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Craft Uses for Sugar Bags

Gift bag made out of a sugar bag craft

Thick paper sugar bags have crafting potential. This is a guide about craft uses for sugar bags.


Solutions: Craft Uses for Sugar Bags

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"Sweet" Gift Bag

Many brands of sugar include a cookie recipe on the bag. This gave me the idea to make the cookies as a gift, then turn the sugar bag into the gift bag. The recipient receives a nice treat as well as the recipe all in one bag.


  • sugar bag
  • scissors
  • small bowl
  • pencil
  • cardstock
  • glue
  • yarn or ribbon


  1. I simply emptied all the sugar into my canister, then flattened the top end of the bag.
  2. Flattened sugar bag

  3. Using a small bowl, I drew 2 semi-circles that would be the bag's handles and continued the lines down to the top of the bag's graphics.
  4. "Sweet" Gift Bag Craft

  5. I cut out inside the handles area, through front and back, and the excess around the sides.
  6. I also reinforced the inside of each handle with card stock cut to the same shape as the handles.
  7. Gift bag made out of a sugar bag craft

  8. I used a bit of red yarn to tie them together, but you could leave the handles plain.
  9. Fill your bag with sugar cookies. This one holds about 18. I wrapped them in waxed paper packets of 6.

Now you're ready to give someone a unique gift. Gift bag made out of a sugar bag

By Gloria from western NY

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