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Putting My Sewing Machine Back Together

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The needle wasn't coming up, after going down into the bobbin area, so I removed the lid off the bobbin area and took out the pieces in there. Now I can't figure out how to put (the 3 pieces) back in. It's the bobbin holder, the thing that goes in, and an outer ring. The thing the bobbin holder goes in, doesn't seem to fit anyway I put it.

Is there an ONLINE diagram or photo, showing directions how to put it back in? Or can someone take some photos and post them for me please? I would REALLY appreciate it.

I'm completely lost, and late for a birthday project I was trying to finish. (Photo shows the pieces that won't go back together.)




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By kat (Guest Post)12/09/2008

I have a sewing machine downstairs, It's by Elna. The bobbin won't come out of the case, it's stuck. What do I do? the thread is not tangled either, also behind the bobbin case or what's around it, what is that, it fell out and I can't get it back in. I need a lot of help! PLEASE.

By Angela (Guest Post)05/24/2007

I truly hope that all is back together....if your thread is still "bunching" up on the bottom. Try loading your bobbin so that it will unwind COUNTER CLOCKWISE. I have 5 sewing machines and use all of them; a kenmore, white, new home, singer industeral, singer serger. All but the serger uses a bobbin that unwinds counterclockwise. When I am in a hurry and put the bobbin in wrong, I get a "rats nest" under the fabric and in the bobbin housing area. But the top side looks fine.

By Lisa from Lena, WI (Guest Post)04/17/2007

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I finally got through to service and he told me it could be that I had the needle in the wrong start position which sounded like a crock to me.
I finally got out of him that it is more than likely the "timing" that is off. I was also dropping stitches. I have sent the machine for service so hopefully that will take care of it. Any sewing/vacuum repair shop should be able to fix this for you. I hope this helps you. Good luck.""""""""

By DJ_DJ [2]04/05/2007

Hi - I hope you find out something good to tell me. This is the reason I quit sewing as a teenager. It was so frustrating and it always happens to me for some reason. That was a singer ( YEARS ago ) and this one is a Kenmore Ultra-stich 12. I got it used (very slightly used ) and it looks perfect, so this might be something that I just don't know how to control. One thing I read said that maybe the tension is wrong, but it seems like it's more than that. I'm not sure.... It feels like I'm trying to sew into a ROCK, it's so hard to get the needle past the bobbin plate. Then have to rip out the fabric and yank the needle back up again. Frustrating for sure.

By Lisa from Lena, WI (Guest Post)04/05/2007

My machine is doing the same thing, getting jammed in the downward position. Also, the thread is somehow wrapping itself around the peg in the half-moon thing. I just got this machine in September and haven't used it much but I'm about ready to pitch it. I can't seem to get anything sewn without taking everything apart. I have oiled it and cleaned it and nothing seems to help.
I have a call in to the service dept. and am waiting for a call back. I got a year's free service when I purchased but I didn't expect this mess. Very frustrating. This is what I get for changing brands I guess. I've always been a Singer girl and thought I'd try a White. Never again. I can't justify the cost of a Husquavarna or a Bernina though. Good luck. I will post again if I get any useful info from the service guy.

By Michele (Guest Post)04/05/2007

Also, once bobbin is correctly inserted, lower needle by handwheel (towards you) to pull up the bobbin thread. Then hold bobbin thread and upper thread from needle under the presser foot and towards the left back while you start to sew. Some people use a little folded scrap of fabric as an anchor. Stitch on the anchor and then onto the fabric. Cut anchor of beginning of seam and stitch onto it at end of seam. Leave it attached for next seam.

By DJ_DJ [2]04/04/2007

* HELP * Second Question - ( by the way I was trying to put that half moon thing in backwards, with the pin going toward the back, that's why it wouldn't fit. Plus tipping it on it's side is VERY helpful. So thank you all for your patience. Please answer the question before this post, if you can. Thanks !

By DJ_DJ [2]04/04/2007

* Okay I got it back together. Thank you ! *
But it still keeps jamming down in the bobbin area. I clean it out, but it does it again. I opened the door and looked while it happened, to see what's going on, and it was jamming down near the bobbin, with lots of threads down there. I don't know how or why it's doing this, ( It keeps happening right away, as soon as I start sewing )
This is the same reason why I QUIT sewing, when I was 15. : ) I have no idea how to get it to stop. What do I do, to make it stop doing that, any idea ?

Thanks for your help !

By DJ_DJ [2]04/04/2007

* QUESTION * - Any idea why the needle is going DOWN into the bobbin area nicely, then JAMS down there and I have to take the fabric out and start over ? * It won't even sew an inch anymore. * Thanks again. ( See above posts )

By DJ_DJ [2]04/04/2007

Hi Thank you, to everyone. I'll try this. The photo posted isn't my real machine. It's a photo from the internet, but I can't see it clearly, so it's not much help. I'm going to try tipping the machine on it's side and putting the half moon shape on the right. Thank you Martha, for saying put it on the right. I didn't even know where to start. I hope this works. Cross your fingers for me. I don't want to have to bring it to a repairman every time I clean it either...

Thank you ! ( Edited to say I got it back together, but it keeps jamming down in the bobbin area)

By Sherry in Ohio (Guest Post)04/04/2007

Check for a little "knob" on the lower part of the circular piece. It has a home on the bottom of the space where it is suppose to sit--about 6oclock on the circle. Yes, lean the machine back to assist the pieces in laying still long enough to hook everything back up.The two black moveable "arms" need to be fastened over a small hump each also to hold all still. It really is easier than it looks.

By leanne chaisson [44]04/04/2007

you need to learn how to do this "with your eyes closed", this has to be removed every time the machine is cleaned (lint removed) or else you will be looking at a major repair bill ... as someone else suggested look at your diagram, and lay the machine on its back side as this makes the bobbin case much easier to insert.

By (Guest Post)04/04/2007

Look at the diagram on the door to the bobbin area, just to the right of your finger in the photo. That is a drawing of how it fits together. Good luck!

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By Eileen Santos04/04/2007

It also helps if you tip the sewing machine back while doing this so everything doesn't fall out before you snap the blace fins closed.

By Sandy/Pittsburgh (Guest Post)04/04/2007

I had a machine given to me with no instruction booklet, so I went into the manufacturers website, gave it the model number, and it let me print out the manual on my home printer for free. It was by the way.

By Martha (Guest Post)04/04/2007

The secret is to have your needle at the highest point possible. Then, put the shape that looks like a half moon with the spool in first. The half moon shape goes on the right side. Then place the circular "frame" over it and quickly slide the black braces into place. Then you'll be able to insert the bobbin case. I'll try to take pictures on my machine and post them tonight if this is not clear.

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