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I am trying to decide what to give my bride as a gift on our wedding day. I consider myself rather romantic and usually never have any trouble coming up with gifts, however, I am stumped.

I had considerred a ring with her birthstone, but she is already getting a wedding ring. Other thoughts I had were a copy of the French version of "The Talented Mr. Ripley" which we went to see on our first date, a photo album documenting our relationship from the beginning to the present, or a locket with some sort of picture inside.

She has expressed that I need not bother with a gift as our wedding is enough. But, i'd like to do something as it is her day and hopefully the only one she will ever have.




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By lynne (Guest Post) 04/28/2005

you can have a star named after her or named in your last name for a gift you both can share

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By Suzanne 13 04/29/2005

How about a charm bracelet? This way you can continue to give her a charm for all the important things that you both are looking forward to- special trips, children, birthdays, anniversaries.. You can keep adding to it over the years..

Congratulations BTW! Much happiness to you both!

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By Holly 367 1,264 04/29/2005

A single rose with a home made poem. How much more romantic can you get?
You can even rhyme it with:

Roses are red, violets are blue...

The poem doen't have to be a work of prosaic art, just a loving thought from you.


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By sshep (Guest Post) 04/29/2005

Oh, dear, what a nice man you are! I have been married 43 years this year; and I think a locket with your photos in there or some small flower, etc. this way she can always have you close to her. I hope you let us know what you choose from the nice feedback....either way, it sounds like you will do nicely if you are that considerate.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 04/29/2005

What a sweet man you are to think of it. If your bride likes jewelry, I'd recommend definitely going with the locket or charm bracelet (you could start with a heart charm or one with her birthstone.) It's true with the wedding ring, you might not want to get another ring but a birthstone pendant might be nice also.

But some women are not real jewelry lovers and this may be the case with your bride. In that case some kind of keepsake that will remind her of your love. The movie sounds like a good idea but may not be something she would consider romantic and I think you do really want something romantic for this gift.

Best Wishes for a long and happy marriage.
Susan from ThriftyFun

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By Nancy 3 22 04/29/2005

Depending on what your interests/talents are, you could start a scrapbook or a slideshow on the computer or just a journal book w/ thoughts, rememberances, special dates, etc of times that have been important to you both. You could add to the "memory journey" every anniversary or on special occasions or whatever. You can use photos or poems or just things you remember about when you 1st got together or little drawings or whatever way you enjoy expressing yourself. Best wishes!

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By courtney 2 04/29/2005

I thnk the charm bracelet is a great idea!! I was given one at birth that was to add to through life. Everytime we go somewhere my (new :) ) husband takes a special moment to look for a charm to remember our special trip. My Bracelet is the sterling silver kind with the hoops to add the charms too. It holds up so well and the sterling charms are classy and not as trendy-cheap lookin as the italian style. THey are usually prices anywhere from $3-10 at most touristy places too which always fits in our trip budget. THey also make a great hand me down in the future, i have my mother's and grandmother's bracelets!!
Congratulations and good wedding wishes!!!

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By Trix (Guest Post) 04/30/2005

The best wedding gift I got is a keepsake box. It was painted in my wedding colours, but it doesn't matter what the box is made of or looks like, so long a sit's big enough to hold letters. The gift giver called it a "Loving Memories Box." Inside were good quality envelopes and stationary. There was also a note with instructions on it: Each year the bride and groom were to write a love letter to each other and write "for my bride/groom" and the year on it. Each year they would tell about all the wonderful experiences/adventuries/memories they had from the past year. They were also to read both the letters they received and the ones they wrote, as a reminder of how each of them loved one another over the years. It serves a good reminder of how we felt qbout each other, how our love is growing, and it's a good way to reminice about happy memories. Also include dreams for the future together. Oh and the first letter should be writtenf ro your wedding day, telling your spouse how much you lvoe them, what your wedding day means ot them, why you are marrying them, and what you think your future holds.

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By badwater 264 654 05/02/2005

Your bride is very lucky to have such a caring husband to be!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

As I always tell my husband, he can never go wrong with jewelry, flowers or gift certificate(s). I think I'm speaking for most women.

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By Momcat (Guest Post) 03/18/2006

My son has a diamond neckland to give his bride on their wedding day, but she is planning to wear (faux) peals. Should he give it to her the day before the wedding so she can wear it during the wedding?

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By Momcat (Guest Post) 03/18/2006

My son has a diamond neckland to give his bride on their wedding day, but she is planning to wear (faux) pearls. Should he give it to her the day before the wedding so she can wear it during the wedding?
Editor's Note: We posted this as a new request: http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf95015417.tip.html

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By Ryan (Guest Post) 11/06/2007

Buy some jewellery for the bride, the rest of the suggestions belong in my sick bag! I am getting married next year, love the girl to bits, but if i gave her a "memory journey" or locket, she would pee her pants laughing!

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By Steve (Guest Post) 04/30/2008

A nice pair of skimpy panties. Something you can both enjoy?

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By shadiyah (Guest Post) 05/22/2008

I don't know what to give to my fiance. I love her so incredibly much. Although we are young, we plan to marry August 2010.

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By tyler (Guest Post) 06/26/2008

I am getting married July 4 2008...NEXT WEEK! I want to find a really unique gift. Any ideas?

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By Chad (Guest Post) 02/05/2009

I once purchased a clock with chimes for about $500. Not an inexpensive clock but one that would last probably for a lifetime. I got the clock from a clock store; not walmart or target. I wrote a letter that told the recipient how I felt. I told her that each time the clock chimed that it should be a reminder of the love that I had for her. I opened the back of the clock and taped the note there. I do no know if she has found it but one day she will. The note has the date and time that I wrote it. You could present a clock with a note like that in similar fashion without disclosing that the note is there. Simply tell her the clock to you is measurement of the time that you have loved her and that the clock serves as a reminder that no time is like now to be in love.

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By Dave (Guest Post) 02/27/2009

Great idea about naming a star. Sadly it's not officially recognized.
LOVE the rose and poem! Thanks for some great ideas, people! :-)

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By Domico 1 07/08/2012

Give her a personalized glass card, with your own words and pick out your own design and template. Females love cards and love letters and you can tell her exactlly how you feel about her. Gave card to my futre wife and she loved it. www.eliteglasscards.com

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By Erica B. 1 07/06/2015

I am responding very late, but it came up in my search looking for gift ideas. Maybe it will help others. I have one to add to the list. My husband gave me a My Dreamlines sketch of my dress. It was so amazing and I can't even explain my reaction, but I was really blown away. Absolutely breathtaking gift. <3

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