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I need craft ideas using wooden spoons. I have saved several wooden spoons (the long ones, not the little ice cream spoons). I would very much like to turn them into gifts or crafty decorations that I can give as Christmas gifts. I would prefer no santas.

Thank you,

L Shine in CA



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By Anne12/09/2009

Paint it gray and decorate it to look like a mouse, and write on it "Not a creature was stirring..."
I saw this at a "Breakfast with Santa" last week. Very cute!

By Sue [1]10/30/2009

I have a wonderful holiday decoration using wooden spoons. You take several wooden spoons, Paint and decorate them to look like holiday favorites, reindeer, santa, tree, snowman, angel and then place them all in a Santa Hat. and embellish with ribbons, bells, tinsel etc.

They can be placed on door, table, packages. We have sold several of them for holiday boutiques. I plan to do a few this year as gifts too. Happy Holidays from SueQ in San Francisco.

By (Guest Post)12/07/2007

Make them look like flowers with funny like faces. Plant 5 or 6 in a pot and call them Blooming Idiots.
It's Sure to get a laugh.

By LYNN (Guest Post)09/28/2005

tape or glue them together and make a cross and then decorate or paint it and then put it in your room

By DJC (Guest Post)12/05/2004

pot holder rack. spoon hangs from small 'eyelet' hooks @ each end...potholders hang from forward-facing hooks applied to the handle of spoon.

By Rickie (Guest Post)09/28/2004

I use to make Flower Ladies using wooden spoons. Materials i used with the wooden spoon was : Spanish Moss, wire, tiny straw hats, dollar store ribbon any width & bunch flowers, roll of string bead s or pearls, paper twist, and glue gun. I would put spanish moss on as hair with the glue gun. Next I would put the straw hat on and fold it and glue. it should look like an amish doll or sunbonnet sue doll. Unless you are artistic and can draw a face then put it on like a regular hat. I would cut the paper twist and unwind enough to make a bodice for the doll. This was glued on. Next I cut the paper twist and oened it. I cut several strips and pinched one end around the waist and glued this for the skirt.Next I cut the stems of flowers from the bunch and glued them to the skirt and depending on the flower or design I would glue some doing up the bodice. I would cut a piece of ribbon and wrap around the waist to cover up the joints.
You can leave it or make a bow . I wrapped Spanish Moss around wire cut to lenght for arms this went at the top of the bodice and I would cover this with ribbon or twist paper or flowers. I would make a small necklace from the string of beads or pearls. Last I would make a small bouquet of flwers and glue them to the hands of the flower Lady. Bend some wire and glue on so you can hang your Lady. Have fun.

By Karen from NY (Guest Post)09/25/2004

A few years ago, we used small counted cross stitch designs and glued them into the oval of the spoon. Then use the small, colored, zig-zag type of rick rack and glue around the edges. Use coordinating colors to make it more decorative. Use colored yarn or ribbon in the hole at the top of the spoon. If there's none, you can easily make one since the wood is usually soft enough to drill. Hang on the walls or give as gifts. Mine have a yellow chick in the middle trimmed with orange ribbon. There are many books with small Christmas designs available.

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