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Recipe For Girl Scout Soup?

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Does anyone remember camping out with the Girl Scouts 50 years ago and making Girl Scout Soup over the campfire? It was so good and I have tried to remember how to make it, but I haven't got it correct yet. It had ground beef, vegetable Campbell soup and onions. I can't remember any other ingredients. Maybe a newer Girl Scout or leader can help me out?

Nolasandy from Kenner, LA



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By Sible 03/10/2014

I, too, remember our Hobo Stew as a young girl! I remember we put in hamburger meat, canned tomatoes, onions, rice, elbow macaroni and water, salt and pepper into an empty Coffee Can and cooked it! Don't remember if there was anything else in it or not...but remember loving it!

By robdupont11/13/2013

My Mom was a girl Scouts Leader, she called it, Hobo Stew, ground beef with Campbell's alphabet soup, Canned White Potatoes cut in quarters or in to eights and add onion diced. I Have not made this in a long time. the recipe was in the Girl Scout handbook, along with an openface sandwich she would make. That's what I remember. I am looking for the complete recipe for Hobo Stew on the internet.


I too have been searching for that recipe. I recall many different cans of various thing that went in all at once. It had an unusual tomato base from all the different cans. All the recipes I've seen only have ground beef and vegetable soup but it had much more than that, I'm sure of it. I think the real recipe is top secret or something so its hopeless.

Good luck from Vikki in Indianapolis,IN

By RALEIGH04/27/2010

I was telling my husband last night about Girl Scout Stew. I googled and found it. Thanks. Does anyone remember the term used when we graduated from Brownies to Girl Scouts? I think it was something like the Flying Up Ceremony. I am laughing as I remember reciting something into a mirror surrounded by fake trees, assuming it must have resembled a lake in the woods.

By Val (Guest Post)06/30/2008

My college roommate told me they made something called Girl Scout Soup that sounds more like the Boy Scout version.
Each girl was to bring a can of any soup that was not cream or cheese based, they would mix them all together. She said it was always good. I've always wanted to try it.

By nolasandy. (Guest Post)09/24/2007

Dear Trisch,

I do believe you hit it! Very simple and very good. We always had a buttered piece of bread with it.

Thanks again and thanks to all who answered.


By Patricia Cronin [1]09/24/2007

Straight from pages 367-368 of my 1977 edition of the Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts Handbook,
World's to Explore is the following recipe:

One-pot meals easy to make and clean up after.
Here is a favorite Girl Scout one-pot meal.
Look for others in cook-books:

Girl Scout Stew

2 - pounds hamburger
1 - onion, peeled and cut in small squares
1 - Tablespoon fat
2 - 10 3/4 ounce cans condensed vegetable soup
salt and pepper to taste

Add salt and pepper to hamburger, and separate hamburger into little pieces, or make little balls of it.

Put fat in bottom of kettle. Fry hamburger and onion until the onion is light brown and hamburger is well browned all over. Pour off excess fat.

Add vegetable soup and enough water to prevent sticking.

Cover and cook slowly until meat is cooked through. Serve hot.

Did it taste good? The next time you cook out, try another meal in a pot.

I hope this is what you were looking for. Enjoy any and all of the recipes you try!

Trisch in Troy, IL

By TammyJ Caton09/22/2007

Forgive me for asking this, but I couldn't help myself with Halloween coming up. Did the soup contain real girl scouts? I apologize again. I simply remembered an episode of the Adams Family where firl scouts were selling cookies and the Adams' little girl asked them if they were made with real girl scouts.

By Warren D. Lockaby [2]09/22/2007

Hehehehhh... you Girl Scouts were much more cultured than my Boy Scout troop was. When we went camping the Scoutmaster suggested we each bring a can of something. I remember one "stew" with salmon, tuna, Vienna sausage, green beans, English peas, pork & beans, and two eggs. There was some other stuff too but that's what I remember. (And I don't recall how the eggs survived the hike.)

One suggestion for any soups or stews: except for the tomatoes try not to use any canned vegatables. We didn't have such a luxury when camping in those days, but if possible use only fresh or frozen veggies.

Another suggestion: try to organize a camping party among your lady-friends, pick out a suitable campsite, and do it all again. And have fun!

By Michawn [16]09/22/2007

Hobo Stew
1 hamburger patty (the real thing, not the already formed ones, they are too skinny and will cook too fast)
Salt and pepper beef
Add chopped carrots, celery, thinly sliced potatoes and onions (or whatever combo)
Add straight from can spoonfuls of Cream of Mushroom soup, wrap tight in foil (should use either extra strength or two layers of foil), place on top of coals or over a grate, it's done when the beef is done, place on plate and eat right out of foil.
THAT is Heaven in a foil pouch!

By Sandy [17]09/22/2007

Thanks, Kayrayriggs, it was just basic soup, onions, S&P and ground beef. This sounds good though.

By kayrayriggs [3]09/22/2007

I found this one online. Does it sound like it?


2 lbs. ground beef
2 cans Mexican tomatoes
1 onion
1 can mixed vegetables
1 can tomato soup

Brown beef and drain. Add onion and cook on low 5 minutes. Add tomatoes and mixed vegetables. Simmer on low about 40 minutes. Add tomato soup and simmer 5 minutes.

By (Guest Post)09/21/2007

Some where I have lots of Girl Scout one pot meal recipes. Most start with ground beef and onions.

It always tasted better cooked over the campfire!

My favorite: add tomato sauce and corn, let simmer than throw in chunked up cheese and let it melt.

By Sandy [17]09/21/2007

These recipes are what I remembered. It just didn't taste quite the same - Ground Beef, Canned Veg. Soup, and Onions. I guess it's more the memories and you have to be in a great woodsey camp with a campfire and a bunch of friends to make it taste the same. Thanks to all who took the time to answer!

By Sue L from watauga, tx (Guest Post)09/21/2007

Ages ago when we made it on campouts we started with the core - hamburger, onions & vegetable soup, then each girl added a can of their favorite vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, green beans, peas and/or whatever). I still make it from time to time with MY favorite vegetables!

By Sara (Guest Post)09/21/2007

My mom used to make it by browning ground beef and adding vegatable alphabet beef soup to it.

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]09/21/2007

I googled this website which has Girl Scout Soup and Girl Scout Stew.

Marge from NY

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