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"Restful" Paint Color

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What is a good (restful) color to paint a bedroom?

Ellen Wagner from Taft,CA



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By Linda09/20/2008

Blue is considered a calming, relaxing color. It is a good choice to use in bedrooms or bathrooms....
Green is considered to be one of the most restful colors; combining the relaxation of blue with the cheerfulness of yellow. This color is ideal for any room in the house...
http://www....thehouseandhomemagazi ... ColorConundrum/tabid/70/Default.aspx

The colors of 2007/2008 turn over a new leaf encompassing the natural, the ethereal, the homespun and the restful... ... -trend/Nuances%20Color%20Trends.html

...for a peaceful, restful atmosphere, quiet, muted colors (see The Creative Power of the Color Wheel feature) are generally the best choice....

Select paint colors that will help achieve the desired sensory effect in each room of your home...


By KLS8800 (Guest Post)09/19/2008

First off, if it is for a couples' bedroom, I'd stay away from the more feminine colours. Then, find what calms you. If it is a meadow, use light muted greens. If it is the ocean, use light blues. I would advise to only using one colour. Use trim sparingly, and stay away from stark whites. Try buttercreme, ivory, or very faded yellows. Keep furniture to a minimum, free of clutter, and simple. The same goes for bedding. Busy patterns or intricate details makes the mind work taking in all the detail, and does not promote relaxation. Keeping the room a few degrees cooler also works. Not cold, but cool in the summer, and not hot but not as warm as the other rooms in the winter. Just a few degrees. Too hot or cold will make you concentrate on your being uncomfortable, not relaxing.

Do try to get a small aquarium, the bubbles and the motion of the fish are also calming. Another trick, get a 'white noise' machine (rain, ocean waves, whales, etc). You can get a CD of the same things (much cheaper). Just be sure if you do get the CD, that it is only the thing you are looking for (the rain, or whale song) and not music included. I got a wonderful rainstorm CD at the dollar store. One more thing: Make it a rule that when you go into this room a stress free room. No stressful activities here, no worrying, arguments, or anything that doesn't promote calm, tranquil moods. Some people find that hanging a wall picture of something calming works, bit I find that it detracts. (my personal opinion)

I hope this helps.

By cathy09/19/2008

Blue and green are restful colors. They dont promote alot of high energy unless you get into the more intense shades of these colors. Lavender is also a peaceful color but one that is definitely feminine. Consider colors such as blue/gray or blue/green. In choosing colors that look either or you can change the entire look of the room by changing out a few accessories.

By val (Guest Post)09/19/2008

I just painted my bedroom "Relaxing Green" by Behr and it is wonderfully relaxing. I painted the trim in Magnolia Blossom" and it turned out beautifully. I removed my desk and tv out of my bedroom and added a loveseat. It's so relaxing, I feel like I'm staying at a Bed and Breakfast Inn. It does help that all three of my kids are away at college:-)

By Cyndi (Guest Post)09/19/2008

I painted my bedroom a light blue with cream accents. It is my favorite place in the house. A real relaxing get away!

By Chellenan. (Guest Post)09/18/2008

According to, cool colors are key (blue, lavender, green). "Psychologically, these colors are calming, evoking deep-seated feelings of peace and tranquility".

By Carol [2]09/18/2008

Most blues and greens are peaceful colors--unless you go into neons and electric colors(obviously)! Keep your colors soft for maximum effect. Check out the following websites for color symbolism:

By joan pecsek [88]09/18/2008

Pales peaches and pinks are restful

By metroplex [81]09/18/2008

Hi Ellen! I've always thought that a pale bluish color like in the aqua family is very soothing. Something like ocean colors.

I also think pale greens, like a pale sage green is calming. However, I did lose the 'paint battle' with my husband and now our walls are painted taupe. Boring and bland. Good luck! Smoochie :)

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