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Stuck Together Tortillas


I have bought tortilla wraps and they are stuck in the middle. There is no way to get them apart with out ripping them! Any suggestions?




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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 07/08/2005 Flag

Maybe. Try spriziting with water then Microwave for
30 seconds and see if you can peel them apart.

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By Peggy 2 07/08/2005 Flag

I'm not sure I can explain this, but I'll try. Hold the bundle of tortillas by the sides, one hand on each side, directly across from each other (3 o'clock and 9 o'clock). Then fold/roll them from one side to the other (this is the hard part to describe). It's like you're making them to "the wave" between your hands. Then turn the bundle 1/4 turn and roll them again. They should naturally come apart. This works for both corn and flour tortillas.

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By Debbie 4 18 07/08/2005 Flag

I have had this happen before...spritz with just a tad of water and microwave for less than a everytime....debbie

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By Debbie (Guest Post) 07/10/2005 Flag

We keep ours in the freezer. With most but not all brands, they can be separated by sticking a butter knife between them and twisting the knife to pry them apart.

Microwaving tortillas (and other breads) tends to make them tough, especially if you don't eat them right away, so be careful with that method.

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By Patches (Guest Post) 08/04/2006 Flag

Just dampen the tortillas that are stuck together and put in microwave, cover with dampened paper towel for 10-15 seconds, they should peel right apart without tearing. I keep a spray bottle in my kitchen with water for lightly spraying things, like sticky tortilla's.

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