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Bell Pepper Plants Wilted


My red pepper plants just decided to wilt this week. They have plenty of water, sun, and warmth. I have blight is on nearby tomato plants. Will the baking soda, 2 tablespoons to a quart of water take care of both?

Hardiness Zone: 5a

By loisv52 from Port Clinton, OH


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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 08/04/2009

Some times cut worms cut the roots of pepper, if so it will die. You can do research online on "how to grow pepper", maybe that will help you, good luck.

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By susan cantin 5 100 08/04/2009

Have you fertilized the little darlings? Peppers and tomatoes are both heavy feeders.

Blight on the tomatoes will not go away with a little baking soda, sad to say. It's rampant here too with all the rain we've had. The only thing is to poison the tomato plants. Copper sulphite. It works if it stops raining long enough. Use rubber gloves to trash any infected leaves and throw in the garbage. Do not burn or compost these leaves. The spores remain. Next year plant tomatoes in another area of your garden. I've planted the tiny tomatoes on my porch in container gardens and they are doing much better than the large ones in the ground which are dying because of the blight and I refuse to use a lot of poisons.

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By Billy Moore 1 08/08/2009

All pepper plants need calcium. Where do you get it? Bone meal, about 1 tsp per plant every 2-3 weeks. Also never plant peppers in any starter that has peat. It stunts them for life. Take them indoors for wintering. Peppers can produce all year.

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