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Ghost Finger Pen

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These pens are sure to spook your friends. Great to send with kids to school, use at a party for writing games or as the pen for your guest book. Finished pen.


  • 1 package of white Crayola Magic Molding Clay (one package should make at least 5 pens, if not more)
  • 1 toothpick
  • ball point pen(s) (a straight Bic type pen works the best)
  • fake fingernails (I was able to get some in the Halloween costume section)
  • hot glue or other strong glue



  1. Take a bit of the magic molding material and flatten it out.
  2. Roll the pen up in the clay, encasing the pen entirely except for the tip of the pen.
  3. Make bulges where the knuckles will be.
  4. Shaping finger.

  5. Once you have shaped it as you like, use the toothpick to draw lines where the knuckles are.
  6. Glue the fingernail in place pressing it in a little to make it look realistic leaving enough room at the tip so the pen can still write.
  7. Then let it dry.

Finished fingers.



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By Stacey Silva [54]10/20/2007

Holy cow, that is spooky cool!! I love it! I'm gonna HAVE to make some of those!!

By sandi (Guest Post)12/11/2006

Grrrreat idea. My students will looove this project. It seems really easy, lots o' fun and has that great big "WOW" factor! Thanks a bunch 4 the awesome idea!!!

By sandi (Guest Post)12/11/2006

Absolutely LOOOOOVE it! How original and realistic. AWESOME!! I teach English, but I think my students will take a little time out for this craft project. Thanks a bunch!

Sandi, Montreal

By pamela (Guest Post)11/13/2006

we always have craft shows before halloween and the christmas season...this will be a great seller! thanks!

By Andjerm (Guest Post)11/01/2006

What a great idea for next year!! Thanks for sharing. :)

By Di [2]11/01/2006

too late this year but next year it'a a great idea thank you

By Susi (Guest Post)10/31/2006

GREAT idea! It is too late for this year, but I will use it next. Your instructions were so clear, too-I love them.

By Annie Rios Hill [14]10/31/2006

GREAT idea, very crafty. That you included photo
and step by step directions is great. It looks so
real and fun.
Hope you win the contest!!!

By patty. (Guest Post)10/30/2006

Wow that picture is worth a thousand words
Great job

By (Guest Post)10/30/2006


By Paula [14]10/30/2006

What a cute idea! This would be a great craft project for the kids!

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