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Crochet Pattern for Men's Vest

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Does anyone know where I can find a crochet pattern (free preferably, but for sale if not) for a man's V-neck sweater vest (sleeveless pullover)?

By Diane


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By Myrna [15]12/07/2009

This pattern is a nice looking men's vest with full directions. Have fun! ... /TV+Projects/KCT0018+Rugged+Vest.htm


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Archive: Crochet Pattern for Men's Vest

I am looking for a crochet pattern for a men's vest.

Nancy from Great Falls, MT

RE: Crochet Pattern for Men's Vest

Check out these two sites. One is for crochet, the other for knit. They have a lot of choices. They're excellent sites! (04/27/2007)

By Melba from Ohio

RE: Crochet Pattern for Men's Vest

Try looking on, or (04/28/2007)

By tedsmom

RE: Crochet Pattern for Men's Vest

Joann Fabrics has some very nice free patterns on their website. I think it's (04/28/2007)

By Jantoo

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