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Minnesota Christmas Charities

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Where can I get help for the Christmas season? I live off 203.00 a month.

By Zaheeda from St. Paul, MN


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By Joyce [2]12/23/2010

Call your local Chamber Of Commerce ask them for phone numbers where you can get help with food etc. what ever your needing. I know the churches help in our city, but this is a busy time of the year. Of course, the salvation army and your too late maybe for that. Most cities surely have a food bank of some kind. God Bless you.

By Joan [13]12/22/2010

I'm sure it is too late to get that help now. Here in SD those charities started taking applications around Thanksgiving time and started distributing the gifts about two weeks ago. This year the major charities that do things for Christmas have had a large increase in applications and haven't had as many donations as other years. Ask your case manager at the Department of Social Services about it. Are you looking for gifts for your kids or what? If you have that little income you must be getting a large amount of help from the government for rent, so that you are either paying very little or no rent and getting a fairly large amount of food stamps, plus there is other help for utilities, etc. People really have to plan ahead if they want this type of help.

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