I have a 9 yr. old Chow, who is losing her fur, on her bottom and now along the sides of her body. The vet gave me medicine for allergies, but it is not working. Someone told me to try Gold Bond powder and another said give her vitamin A. She does not scratch the areas, and it is not irritated.
Does anyone have any suggestions that may help her?

By Ann


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By Ayshala. (Guest Post) 12/16/2008

I'm surprised by how many people use rather radical methods because a dog is shedding. While you always want to check with a vet, there is probably a very simple solution! Most people tend to feed their dogs lots of dry food, and very little wet food, if any at all. This simply reduces the amount of oil and fat they get in their diet. Like all animals with hair, dogs need this oil and fat to help them maintain a healthy coat. Without it, they start shedding like mad.

Use eggs, olive oil, or other oily/fatty replacements with their food to help create a healthy coat. You don't need to buy any fancy products, just a little olive oil on the dry food can have a noticeable effect.

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By ajf54 (Guest Post) 12/16/2008

Some dogs are allergic to wheat or corn in their food. Corn is very common in most dog foods and treats, and if there is an allergy, the dog's hair will fall out and they will begin scratching. Our dog is allergic to corn and we started buying a natural, corn-free food at our local pet store and it helped tremendously. Also, we started bathing him with a gentle oatmeal shampoo to keep his skin from drying out.

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By Myrna 15 1,062 07/27/2010

I found this while browsing for your inquiry. I hope you learn what your dog's condition is and that she gets better. Good luck! http://www.nativeremedies.com/petal ... es/common-causes-hair-loss-dogs.html

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By PENNY K 15 562 07/28/2010

Yes. I have a great suggestion, and I recommend it for people as well. I saw a hair restoration miracle on an elderly pekinese and it's owner's husband as well.

The dog was losing it's hair and looked like it was on it's way to doggie heaven when I visited this elderly couple [late 70's], who were my neighbors around the block and my plant swap partners. I inquired and was told, as you were that nothing was really wrong. My neighbor looked at the dog's skin under a magnifying glass and saw it looked just a bit reddish/pinkish around the hair follicles. She went to a health food store and got some emu oil shampoo and eventually some emu oil. Dog got bathed probably once or twice a week for a bit and then skin oiled at the skin surface with the oil. I came back over about 2-3 months later and thought she had bought a new puppy and the old one must have died. It was the same dog, with a thick coat of healthy hair. Not only that they had rubbed it on hubby's head and he had fuzz growing everywhere he'd been bald [mostly bald with only a fringe].

I would also recommend the oil of cod liver oil capsules on food: it contains vitamins a and d, both very important to skin and immune system.

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By Sherri 10 552 07/28/2010

I have worked for a Veterinarian for many many years. Did your Vet do a skin scraping? If not, he/she should and check for any mites/parasites on the skin. Please go back.

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By Bev M. 1 09/26/2013

My Chow has the same problem and it turned out she had a thyroid problem she was put on pills and all her fur grew back and she is like a different dog.

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Question: Dog Losing Fur on Chest

My 7-year old long hair Doxie, has a horrible skin rash on her chest and arm pits. She is losing her fur and has an odor. The vet gave her a cortisone shot about a month ago, but that has not helped the rash. She doesn't scratch as much, but it doesn't look good.

By Marge L from Galloway, NJ

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By Chris Phillips 1 9 10/31/2011

That does sound like itching from allergies or some other skin condition and maybe a longer course of oral steroids would help. But something else to consider, especially if your dog is also tired, is a thyroid condition. When I was a kid, our dachshund started losing hair and gaining weight. The vet kept treating it as a skin condition and wanted to shave off all Snoopy's hair and treat him with special lotions for several weeks. My mom took him to another vet who diagnosed low thyroid hormone. He took a pill every day and was back to normal in no time. He lived to be 15 years old.

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Question: Dog Losing Hair

I have a 13 week old mini Dachshund that is very playful, eats well, drinks water, and every now and then gets a treat for going potty outside. I noticed on her head first, now it's under her snout, on her front legs up around like her shoulder blades, her belly is almost completely bald and on her chest. She is not scratching at all and I have not noticed any irritation on her skin. What could this be?

By Stacie

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Archive: Dog Losing Fur

What causes a adult male dog to lose all the fur? He Is a Keeshond. Any infromation well be helpful.

Deb from NE


RE: Dog Losing Fur

You really need to take your dog to the vet. Only a full examination will tell you why this is happening. (04/26/2006)

By Katmommy

RE: Dog Losing Fur

I agree with the others - take your dog to the vet. Among other things, this could be mange and it CAN be passed to you, since mange is a parasite. (04/26/2006)

By Anna

RE: Dog Losing Fur

Specifically, ask your vet about the possibility of low thyroid-- this will require a blood test to check, and daily medication to correct, if needed (not expensive).Other possibilities are allergies and/or fleas. The pattern of hair loss will help your vet determine the cause-- also try to remember when/where it started, and if there were any changes to your dog's diet or environment around that time. (04/27/2006)

By Kaytee

Archive: Dog Losing Fur

My dog lassie, a female, is nine years old with lots of fur. Since three weeks ago her fur has started to fall out (one hand full a day). Her behavior is normal,but she is scratching at times. Please tell me what I should do?

Thanks and regards
Sriyanthi from Sri Lanka

RE: Dog Losing Fur

If it very hot right now in your area could be from the heat. Dogs going in and out from heat to cool shed a great deal more than they should. Mine are driving me nuts. Sad thing is at her age could also mean a health problem such as thyroid, you should maybe have her checked with the vet. Feel around her neck to see if there are any lumps in that area that shouldn't be there. (07/19/2006)

By Gramie3

RE: Dog Losing Fur

I had a dog that scratched until she bled & after taking her to the vet she had to get a shot, she had allergies. We also got oral medicine & I believe it did bother her in the summer. Her hair came out & she had to wear a head guard to keep her from biting out her fur until her skin healed & the meds kicked in. After that she was fine, I just gave her the meds when it started acting up. (07/19/2006)

By mawmawto4

Archive: Dog Losing Fur

My Labrador is losing a lot of fur. He is 12 months old.


RE: Dog Losing Fur

Hi Monique, we have an almost 2 year old yellow lab and she lost a LOT of fur, but it was normal shedding for a lab. They have 2 coats and shed a lot. I have to vacuum everyday and change the bag on my vacuum every 2 weeks if that gives you any idea of how much fur we pick up. A vet check is always in order, as we took our Chloe in, but it was just normal shedding for a lab. Good Luck! (01/23/2007)

RE: Dog Losing Fur

RE: Dog Losing Fur

Please take your dog to a Vet. Jennifer Northern Virginia (01/23/2007)

By ILuvDobes

RE: Dog Losing Fur

Please look into NZYMES @ WWW.NZYMES.COM. It has worked very well for my dog. She had pneumonia and I truly believe this product saved her life. It also stopped her allergies and the problems she had with rashes and chewing her feet. If you want you can email me directly at nancyilka AT sbcglobal dot net. Good luck, Nancy (01/23/2007)

By nancy

RE: Dog Losing Fur

Feed less dry food, and for a time, add two beaten raw eggs along with a shake of garlic powder to it when you do feed. Don't use strong shampoo if you are cleaning the dog. If this doesn't help, call the local shelter and ask if they have any low cost vet advice, or could they suggest anything for you. God bless you. : ) (01/25/2007)

By Lynda

RE: Dog Losing Fur

Hey. My dog fur is losing too much, when we just touch her it all comes out, and it's a lot. I really don't know what do. It's been for a few months.

(b)Editor's Note:(/b) Have you taken your dog to the vet? It could be a lot of reasons from just normal shedding, a flea allergy, mange, or another health problem.


By ophilia

my dog fur is losing to much!!!

RE: Dog Losing Fur

Our dog has the same problem. I just read a wonderful website. WWW.ENZYME.COM I believe this is whats going to save my dog. Our dog has been "diagnosed" by a vet for allergies yet nothing he's done had helped her. I am going to try this Enzyme Yeast treatment. I think that is whats wrong with her and the vets don't want to tell you because they want your money. Our poor dog has NO fur almost and has a bone for a tail because of no fur. Bad enough, I've sewn her clothing to wear in the winter. It's quite frankly revolting to look at her, but she's such a beautiful dog before all this. If this fixes her I have many thanks to Post By nancy (Guest Post) (01/23/2007) for posting! (10/27/2007)

By SoldierLover

RE: Dog Losing Fur

My Australian Shepherd is losing fur along his collar line and along both thighs, this didn't start until I went on a trip for 6 weeks and I noticed it when I came back, what can I do to help his fur come back. (11/28/2007)

RE: Dog Losing Fur

Hi, my chihuahua has an extreme problem with fleas. I washed him with flea shampoo and the next day we was infested again. This morning i discovered a bald patch that looked like a handful of hair had just been shaved off. Because he's so small the bald patch is about 1/10 of his whole body. I'm really worried and my parents are buying frontline plus again. I don't know what's wrong with him and what I can do. (12/03/2007)

By Jacky

RE: Dog Losing Fur

I have a small mixed breed ( possible chihuahua/dachshund ) and she already has had a bout of mange which she had 2 small patches of hair loss. Our vet gave me a cream which we applied for about 7-8 weeks and the spots have been fine for over a month now. But now she is losing hair a lot all over, no patches though. The hair on her belly is now very thin and when you pet her, the hair just flies off her. She doesn't seem to be bothered by any itching. Any thoughts? (08/14/2008)

By dory's mom

RE: Dog Losing Fur GSP

Hi, we have a female GSP that is losing hair every day, however she is still fully covered in fact has increased some hair down her back which is quite thick. She has no skin issues and is showered once a week. We need to sweep each day if she is in the house. She is 4 1/2 years old.

4 days ago without any symptoms she collapsed and died from acute myeliod leukemia, she had no white blood cells or platelets at the time she collapsed and had been active in the days before. We are not sure if this hair loss was a sign. She had been to the vet previously, he said this may be heat related.(08/22/2008)

By Gary

RE: Dog Losing Fur

I have a golden Labrador nearly 13 who is losing hair near her bottom area. I have asked the vet who has said nothing to worry about, but she seems to be losing more and more each day. Any ideas? (09/11/2008)

By Julie

Archive: Dog Losing Fur

My dog is constantly losing its fur. What can the problem be?


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