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Making a Peg Leg for a Pirate Costume

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I'm making a pirate movie and I need a realistic non-cheezy peg leg. Can someone help me out?

Jeffrey from Cordele, GA



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By Grammy (Guest Post)02/12/2008

My daughter came up with the following for an older child. Turn a plunger on end, sew it into a pair of adult jeans so he could bend his leg...

By Mary Lou [14]06/13/2007

Jeffery, I think your best bet would be an old table leg, the kind with the square metal bracket on top. I would glue or screw a plastic tub or bucket, bottom side to the bracket on top for putting your knee in if you want realism, you will have to strap your leg up behind you. Make the plastic bucket a size that will fit tight to your knee. Or there is always good old paper mache around a sturdy cardboard tube(look into sono tube at the home improvement stores, I think it comes in a lot of sizes and since it is ued to make concrete forms, it has to be strong. Then cover with paper mache, paint brown.

By Janice C. [18]06/13/2007

Doesn't Home Depot, Lowe's or Menard's carry balusters (the vertical posts of a stair railing), around their deck dept.? You'd have to work on it to make it look realistic. Otherwise, I'd check with the local little theater group to see what they have.


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Archive: Making a Peg Leg for a Pirate Costume

My nephew is having a pirate birthday party and the guests are to dress up like pirates. I want to make a peg leg for my son (he's 3). I found a roll of wood printed contact paper at Walmart and want to know if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to go about fashioning this peg leg. Thanks!

Amanda from Niles, OH

RE: Making a Peg Leg for a Pirate Costume

Since he's only three, how about covering the leg of a pair of jeans with the contact paper, and using dict tape at the top and bottom to simulate the part where it would join the stump. You don't want to impede his ability top get around safely with anything stiff. (10/17/2006)

By Linda

RE: Making a Peg Leg for a Pirate Costume

If you cant get hold of say a sturdy wooden chair leg then try using a sturdy tube from inside a roll of bubble wrap or something and cover with the brown paper or just roll the trouser leg up cover the leg in tin foil used for cooking roast dinners "bacofoil" cos they had tin legs as well as wooden ones (10/18/2006)


RE: Making a Peg Leg for a Pirate Costume

I agree with Linda on the safety issue for a 3 year old. Another thought is to use your contact paper, if it will stick, and just cut out (or even paint) a "peg leg" on the leg of the pants that your nephew wears. That way, he really can walk on his own sweet little legs and have the faux wooden leg on the trouser. I don't know if it will is just what "popped" into my mind. (10/21/2006)

By Luvyabye

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