Growing Roses in a Tropical Climate

Heart of a pink rose.

Roses come in a large number of varieties making them a good choice for your garden. Choosing the best variety to suit a tropical climate, with its hotter temperatures and higher rainfall levels, will help ensure the success of your rose garden. This is a guide about growing roses in a tropical climate.


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Tip: Plant Rugosa Roses

Closeup of dark pink rose.In Indonesia, you will want to use rugosa roses. The ones I am most familiar with are the Alaskan Sitkas. In Alaska, it rains every day. These aren't bothered by the black spot diseases that other roses have. They bloom from spring through a hard frost and sometimes in between. Full sun and damp feet are a plus for rugosas. Mulch well and don't forget to feed them once a month during growing season. Happy growing.

Source: I grow Sitkas and rugosas and roses that grow on its own root, not grafted.

By gbk from south GA

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Question: Growing Roses in a Tropical Climate

I live in Indonesia. Any tips for growing roses in a tropical climate?

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By Beachlee (Guest Post) 06/11/2007

Make sure that the soil is well drained. If you have loose clay soil, add gypsum to help break down the clay. Dig lots of good organic matter into the soil like manure and compost, and help to minimise evapouration from the soil, and to keep the roots cooler by applying a nice layer of mulch. Kind of plant the rose a little higher than the garden bed so that it is on a little mound. This will stop the roots from getting soggy, by sitting in water for a long period of time. Don't let the soil get too wet in the dry season. After the rose bush is established, give it a good watering once a week. If you have major water restrictions, save your water from the rinse cycle of your washing machine, or put a bucket in your shower and use that.

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