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Getting Orchids to Rebloom

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Does anyone know how to get an orchid to rebloom? I buy a new one every year, and now I have 6 or 7 plants that are living but don't bloom for me again.

By Brenda Cole


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By Pat B (Guest Post)09/18/2007

I cut the stem that had the blooms on it, will the orchid still with a new shoot or stem? Thanks for any feedback.


Pat B

By Annie (Guest Post)03/29/2007

I have an orchid that was purchased in full bloom last August 2006. I have since taken care of it as if it were my baby and done everything that I thought to do. It now has a new stem larger than the first, covered with beautiful waxy perfect leaves, but alas, no bloom, not even a bud in sight. I have kept it in a well lit southern exposure room with a humidifier and it is in a new pot but not much bigger than the one it came in however it is specially for the orchid with the holes in the sides. I have used the orchid moss and bark, plus water it 2 times a week and fertilize 1 time a month. I am tempted to try the shock test, but am uncertain how to do this? I live in Virginia and it is the end of March and have not wanted to put it outside just yet. It is still getting down into the 40's at night. Would it be OK to let it sit outside overnight to shock it into blooming or am I risking losing it?

By upo4ka (Guest Post)03/16/2007

Don't forget to feed them regularly w/plan food for orchids - check the info that came w/each plant to get the right percentage of minerals. Also cut dead leaves and dry stalks after bloom. I use tree bark mix for soil. Also I keep the pot inside a deep saucer filled with those pretty glass marbles that you can get at the Dollar store and I keep the water level BELOW the pot bottom - check after each watering and get rid of the excess water, so orchid roots won't rot! My orchids bloom twice/year without much effort if you don't consider doing what you like as an effort :-)

By brenda newton [6]02/05/2005

Orchids need to be pot bound, but do not repot into a big container. Repot with no soil. They like a little bit of air movement around them also. Never let the orchid sit in the water you just watered it with. Water with warmer water...don't shock it with cold water. Sometimes giving the orchid a colder spell (by a window in an unheated room in your house, usually done in the fall so you have blooms in the wintertime) but never allowing it to freeze will make the orchid think that it is going to die and all of a sudden you will have blooms on the plant.

Please find out if there is an orchid society in your area, talk to them and see if they can identify your orchids. Each kind seems to have different lighting requirements. Some like more humidity than others and some like to be watered more often then others. Please ask. After spending that much money on your orchids, wouldn't it be wonderful to have them rebloom again and again?

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/04/2005

Here's a good article with advice on getting orchids to rebloom: ... /010503_gg_phalaenopsis_orchids.html

By Abigail02/03/2005

Sometimes when you buy an orchid you need to replant it in order for it to grow because it is growing out if it's pot. Orchids only bloom a max of 3 times per year. Try cuting it apart then fertilizing each section. After that wait for awhile. Also be sure to stick the orchid in to a humid place. Oh ya, make sure the orchid is living in a pot where it can drain out easily. They don't like to be incredibly wet, but they love humidity. Make sure when you plant them that you use mulch that has twigs. They also do not like to much soil. I hope this helps.

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